That Girl (2) is in love

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Lynds, Lynds, Lynds,

Submitted: November 26, 2009

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Submitted: November 26, 2009



I can’t believe I’m pregnant! And Lindsey is moving here! I’m so happy! But Kevin, is he really gonna come? I bring my kids into the house and they are all smiling at me. “Momma, are you?” Austin asks. I nod, they all high-five each other. I rush them in so they can do their homework, I have Alyssa on my hip and we’re cooking dinner, Dream comes in after doing her homework and helps me. Blake comes in, kisses me and steals Alyssa from me. I smile at him and Dream hugs me, “Momma can I talk to you after dinner?” Her eyes looked worried. “Sure baby.” “Momma, can I talk to you after dinner?” Mel comes in asking me, “After Dream does.” Emmy comes in hugs my knees and said “Can you braid my hair after you talk to them?” I smile at her and kiss the top of her head. We put the dinner on the table, and eat as one big family, who is only going to get bigger. I put the dishes in the dish-washer, start it and go into Dream’s room. She’s sitting cross legged on the bed, I do too. “Momma, am I really adopted?” “Blake, come here baby. Bring Austin too. Anyone who listens in will be grounded for life. Understood?” “Yes ma’ma.” Blake comes in with Austin by his side. I turn up the radio, “Blake it’s time we tell them.” I whispered to him. He nodded. “Well, you guys think you can handle the truth?” I asked with my eye brow raised at them, “Yes ma’ma.” “We were told I couldn’t have kids, (a lie) but so we went to adopt, and we found you two, brother and sister. So technically we adopted.” They looked at us, and then Blake spoke up “But then, your birth mom showed up and said that you guys were my kids. And your birth mom is your momma’s sister. So basically you ended up where you belong the whole time.” They looked at each other, “So we’re only half related to them?” I nod, “And not even related to Alyssa?”
He nods, “But family isn’t just blood related. We love each other, and that is all that count.” I add, they nod hugs us and Blake and Austin leaves, “Momma, can I talk to you?” I nod and laid on the bed with him looking at her “There this boy that I like…” Ah, I knew this day was coming. “Oh tell me.” “He’s sweet, in my class. He’s nice, well behaved, cute, smart, funny, and caring.” “Does he like you?” “Yes ma’ma.” “Well why aren’t y’all going out?” “You mean I can date?” I smile and nod, these things don’t get serious for another four more years. I nod, “Can I call him?” “Yes, but I want to speak to his mom afterwards.” She smiles at me; Blake is at the door when I leave. “Are you nuts?” I smile “She too young.” “It’s not serious Mr. I date any girl I can back then.” I duck as he threw a pillow at me. “Momma, did you forget?” Mel asks me. I go take off after her trying to escape Blake’s pillow throwing good aim. I make it to her room, lock the door and smiles at my baby. “Momma…” She began, she climbed up on her bed, and she is lying next to me, “what is it baby?’ “There are these cool girls, and they said I can be cool like them, but they’re mean to other people, and if I’m not cool then I’ll be picked on.” She had a tear in her eyes “Mel, make your own ‘clique’ and don’t worry about what they say. You’re your own person. They don’t get to control you life, if anybody does it me and your daddy.” She smiles at me; I hug and walk out “Momma, I hope you have another girl.” I smile at her, and go into Emmy’s room. I braid her hair in two and let her tell me about her day and everything else she wants to talk about; I look out the window to see Blake, Austin, and Lucas playing football. Alyssa walks in and sits down and watches, “Momma, phone.” Dream said, handing me the phone, I walk out and into my room. “Hello.” “Hi, this is Justin’s mom.” “I was wondering if you’re okay with them dating.” “Yes, I mean they won’t get serious into dating for four more years.” I smile, “Yes, so all I wanted to know is if it was okay.” “How about we all eat over at my place or yours.” “How many people are in your family?” I ask “Eight people, six kids and two adult.” “Eight/nine people, six kids, two adult and one baby.” “Oh, you’re pregnant too?” “You are?” “Yup, with twins.” I smile. We talk on and on, I hang up and fall asleep until Blake comes in and kisses my lips. “Lynds, I can’t believe it.” He said “What?” “Our kids are growing up fast, and you’re pregnant.” “Me either.” I said placing my hand over my stomach. And to thought we were gonna quit with just Melanie and Lucas. I fall back asleep and dreamed about the baby(s?) and everything else.

Lindsey and them has just finished moving in when I walked over with Alyssa, by the way they had to wait three months to move, so I do have a lump. As much as I hate to think this, I might be having twins again. “Linds!” I said all happily. It was October 18th. My birthday, I’m 30 years old. “Lynds, I missed you!” She hugged me tight. Her kids are 6: Nicole, 4: Eva. 2: Lizzie, 8: Addison. “I can’t believe your only three months pregnant!” I know me either. Blake and them comes home he high fives Jake, and hugs Lindsey. We’re all eating together, Austin who is almost 12 smiles at me. “I’m three soon.” Alyssa said. I smiled at her. “Excuse me.” I said picking Alyssa up, she kisses her dad good-night and I take her to bed. “Love you mommy.” “Love you to Alyssa.” I turn her night-light on, and head out. “Jake left to put the kids down for bed. He’ll be back.” We go on and on. About babies name. “If my name wasn’t Lyndsey I would do: L-i-n-d-s-a-y, but my name is Lyndsey.” “But baby, who calls you Lyndsey?” “It is spell different and sounds different” I smile at them. “For a boy though?” “Edward.” “I like that name, Lynds.”  Two months later: I can feel it, that I’m having twins, I just don’t know the sex. For Austin and Lucas sake I hope its boy, boy or at least one boy. “Mrs. and Mr. Wakefield I’m glad to inform you that you are having twins.” He kissed my hand, “Girl/boy.” She said. I smiled, “Any names picked out?” “Lindsay and Edward.” We walked to the car and I called momma “Twins.” “Boy/girl.”

Since this is our last pregnancy, I wanted their rooms to be special, so I wanted to do Lindsay, and he wanted to do Edward, so the boys helped him and the girls helped me. I’m six month pregnant with twins, painting a room. Its neon green, with hot pink stripes. Her full name is in my big hand writing in bright yellow: Lindsay Brooke Wakefield
They loved it, her furniture and stuff is all girly, she got stuff animals, her carpet is pink fuzzy. Her clothes are all brand new, and booties, her single stroller for the kids in purple. Beside the closet her Initials are written in my big hand writing. Her room is now ready. We exchanges room to go look at; Edward’s room is awesome for a boy. All punk rock, and yet baby capable. They kick the mess out of me, the most kicking baby I had have. And they are gonna be little. “I can’t believe we’re 30.” Lizzie said, “You’ve been married for 12 years.” Linds added after Blake kissed my lips and took the kids to the park. My face goes white another hard kick. “Kick?” Lizzie asks, I nod. “Eva kicked a lot too.” Lindsey said. I put my hand on my back and supported my self up to let Princess and Bella out, Bella licked my face.
It’s Christmas time! I’m eight months pregnant, flying to North Carolina. We’re at the old house, enjoying the warmness for being December 20th. The Christmas tree and stuff is up. Three years old Alyssa walks up to me, “I love you mommy.” Six years old Emmy says “Love you momma.” Eight years old Mel says “love you.” She almost nine, ten years old Dreams says “Love you mom.” Ah, four girls for now, soon to be five girls, and three boys. Poor boys. We’re with the family, momma is so happy to see us. Fourteen years old Alicia smiles when she sees me, “Alicia, I missed you.” She hugs me, loosely, since I’m huge but not as huge as I should be. “You sure you’re having twins?” Momma asked. I nod, “Edward Jake Wakefield and Lindsay Brooke Wakefield.” I smiled at that. “Love those names, mainly Lindsay, instead of Lindsey or Lyndsey.” She hugged me.
January 15th, I’m cooking dinner, and my water breaks which since the hospital is an hour away isn’t enough time, I scream. Blake comes running in sees it grabs me, carry me to the bed and calls the doctors. We got the instructions and Blake said “Lynds, push on 3 1…2…3 push! 1…2...3 push! One more big one 1…2…3 push!” The head comes out he cradles it, and cuts the cord and cleaned it up and said to me “Lindsay Brooke Wakefield born January 15th, 5:30 pm.” “One more to go, 1…2…3 push! 1…2...3 push! 1...2...3 push! It’s crowing now so one more 1…2...3 push!” I hear the baby cry. “Edward Jake Wakefield born January 15th 5:35 pm. He hands both of them to me, they have my eyes. His curly hair and strawberry blonde hair. The kid comes in my room to see them, “Aw, they are so cute.” The ambulance came to make sure were okay, and handed us the birth crepitates.

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