That Girl (2) is in love

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Lyndsey's best summer ever!

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Submitted: November 15, 2009



That morning I was all dress, and I had to get Kelly in a Yellow dress, with sandals, and Alicia in a pink flower-y dress. Amber was in a purple dress. Everyone was all ready, and Alicia wouldn’t quit crying if I left so she had to ride with us. We all sat in a row together; Blake joined us in our group. “Lyndsey, you look wonderful.” “You too.” I said and kissed him and Alicia giggled. Or whatever two months old do. We cheered if we knew them, and clapped. Finally they said: Brittany Nicole Summerland. She walked up slowly and perfectly shook Mr. Swift hand took her diploma and stuck her tongue out at us so she could have it in the picture momma took. Daddy was there too, of course. Now he said “Katelyn Nicole Wakefield” She did the same but smiled at us. I was waiting and waiting for them to call my sister up to give the big speech. She’s a smarty pants, but so am I. “Ms. Summerland can you come up and give your speech?” Mr. Swift asked bored. “Welcome all; we’re here today for all of us who has finally made it through the long battle of school. I admit there is a lot of cliques in school, for the gifted people never got it easy. I guess it never came to me that high school is hard for everyone. I wanted to thanks all those people who supported me through out my years. It’s time for us to get off our feet and enter the world with all the knowledge we learned, we may not has proved it then, but we sure will now. I wanna give my thanks to all those teachers that had to put up with us. I know it wasn’t easy, but y’all never gave up on us, you keep trying and pushing and now I see why. As I close I just want to stay to my fellow class mates we should never forget where we came from and where we grew up. Thanks you guys.” With that she stepped away from the stand. She smiled at us and everyone started clapping and smiling at her. I love my big sister so much; I look up to her for everything. I’m gonna miss her so much. They all threw their hats up in the air she grabbed her and put it on my head and joked “To the next graduate and the next smarty-pants you got big shoes to fill Lyndseyloo.” I smiled as I held my grip on Alicia’s blanket. Blake’s mom came over and hugged momma and said “Emma I missed you so dang much.” Momma had tears in her eyes and said “I miss you too, Anna.” Lindsey and Lizzie’s moms came over at that and Coach Kelly hugged her too. We got in the car and when I got home I got her in a different dress. Then I pulled on my shorts and took off the dress, and put on my cami, then my baby-tee. I found a pink hair bow and pulled it into a neat high pony tail. Linds, Lizzie, and I were in the back yard doing cheer moves, while Erica was talking away with Ericka and Stacy. Izzy was playing with Kelly, Morgan, Triston, and Amber. Billy Jo was with her. The boys was playing football, our moms were talking. Izzy’s best friends Abby (Lind’s sis) and Katie (Lizzie’s sis) came up to her. Nicole had Anna (Lind’s sis.) and Destiny (Lizzie’s sis.) Our cousins Lynn (she’s 17.) came up and started talking with me, Bradley (15.) hung with Blake and them. Ashley (15) hung with Erica and them. Erica is officially 15 as of yesterday. Ashlyn (12) hung with Izzy and them. Jenny (10) hung with Izzy and them. Aunt Bella’s kids, Lynn name is Jessie Lynn but she goes by Lynn sometimes. “Lynds, I miss hanging with you.” She said while I was doing a cart wheel. “Same here. This summer we gotta hang.” The cook out went great!
The summer is already going by quick. Momma, Jack, Nikki, Izzy, Erica, Jade, Sarah, Abby, Jessie, Amber, Alicia, and I were going to the beach in two days with: Lindsey’s mom and dad, Lindsey, Abby, Anna, Brent (Her five years old brother.), Kayla (Erica’s best friend.) And Lizzie’s momma and daddy, her, Katie, Destiny, and Carly (Erica’s other best friend) and last but not least: Blake’s mom Anna, his dad Jeff, Triston, Brad, Ericka, Angela, Alicia, Stacy, Morgan, Liz, Bri, Allison, Alice, Lance, Kevin, Nathan, Kristen, and Blake. “Lynds don’t forget your pretty blue skimpy two pieces.” Brittany said over the phone, I was telling her what I packed. “Didn’t I let you borrow it?” I ask while lying on my bed. “I gave it back to you; it should be in your closet.” I jump off my bed and go look sure enough it is. “Got it!” “My wedding is in three weeks Lyndseyloo!” “Gosh, I know. I can’t believe it.” “Me either, did you make the cheerleading team?” “Yup. Head captain.” “Awesome. I’m so proud of you!” “Thanks. Izzy wants to talk to you.” “Britt?” “Yes, I miss you Izzy-bitty.” “Me too. I can’t wait to see you. Are you coming to the beach?” “Katie and I might end up there.” “Awesome, I hope so. Erica wants to talk to you.” “Britt!” “Erica, I miss you!” “Me too, I hear you might come to the beach afterwards?” “Yup, Katie too. I miss you.” “I know. It’s weird without you here; anyways Nikki wants to talk to you.” “Nikki, is this you?” “Yes, Brittany-bear I miss you.” “Nikki-bear I miss you so much as well. I miss seeing your smiling face.” “Same here, you are the best! Can’t wait to see you there, anyways here’s Lynds.” “Britt. I’m thinking of cutting my hair.” “You’re gorgeous feet length strawberry blonde hair?” “Yes, that’s the only hair I got.” “How short?” “I don’t know yet, but I send my love and I need to get my sleep.” “Wait when will you get it done?” “Tomorrow, 12:30 pm.” “I’m coming to it. See you at 10 then.” She hung up and I smiled at my hair, sure I’m gonna miss it, but it’s too long for my senior year… Brittany pulled up at 10 am; I was in white summery Abercrombie & Fitch dress, with my rainbows. My hair was flowing in the wind that we had blowing. “Does momma know, about it?” She asked. “Nope, only the hair dude, and you.” “Momma, I’m going to the mall with Britt. Be back by dinner.” “Why are you wanting to cut it now? After so many years of daddy begging and offering you money to cut it.” “I don’t know, I just have a strong urge to do it now.” “Fine by me.” We drive off in silent, I’m smiling she sees me and then she busts out laughing which make me do the same. Until we pull up into the parking space and I linked my left arm with her right arm and we walked through the door.
“Miss Lyndsey long time since I last cut your hair!” “Yeah, ten years ago.” “Brittany you want your hair cut too?” He asked her, eyeing her beautiful knee length blonde hair. “No sir, I’m here to be with Lynds.” “How would you like your hair Lyndsey?” “Cut down to my shoulders, and then in layers.” I see from the corner of my eye Brittany’s mouth drop ride open. “Miss Lyndsey you have five feet and four inches of hair, and cutting it that low is like saying you want it cut off.” “I know, I want to do this.” He nodded at me and started cutting my hair; my head was feeling 200 pounds lighter. I open my eyes when he’s done and I’m speechless, my hair hasn’t been this short since I was six. I love it! “I love it, thanks you so much!” He took the twenty dollars and we walked away, “Lynds, it’s looks good but how are you going to hide it from momma?” “I’m not.” She rolled her eyes, and I laughed. We made it home, the boys were playing in the yard and Jade mouth drops wide open “Lynds, I thought you were against cutting your hair.” Britt reminded me that on the way home. “Lynds you look good!” Nikki and Izzy came out and Izzy dropped her cell phone “OH MY GOD!” They said…. “What?” “You cut your hair! You haven’t done it my whole life.” Nikki said. Erica comes out to see what happened and back away, “Lyndsey… you cut it?” I nod, Sarah, Jessie, and Abby came out and saw me “Lyndsey cut her hair!” They giggled and went off. Little Kelly came out and gasped “It’s a miracle! Mommy!!!” Momma came running out with Alicia in one arm and Amber in the other. She almost dropped them but Jack came and saved them, she walked up to me. Touched my hair and then my cheek “Lyndsey Hope Summerland I never thought I’d see the day that you would cut your hair.” I nodded. “Do you like it momma?” I whispered “Yes baby girl. I wish you would have told me.” “I know momma I know.” The next morning we were up at five am, I slipped on my ripped jeans, and a pink cami, my jewelry I slept with so it was already on. I brushed my hair, not use to the shortness. I took my three bags down to my new baby blue BMW! There’s a place for Lindsey, Lizzie, Blake, and Alicia. Since she is so attached to me. “Momma, Alicia is dressed so I’m gonna go ahead and get the girls, we’ll be back here.” “Okay baby girl.” I buckle her in and we drive three blocks down, Lizzie is at the door waiting for me she sees my hair and screamed “You cut it?!” I nod; she coos “I love it like this!” She gets in the front seat then three blocks down, Lindsey hopped in the front seat and gasped “Miss Lyndsey Hope Summerland you cut your hair.” I smiled, now we drive twenty minutes and Blake is waiting “Lyndseyloo you cut your hair! I love it!” I smile “I’m glad, I do too.” “But you were against cutting your hair.” He added. “It was something that came to me.” “But you finally completed your life long goal had it down to your feet.” “Sasha kept trying to eat it. I hated that.”  We listen to 94.7 QDR all the way back to my house Alicia was just talking away in her baby talk. “Alicia is just a doll baby” Lindsey said all country girl like, “I know, I love her so much!” We all coos over here while we wait, Momma and them are in the van, and then it’s Lindsey’s family, Lizzie’s, Blake’s, Aunt Bella’s, and finally we’re last but we end up pasting them now we’re beside momma’s vehicle I honk and the horn and off we go. We’re all laughing and talking “I can’t wait for this year!” “Of course not it’s our senior year!” “I know I can’t wait.” “I miss Brittany though.” “I do too, I hate that her room is empty. I miss talking to her in the middle of the night.” “We do too.” We talk about all our old memories. And we start laughing even harder. Ah, this summer is gonna be the best yet. I wonder if we will break up any time soon... I hope not anyways. “Let swear that no matter what we will still be best friends next year and forever.” “I swear.” We said together.
“Dear Brittany, I told you that this would be the time of our lives. Remember? I was six and you were seven, we were talking about how my senior year will be the best one for me? Well so far it is, and it’s only the summer before it! I hope you’re having fun where ever you are. I miss you so much. I still love my hair, I can’t wait to see you again. Wow I promise myself I wouldn’t be one of those and here I am already writing to you. See you were my rock, my best friend growing up. I’ve always looked up to you. You had everything I always wanted, everyone loved you. I miss fighting over our Barbie dolls and now I barely plan when Kelly and Abby wants me to. We would always do everything together, momma and daddy was o happy together back then. Blake does love my baby blue two piece, and I do too! I’m already tan! By the way thanks for covering my butt two years ago when I sunk out to go see that movie! Ah, it’s light out time here. Britt I miss you so much, I can’t believe you have moved out.
Anyways with love always,
Lyndsey Hope Summerland
We wrote letters the whole time we were gone, we stayed at the beach for a month so here is the first letter she wrote:
Dear Lyndsey, I’ve always loved your writing, you write so pretty. While mine is all sloppy. I miss you too, and all those summer nights we would sit out on the porch and play with Barbies or house. Ah, those were the day. Don’t tell momma but I think I might be pregnant, and I know the wedding is in two days after y’all get home, I’m a nervous wreck up here. I need my little Lyndseyloo to talk to about this. I remember I was fourteen you were in bed, I had just had my first heart break and I went crying in your room and you told me “Britt, that jerk doesn’t deserve you if all he did was hurt you. You can do way better than him. My sissy gets what she wants. And I will always love you no matter how many dudes’ breaks your heart, but keep in mind brittanyloo you will hurt some people too. My only true love is Blake though.”  You have always had a crush on him. I’m taking a pregnancy test now, so I’ll let you know when it’s done. That night though we ate junk food and you let me cry on your shoulders and we slept in your bed. I thought I would never love anyone again and now look at me… I’m pregnant!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta go tell Adam, Lyndseyloo I miss you so much!
Forever and always,
Your amazing big sister,
Brittany Lynn Summerland soon to be Brittany Lynn Summers

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