That Girl (2) is in love

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Lyndsey, Lyndsey, Lyndsey

Submitted: November 23, 2009

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Submitted: November 23, 2009



 After five years of living in New York, I finally got the hang and liked the traffic. Yes, we lived here for five years now, so Nikki is diffidently out of the house. My little Emmy is five years old, which makes Lucas and Melanie eight, Dream is nine, and Austin is eleven. “Blake, I’ve been thinking, I want to do my dream job this fall.” “Oh, being a photographer?” “Yes.” “If you want to, then I’ll support you 100%” “Thanks.” “Why now though?” “Our baby girl is five, she begins school in the fall, and she doesn’t need me.” “Okay, I’ll be here for you, and I can take a month off of work! So you wanna go back home?” I nod; I haven’t seen the whole gang in awhile. Melanie comes in and climbs up the bed to sit between us “Momma, can we go back to North Carolina this summer?” We exchange glances and he tickles her “Yes, baby. We were talking about it.” Her knee length curly strawberry blonde hair is annoying her, I can tell. “Would you like your hair cut to your shoulders?” I ask her “How about to the boobs?” I nod, “Blake can she?” “It’s her long gorgeous hair” Mel hugged his neck and jumped down. “Mommy, Sasha isn’t doing to good.” Let see, I’m twenty-seven now and she’s 11 years old. 77 years old in dog years. Emma said that her knee length brown hair is annoying her too “You want it cut?” “Yes ma’ma.” “Tomorrow baby.” My hair is feet length, and so is Dream’s.  I rush down the steps and move down to Sasha’s level “Babe, call the vet to let them know we’re coming.” “Can we go with you?” I look at my kids faces, “It’s a family thing then.” Buddy wags his tail “You gotta stay boy.” Blake and I lift her into the car; I don’t want to face the fact. We get there and we carry her inside, the vet lady took us all in as soon as we got their. The kids were out buying toys and stuff or looking. Emma stayed with us though. “Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield I hate to say this but her time is coming to an end, this is it. You can take her home and she would be suffering for about two weeks, or she can be put to rest and goes peacefully.” We looked into each others eyes, “I want my kids to be here. Emmy says your good-byes to her.”  I said looking into Emmy’s eyes. “Sasha, girly I’ll miss you. I loved you my whole life. I’ll never forget you.” She hugged her neck and Blake lifted her up. I come in, Mel bent down and rubbed Sasha, “Sasha, I will never forget all those ice creams we shared, and when I started walking you were always there for me, I love you.” She had tears in her eyes, Dream said “I think I seen you all my life, and I loved every second with it. I will always love my Sasha.” She licked her in the face. “Sasha, you slept with me a lot, and I loved playing ball with you. I’ll miss that.” Austin said. “I love you girly, I’m gonna miss you.” Is all Lucas said. “Sasha, I remember the day she got you, I loved you ever since then. I’ll miss you.” Blake hugged her. I got down and sat cross legged and she laid her head in my lap, “Sasha, you were always there for me to talk to, we had some good times, you were there through those tough pregnancy, you are my best friend. I loved you so much; you mean the world to me. I never gave up my time on you. Step-momma number four hated you, but I loved you. And I always will. I will never forget you girly.” I let her lick me; I got up and wrapped my arms around my boys. Blake took the kids to look at the cats, I stayed there holding her head looking into her eyes, I watched her died, and I was there for it. Tears slid down my face. That night Buddy wasn’t the same. Two days later he died, of a broken heart. I say that anyways. But he was ten though.  “Mommy can we get a little doggie and kitty?” The girls asked me as we packed our bags in the van. “We’ll talk about it.” We get in the car and head south; we kept our house down in Roxboro, North Carolina for the summers. We get there at midnight. We left at midnight to begin with. They all go to their beds and sleep; we unload the van and head to the master room. We woke up at eight, got the kids up and went to go see momma. The butler saw me and smiled “Well Miss Lyndsey welcome back to the south.” I smile at him and we walk in. Alicia, Amber, Jade comes running down the steps “Austin, Lucas wanna go to the skate park?” They nodded, “Momma?” I nod, they head out the door. Jade is now sixteen. Abby is 14 now, she comes down the steps with her hair down to her shoulders the curls are bouncing “Lyndsey!”, Kelly and Sarah are 13, they follow her down the steps, Kelly hair is mid back length with the curls “Lynds!” they said, Jessie is 14 too, her black shoulder length hair is bouncy with the curls, “Lyndsey!” Alicia and Amber comes running down the steps, they’re 12! Alicia hair is the strawberry blonde curls and she hugged me; it was feet length with curls. Momma and daddy come running down the steps, “Lynds! When did you get here?” “Midnight” she hugged me and the kids. We never did make it to the hair salon. Brittany, Jeff, Sabrina, and Justin comes in. “Aunt Lynds!” She squealed! She’s ten. Justin is six. Brittany hugged me; she looks like she’s pregnant! Erica, her husband Ben comes in with their daughter Eva, who’s four. Nikki comes in with her twins’ girls Katie and Kelly who are two. Izzy who’s 23 hugs me! She’s got a little baby girl name Emily in her arms. “Momma, we gotta go to the hair salon, we’ll be back.” “Mommy can I get my hair cut?” Alicia asks. “You have never gotten a hair cut though, you never wanted one. But yes you may.” We got in the van and drove off. “Miss Lyndsey, welcome back! You have kids!” “How long has it been?” “Ten years- eleven.” “Can you begin with my youngest?” “What is your name sweetie?” “Emmy.” “How do you want it?” “Down to the boobs and layers please.” I said. “Mommy, I wanna be different than them.” She said, “How?” “Shoulders length and layered.” “You heard her Tom, and thanks.” He smiled; she looked good when he got it done. Melanie got her hair cut to the boobs and no layers. Dream got it to the boobs and layers. Alicia wanted her hair to the mid-back length and layered. I’m next. “Lyndsey, it was like this last time I cut it.” “I know, I want it to my butt and in layers.” He did it and I paid him and we went shopping.
I swear times fly by, we have been here for two weeks now; I’ve caught up with Lindsey and Lizzie. Austin loves his uncle Jade. My daddy came by and hugged me, “Daddy, I missed you.” He still doesn’t know I call him daddy. “I missed you too.” “Daddy, we’ll spend time with you in a week. It’s his mom time.” I see his mom and she hugs my neck “Lyndsey, it’s been forever!” “I know, mom. I know.” I call her mom and he calls momma mom. She greets and coos over every kid….. We’re eating dinner now, and she still cooks home made food. We’re all lying in bed, at our house. Blake kisses my lips and falls asleep, I can’t sleep so I take the flash light and goes out walking. I see my last ex before Blake, Kevin. “Hey Kev.” “Lynds!” He hugged me tight. “Aint seen you in awhile.” “I know, I’ve been busy with my life.” “Where do you live now?” “Albany, New York.” “While that is a far ways away.” “Yup.” “Are you married?” I nod, “I’m not, haven’t dated since you broke my heart.” I start to walk away; he grabs my wrist and pulls me inside to his house. “Kev-y no.” “I love you though Lynds always had.” Is he drunk? I got to get out of here. He comes over to me, pulls me to him and kisses me (I got to admit he was an awesome kisser. But I’m over him, I got Blake.) I try to pulls away he slaps me. He throws me on the bed. He yanks my clothes off, and rapes me. Repeatedly. “If you have sex with me, then I’ll let you go.” He said, I wasn’t gonna do it, I’m married. But if I don’t then I’ll be here forever. It’s has been two days though. Fine, I kiss him. He kisses me; he sticks his tongue down my throat. We make out, he takes my clothes off, and we do it. Five times! I did not want to do that. He throws me into his closet and locks the door and leaves the house! I’m gonna die here, I’m gonna miss my kiss my husband. He comes back yank me out of the closet and rape me for eight days, and then made me have sex straight for seven days. I’ve been lock up with him for seventeen days. He has ten pregnancy tests lined up. Made me drink a gallon of orange juice and then raped me until I had to pee, and then made me pee on all of them, then raped me until the beep. They all read pregnant. Blake is gonna kill me. I don’t want six kids, only five. He raped me for two more days and then he forgot to lock me up when he left to tell his mom he’s engage. I can’t move that much so I crawl out of the house and into the street, Lindsey and Lizzie found me. I was crying my eyes out, they help support me and carried me to my porch and I told them everything while sobbing. Lindsey hugged me, and Lizzie patted my back. Blake and them pulls up he let the kids’ hugs me and then he waits and asks me when we were in bed “Lynds, what happen?” “I couldn’t sleep that night; I told you I was gonna go walking.” “I remember.”  “I ran into Kevin, we talked, he grabbed my wrist and took me into his house, raped me for two days and said he was gonna keep on if I didn’t do it with him so I did. And he wouldn’t let me leave, he kept raping me and making me do it.” He hugged me tight as I sob, “Are you pregnant?” I sob even more. “Lynds, we’ll get through it.” “But I don’t want to be pregnant!” I cried. “I know, I know. They found him and he’s arrested.” I’m told I am never the same, we leave the next day. I was quiet the whole way home, and that is a long ride. I lay down when we get home and I start crying all the bad things keeps coming to my mind and this unwanted baby is gonna be growing inside of me. Can we afford another baby? Will the kids like it? “Kids, I’m pregnant.” “Is it daddy’s?” Austin asked. “I wish, I was raped that whole time, and it’s that mean dude. But we will treat it as if it was full-blooded. Not just your half sibling.” “Yes ma’ma.” They said then they started talking about what they wanted the sex to be. “Lynds, what if its twins?” Blake asks ‘” I don’t know.” We get the nursery set up a neutral color. I’m now five month pregnant; I’ve grown to love whatever it is, and as if it is Blake’s. I’m at the doctor’s office now to find out what I’m having Blake is with me “Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield, I am please to inform your baby is healthy, and your sons won’t be happy when you get home. It’s a girl.” We smile at her and he hugs me “Another healthy baby.” We’re at the dinner table for a family meeting “We’re having a baby girl, but y’all get to decide on the names.”
I quickly pull out a piece of paper and write downs the names:
Alyssa Lynn Wakefield
Brooke Love Wakefield
Caitlyn Lynn Wakefield
Elizabeth Lynn Wakefield
Stephanie Lynn Wakefield
“Out of these names what one do you like best?” I ask Austin, “Alyssa Lynn.” I show it to Dream, “Caitlyn Lynn.” Lucas, Stephanie Lynn. Mel: Alyssa Lynn, Emma: Caitlyn Lynn. Me: Brooke Love. Blake Elizabeth Lynn. Momma: Alyssa Lynn. Daddy: Caitlyn Lynn, Everyone else: Alyssa Love.
So Alyssa love will be her name.

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