That Girl (2) is in love

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Is it true? Is Lyndsey's momma alive?

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Submitted: November 15, 2009



“Brittany, Izzy, Erica, and Nicole!” I screamed they all came running in “What?!” “Momma might not be dead, daddy was going to kick her out, lie to us and the cops, and get custody of us!” They believed me, and so Brittany being the eldest said “We gotta find her! But Nikki and Izzy are too young to miss school like this.” I pointed to my cast on my leg “You’ll get it off soon.” “What about daddy?” Nicole asks. “He shouldn’t have done this.” “Spring break is when sissy get her cast off, two days before it.” “We’ll go then.” Erica said. So we started planning our trip. We googled what we needed to. Found out what we wanted. Three months! And we get to go find our momma. Maybe she still loves us, and she will come home! But the words her aunt said right when she logged off: Lyndsey Hope Summerland wait! Why? Oh my god! Has my momma moved on, does she have a new family? What if she doesn’t want us anymore?! I knocked these thoughts out of my head as my pain medication kicked in and I drifted into a sleep. All I could dream about was momma and her new family if she even had one. They were all so perfect, and they didn’t need us in it. The thought of that scared the crap out of me. Before I know it I’ll have my own kid to take care of. Y’all I’m not pregnant but the time will fly by and that day will come. Maybe I do want a baby, but what if Blake doesn’t? I send him a text: One day would you ever want to have kids? Sending. I was waiting for him to reply back so I got out my old diary and realize there is space for one more entry so I grabbed my pen and started writing: Dear Diary, today I realize I want kids. Maybe even now, but what if my boy friend doesnt? Do I go out and find a new guy? Anyways come to find out my momma never did died. It was all one big lie, maybe its daddy fault not mommas. Who knows? We won our Cheerleading Bash!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways Blake finally texted I back. So I guess Ill see you again when I do have kids. Bye! Im glad I can always count on you for being here. One new message from Blake read now? I clicked yes! Yes, baby. One day. Who knows maybe someday soon it’s up to you. Yes!! Anyways I feel asleep again, so I left him hanging. At this point I didn’t care!! He wanted kids! I can’t wait to see him tomorrow. Oh wait I’m not going no where, I got this stupid cast on my leg. And anyways tomorrow is Sunday. He got church to go to. My dad isn’t big into church so if we go we gotta go with our friends or with each other. Momma loved church so maybe we’ll go with her one day. Who knows? I can’t wait to see her again. I miss her so much!
The day before spring break in English we had to write a letter to our self, if we never met our self. Like act like you’re writing to your best friend. So with Lindsey, Lizzie, and Blake at my table I started writing. Dear, Lyndsey I hear that life is going easy now. I just want to tell you be careful about cheer camp this year I hear its suppose to be the hardest yet. And you will end up falling in love with Blake. But be careful about who you trust, they might turn on you. And one thing that will never change is Lindsey, Lizzie, and you will always be best friends no matter what. And you will always have your sisters back. Just like they will always have yours. Anyways I guess this is it I will talk to you when I see you in the mirror. Remember you don’t always have to do cheerleading, it’s up to you. Cheerleading doesn’t have to be your everything, you know that right? Well it’s always up to you no matter what and Lizzie, Lindsey, Blake will always is here for you. And if it doesn’t work out with Blake then there is always more guys out there.
Love always,
Lyndsey Hope Summerland! The teacher Mr. Sugarland came up and took my letter. “Lyndsey, I always loved your writing, it’s diffidently unique.” “Thanks, Mr. Sugarland.” “Let me see you’re writing style now.” Lindsey said so I found a piece of paper and wrote: Lyndsey Hope Summerland –n- Lindsey Hope Summerlyn-n- Lizzie Hope Sugarland-n- Blake Austin Wakefield are best friends forever.
Or! Lyndsey Hope Summerland-n- Blake Austin Wakefield forever and always!
“Love it even better now!” Lizzie giggled, I rolled my eyes and with that we walked out of class arms linked since it’s lunch time and we just talk there for the rest of the day. (Only on half days that is) “So let me get this straight: you, Brittany, Erica, Izzy, and Nikki are going to where supposedly your mom is? And you’re supposedly going to the mountains with me and Lizzie?” Lindsey asked. I bit my lip and nodded. “Finally you’re rebelling!” Lizzie joked.
I’m home packing for an eight day trip and little Kelly came in “Are you leaving me?” “Yes, for eight days. I’ll be back.” “Promise?” “I promise.” “Good.” She hugged my neck tight. We woke up at two AM hugged our daddy’s neck and got in the Blue SUV and headed off to Florida!!!! I ended up driving half of the way there. My stomach was doing flips when we entered Malibu, Florida. Momma’s house was three blocks away from where we are. We parked in the park section; we could make out the house she was now living at. “Who’s gonna go?” Nikki asked. “Brittany and I.” “Y’all stay here.” Brittany added. We shut the door and walked to a small size house, which you could sense was cozy. She rang the door bell and a slim, sexy, tall, dirty blonde, blue eyes man answered the door. “May I help y’all?” He said with a thick southern accent. “Does a woman name Emma lives here?” I asked my voice was trying to crack, “Yes she does. Do you need to talk to her?” “Yes sir. If she isn’t busy.” “No not at all. She just put the babies down for their nap. Y’all can come in if you like.” We glanced at each other and followed him, he lead us to the living room you could see toys and stuff all over the place and kids playing in the back yard, family pictures. And sure enough the woman in the picture was momma. “I can’t do this.” I whispered to my sister my hands we’re trembling. She elbowed me in the ribs because momma was coming; my heart was beating really fast. “May I help y’all young ladies?” She said with a thick southern accent as well, she doesn’t remember us! “Yes ma’ma. I’m Brittany and this is my sister Lyndsey.” She started cleaning up the toys but you could tell she froze. She turned around and looked her in the eye “Brittany and Lyndsey Summerland?” “Yes Ma’ma.” Tears started in her eyes she sat on the loveseat which was in front of us. “Y’all were supposed to think I was dead.” “We did for seven years, and then Lynds found out the truth.” “Oh my. What does your dad say about this?” “He thinks we’re in the mountains with Lindsey and Lizzie’s families.” “I can’t believe I get to see two of my babies.” “Actually all five.” I stood up and sure enough momma was still taller than me, she pulled me into her hugs I missed those. And then she hugged Brittany. Sure enough Izzy, Erica, and Nicole were at the door. Momma hugged all three of them. We were all in the living room and her new husband came in, momma stood up and cleared her throat “Jack these are my kids.” “From Jay?” She nodded. “She has always talked about you guys.” “I married him eight years ago.” “What about dad?” “He filed the divorce nine years ago, but I couldn’t leave y’all. And then he told me his plan.” “How many kids do y’all have?” “Six.” We looked out the window and saw four playing. “Jade is seven. Sarah is five. Abby is four, Jessica is two. And Alicia and Amber are two weeks old.” “Sounds cute, momma.” Erica said. “How long are you girls here for?” Jack asked “Eight days, if that is okay?” “But I don’t wanna leave mommy.” “Do any of y’all?” “No Ma’ma. But how can we stay?” “I’ve always told Jack I was gonna find y’all again and fight for you guys. Now I can.” “But we got friends and stuff up in North Carolina.” “I miss my friends. I wanted to move up there for years. Now we will.” We hear the babies cry momma goes to get them “Momma let me help.” I offered and I was handed Alicia. She was so tiny, had brown curly hair, icy blue eyes. “She’s so pretty momma.”
The next two months were a blur, so many courts hearing and stuff. Momma got custody of us. Step-momma number two got Billy and Nate. And step-momma number third got Abby. And step-mom number four was found dead, so momma got Kelly and Brad.
And Blake and I have fought, broke up, and got back together. Momma and Jack were having a big cook out this Saturday! School is out in two days! Brittany is graduating Saturday before the cook out! And moving in with her fiancé Adam. Lizzie’s family will be there, Lindsey’s family, Blake’s family, Grandma and grandpa, and Aunt Bella and her family.
We were sitting in homeroom as it is our last day everyone was talking and cutting up, the coach came in and said “Listen up, cheerleading tryouts for the senior will be next week and the week after! And then everyone is in three weeks. Same for the football people. Please come, we’re looking forward to a better year and season!” With that Coach walked off, her long brown hair following her, like my hair today. “Lynds, you’re hair is cute.” Nikki commented on it. “Thanks.” Her hair was already cut for the summer; I’m against cutting my hair. “Linds and Lizzie Friday night sleepover is still on!” I said to them as we linked arms and Blake linked his arm with me. We use to do this at the first and last day of school. “We made it through another year!” Lizzie squealed “Without killing each others!” Lindsey added “And we’re tighter than ever!” I joined in “New bonds we’re made and nobody will break them during our senior year!” Blake tried acting all serious so I kissed his cheek. We made it to our cars. Blake and I had to wait for our siblings, Erica came running up to me and hugged me “I made it through my freshman year!!!” She screamed. Ericka came over and hugged Erica they screamed together, “Momma said I can spend the night with her!” She showed me the text. Stacy and Lance came over and hugged me. Billy Jo jogged over and hugged Blake. Katie and Brittany came running up arm in arm laughing and they both screamed “We made it through 13 years of this!!!!!!!!!!!” We all hugged and laugh. Both vehicles pulled up to our house, come to find out daddy was spending momma’s money, not his. This is why they had to live in a little house. Little Alicia is my favorite out of them all. Erica and Ericka went running up to Erica’s room and packed. Katie and Brittany was in her room finishing the packing, she leaves Monday. To go across town. To a four bedroom house, her and Adam get half and then Katie and Aaron get the other half. Adam & Aaron are twins, so they wanted to live together anyways and of course they do. Brent is moving to Mom’s old home in Florida. Billy Jo well who knows where she is going, probably to the beach. As for me I’m gonna miss my sissy here but I’m now the oldest, I snap out of my trance as Blake wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me to him. I turn around and my lips met his soft wet lips, he just ate my ice cube from my drink. Momma and Jack came in during this is and smiled. “I always knew y’all would end up dating.” Momma smiled again at us… “By the way momma coach Kelly is coming tomorrow, I invited her for you. And we won the cheerleading Bash, and I’m gonna try out again next year.” She hugged me, “I’m so proud of you.” “And Blake what will you be doing?” “Football, the debate team, track.” I smiled at him, “We’re both doing track.” She smiled and went and got Alicia “She wanted you all day.” I took her from momma and held her “Aw, she is so cute.” Blake added, he said hoping he had it right. I cradled her in my arms and sang all those kiddy songs and she looked up into my eyes, and I just smiled at her. Blake held me tight and kissed the top of my head and then the girls came running down the steps Erica kissed momma’s cheek and then hugged Jack and they ran out the doors. “I guess I’ll see you at the graduation tomorrow.” He laughed to him self. “What?” I ask “I get to see you in a dress.” With that he walked away, I looked stunned. Lindsey and Lizzie came walking in and cooed over Alicia, we went up stairs to get my outfit ready for tomorrow. Or should I say outfits for the graduation and cookout…. For graduation: my baby blue strapless dress it goes down to my knee so no need for leggings, my white high heals, my heart shape locket, my “Believe bracelet”, the gold ring he gave me, my diamond earrings. Makeup: light color of pink eye shadow, my very cocoa lip gloss, blush, eyeliner, mascara. Hair: all of my knee length strawberry blonde hair is gonna be super curly, with two diamond hair clips in each side. They gave me a rate of 9.9 (too much gold.) Now for the cook out: My Abercrombie & Fitch jeans short shorts, my purple Hollister shirt that has: HCO written on it in gold glitter, my old rainbows, anklet, toe ring, my hair straight and in a pony tail. “Lynds, you should leave your hair curly. It gonna take to much work to straighten it.” Brittany came in while she said that. “You think?” “Oh, I know that.” “Blake will think it’s sexy.” Katie added in. “Brit. I’m gonna miss you.” “Us too!” we all talked for the rest of the night and ate junk food. Something I’m not supposed to do. But I don’t care.

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