This girl right here is a dreamer & a Believer

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - It takes a lot to be a dreamer and a believer

Submitted: September 20, 2010

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Submitted: September 20, 2010



“Colie are you ready for the best game of your life?” Robbie asked me we were going to a baseball game and then hanging out with our friends at the beach. “You bet ya I am.” I said smiling at him. “Are you sure you wanna go to the game with me?” He asked me “yes! Now come on so we can get there and I can get me a new boyfriend.” I said joking and he rolled his eyes.
The game went great our Yankee team won and we’re hooting and hollering on the way to the beach. We met up with our two group he went to his friends and I went with mine where I was flirting with the hot guys who would be leaving the next morning but I didn’t care I was 15 years old and I wanted to have some fun flirting with a guy since that’s all I care about.
“Colie come on its midnight we gotta be home soon.” Robbie pleaded I rolled my eyes “Five more minutes please?” I asked him he agreed with me for some weird reason and after five minutes was up I wanted to push it but knew not to. So I kissed Robbie on the cheek “I love you Robbie. You’re the best big brother.” I said “No. we’re not staying longer. Mom will flip.” He said “she won’t even be home.” I said trying to protest. “Nicole Hope Summerland come on.” He said  so I got an attitude with him and got in and didn’t say anything for about five minutes. But of course we had made up in no time and I turned the volume up some.
He was reaching down to change that station and we didn’t see the car coming at us really fast. So we weren’t prepared for what was coming next. But he glanced up again and said “Colie duck on the floor now!” he screamed at me I didn’t protest but he got leaned over to cover me and we heard the screeching of the tires and the car hitting us and we felt the impact. The car ends up flying and flips over. I’m clinging onto the floor. I feel Robbie hands on my back keeping me still. I hear a “What the heck?!” the other guy said from his car and we heard him drive off.
I feel something wet dripping on me and “Colie I love you.” Robbie said “I love you too Robbie.” Not knowing why he was saying this but next thing I know it went dead silent and his warm touch on me went ice cold. “Robbie?” I asked “ROBBIE!” I screamed but it was too late he was gone. It’s my fault. If we would have left when he wanted to we would have been home and safe but now we’re without Robbie and I’m still alive. He protected me or I would have been hurt really bad. Again it’s my fault he could have did something though.
I’m up now and I’m sitting up now and I can hear that I’m screaming really loud. Daddy and Erica came running in and Erica saw my face and sat on the foot of the bed. Daddy isn’t aware of this so he goes to comfort me but I try to push him away but he does his tight grip and holds me tightly “it’s all my fault.” I said over and over he was confused and looked at Erica “The accident daddy.” She said and he looked at me “Colie no it’s not. It wasn’t your fault.” He said I nodded and hugged him.
I faked asleep and I heard them in front of my door “what really happened that night?” I heard him ask her “nobody knows daddy, she won’t talk to nobody but she blames herself for Robbie’s death.” She said he nodded “this is why she came down here so she can get a break and away from there this summer isn’t it?” Erica asked daddy “yeah it is you both have been through so much and you needed a break.” Daddy said and they walked away trying not to wake me.
I never did go back to sleep so when I saw that it was seven AM I got up and got dressed into my jogging clothes and took off down the street and enjoyed my jog I ran into Blake and he smiled at me. “Were you screaming last night?” he asked “Um nope not me.” I said lying through my teeth because he’s a cute guy and I have a crush on him already. “Would you like to go out on a date with me tomorrow night or tonight?” he asked me and I smiled “I have to check with my dad first since I did come down here to be with him.” I said smiling and he did too. “Okay here’s my number.” He said putting it in my Iphone and I put my number in his “Call me this afternoon or whatever to let me know what’s going on.” He said to me “alright I will do so.” I said smiling and he walked into his house and I walked into daddy’s.
“Good morning sunshine!” daddy said he was making breakfast and it smelt good. “Good Morning daddy.” I said “have a good job?” he asked me “yes sir I did. I got asked out on a date.” I said and he looked at me and whistled “Blake?” He asked and I smiled “yes sir it was with him.”  “Do you want to go?” he asked me “yes sir I do.” I said and he smiled “Alright call or text him and tell him you’re allowed to go with him. Erica and I are going on our own date anyways we were gonna leave you here.” he said ah that nice not bring up about last night. When those dreams happen momma normally brings them up the next day but he doesn’t. “I heard what you and Erica said.” I said and he nodded “I’m sorry.” He said “I’m not.” I said and that’s it.
Okay so today we went sight seeing and to the beach! I had a blast too I really got to know daddy some more again and he’s a wonderful man no wonder she’s flirting with him and they could get married one day. I’m really glad for daddy I really am. We’re sitting on the deck eating lunch which was seafood I was eating Salmon he was eating lobster and Erica was eating shrimp. “Daddy how come you didn’t get custody of us or at least me?” Erica asked daddy and I smiled at her I somehow knew she was going to ask that “your mother got sole custody since I walked out on you guys and I didn’t want to push it.” he said Erica nodded and said “oh well she isn’t home half the time.” He looked at me asking if it was true “she’s always out on dates since you left that is, she either brought them over or went over there she’s barely home anymore.” I said adding to what she said.
I got up and went to take my shower because it’s now three and my date is at five thirty. I went in the bathroom took my shampoo, condition, soap, shaving crème, and my razor. I took a nice long shower and put my lotion on and my bodies spray. I had on my matching purple bra and panties set and my bathrobe on and I walked into my room. It was now four o’clock so I had an hour and a half to get ready.
I found my white Capri’s from Hollister and my pink A&F cami and my hot pink low cut tied in the back shirt with my hair being knee length I left it down and parted some of it up. I had on the necklace Robbie got me for my 12th birthday it was a heart and had Colie engraved on it.  I have worn it every day and I will still love it everyday. I walked down and daddy smiled at me I had my brand new rainbows on and I looked good or so I thought.
“You look drop dead gorgeous Colie.” Daddy said and I smiled at him. “I have a question daddy.” I said and he smiled “Go ahead and ask me.” He said and I smiled. “Does he know about Robbie?” I asked “He doesn’t know how he died but yeah they all do. She was the one who made me get out and live again and I guess we fell in love.” He said going off into his own world. I smiled and kissed his cheek.  My phone rang and it was momma “hi mom.” I said “hey baby how are you?” she asked “Fine. Going out on a date can’t talk. Call Erica.” I said “With who baby?” she asked “A guy.” I said “What’s his name?” she asked me “Gotta go he’s here.” I said hanging up on her and putting my phone on silent. Daddy chuckles to himself “its five o’clock that boy is probably getting preppy for my daughter.” Oh God.
Five thirty came around and when the clock went from 5:29 to 5:30 he knocked on the door. Daddy answered it and smiled at me “Colie it’s for you.” He said and I know he hasn’t said that in awhile and it made me feel good I heard a voice in my head “no sex missy and be good. He’s cute for you. And dad is right NO SEX!” I rolled my eyes at that thought but smiled at Blake. “Hi.” I said he smiled “hi.” He said “have her home by midnight.” He said we nodded and walked off.
We made it to the pier and ate at the shack there and the food was good and went walking around the beach. We’re sitting on the pier dangling out feet over and we’re talking. “So tell me about you.” I said “I’m Blake Austin Wakefield, 16 years old, single, into surfing, country music, I believe in God, I have an annoying twin sister and a mother who’s over protective, I will be a sophomore this year at Crystal River High, and I’m a football player. I think my dad is a piece of crap.” He said and I smiled at him. “Your turn Colie.” He said to me. “Nicole Hope Summerland, almost 16 years old, single, into cheering, country music, I believe in God, have an annoying sister, a mother who’s never home, and a father who I don’t spend time with, I’m a sophomore at Person High, I’m a cheerleader, I love the color purple and hot pink, I love tacos, I love the beach.” I said and he smiled at me.
I’m over at his house today and this is our fifth day knowing each others. I see a room with the name: Courtney on the door and DON’T ENTER! All over it and looked confused Blake didn’t say anything about it until that night when we were looking at pictures I saw a girl that looked like Savannah but she had dimples and Savannah doesn’t “this is my little sister Courtney. She died five years ago due to leukemia.” He said “I’m so sorry.” I said he nodded “it’s okay God just needed her to make heaven a little more special.” He said I smiled “I like that do you mind if I use it?” I asked “What for?” he asked “My brother Robbie.” And he knew and nodded “he died last summer due to a car accident.” I said he nodded knowing something was up. We’re on my bed and I curl up to him and my head is on his chest and I fall asleep I wake up due to another dream of him and I’m screaming again. Blake holds me tights no question asked but he did kiss my forehead and then lips softly and that made my problems going away. Looks like I will have to tell him what happened and everything. “Colie are you okay?” He asked after I quit shaking and I had calmed down “no I’m not.” I said and he knew I wanted to tell him “Colie I promise you can tell me anything.” He said.

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