This girl right here is a dreamer & a Believer

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Okay so what? I'm a dreamer and a believer so shoot me!

Submitted: September 22, 2010

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Submitted: September 22, 2010



“Please buckle your seatbelts, we are about to land. Welcome to North Carolina I hope you book with us again and that you enjoy your stay here or if you live here Welcome Home. Have a nice day.” She said and the plane started to descend in the air to the last place I want to be. I don’t want to be here at all. I want to be in Blake’s arm or at the beach with him. It’s 9:15 in the morning when we were about to get off the plane and we’re exhausted not only traveling but yesterday we had a busy day and got no sleep at all. Sassy was up and looking around as we got off the plane and went into the tunnel.
We look around and momma isn’t there so we go get our luggage and when we walk up front with all of our bags and everything we see momma walking in the airport. She sees us and smiles trying to act like she has missed up. “My have you two grown over the summer!” she said smiling we were tired and wanted to go home to go to sleep. “We’re going to visit your grandma and then we’re going home if that’s okay with you?” she asked us “not really we want to go home and sleep.” I said “Well your grandma misses you she hasn’t got to see you all summer. Show some respect for her will you?” she said and I rolled my eyes. Welcome home Colie Welcome Home.
After nine hours of being at Grandma’s in Creedmoor, North Carolina we drove the 45 minutes to an hour home in Roxboro, North Carolina. So its nine PM now and we’re been in this state for nine hours. We go inside and I see all my mail I take Sassy outside and we go and unpack our stuff. “Will you girls be alright here by yourselves tonight?” momma asked “yes ma’am we will be.” I said she smiled and took a shower and left.
I put our suitcases in the attic and smiles at the necklace that I’m wearing and realizes I never called him because my phone died and we didn’t get home until late so I better get on and I had posts on facebook to look at:
Sky: Okay so tomorrow the 19th we’re hanging out your momma said so! WELCOME HOME COLIE!
Lexie: Alright I see your busy tomorrow so ya’ll I call the 20th!!!!
Brittany: I call the 21st!
Jenny: I call the 22nd!
Uncle Brent: you better come see us on the 23rd you and Erica!
Colie: to all of ya’ll okay I will be there! Man I feel good
I sign in on yahoo IM and I see the Blake is on and he sends me an IM:
Blake: Baby your daddy is worried about you!
Colie: sorry mom made us go to my grandma’s and my phone died so I couldn’t call. We just got home half an hour ago and my mom left so it’s Erica and me
Blake: alright well call him & I will be here
Colie: ‘kay
I walked away from the computer and got the house phone and dialed daddy’s number and Erica came in too knowing who I’m calling “Hello?” He asked “Hey daddy.” We said at the same time “Erica and Colie! Where have you been?” He asked “Grandmas.” I said “Since we got home until half an hour ago.” Erica added “Where is your momma? Where is your phone Colie?” he asked “She’s out all night tonight. It died before we got here and I haven’t been able to charge it and I’m sorry.” I said I could hear him chuckle “it’s not your fault. How is Sassy liking North Carolina?” he asked “alright I guess, she’s in her Florida’s girl t-shirt with a pink bow in her bangs.” I said smiling at her “the house is quiet without you girls here.” he said “we know daddy we miss it down there heck it’s getting cool now up here and down there it’s warm.” I said “I know baby girl, I miss you two but I need to go to bed I gotta go to the firm at 5 so good-night I love ya’ll.” He said “Good-night daddy we love you too.” I hung up and went back to the computer to IM Blake.
Colie: Back, when do you begin school?
Blake: in two days
Colie: on a Friday that’s awesome!
Blake: yeah I guess
Colie: what’s wrong?
Blake: I miss you
Colie: Aw I miss you too
Blake: can’t wait to see you this Christmas
Colie: yeah me either. I hate to end this but I’ve gotten no sleep since the 16th and I need my rest I have a busy couple of days ahead of me.
Blake: ha-ha I see that too.
Colie: I love you
Blake: I love you too
Colie: bye
Blake: bye
Momma was born and raised in Creedmoor, North Carolina her whole life and we lived in Creedmoor, North Carolina until five years ago then we moved into the house we’re living in now in Roxboro, North Carolina. Up here in Roxboro we get snow and I love snow. We’re like half an hour away from Danville, Virginia so when we want to go to the mall we go to that mall and shop. Daddy was born and raised in Wilmington, North Carolina. His parents spilt when he was 14 and was forced to move to Creedmoor, North Carolina during the school years with his mom and that’s how he met momma and they fell in love.
I took Sassy out and she did her business and we went to bed falling asleep in no time as soon as we got on the bed. My dream was about last year again. You know since I told Blake and daddy about what I think I haven’t woke up screaming in the middle of the night and I have a feeling I’m gonna keep doing that now that I’m back home.
“Colie are you ready for the ball game?” Robbie asked me this was in the beginning of the season “Nah I just act like I am.” I said being saracist towards him. “Alright come on Colie we wanna get there early so we can get some peanuts.” He said and I smiled at him man is he crazy. I thought to myself as we got in the car. “Do you wanna drive until we get to Durham?” He asked me knowing it’s nothing but country roads and nobody gets pulled on these roads. “Sure why not?” I asked smiling I’m 14 right now and I will get my permit in four months too.
Daddy had taught me and Robbie to drive when I was eight and he was ten Erica wanted to learn but she was told to wait two years. We had fun too learning how to drive. Robbie handed me the keys and I got the seat how I needed it and I put the car in gear and we drove to the outskirts of Durham and I pull over into Wendy’s parking lot and we get out and trade places. “You did great sis. You will pass your permit test when you get to take it.” he said I smiled I’ve already done Driver’s Ed so I was ready all I was waiting for was to be 15. I have you know Robbie is the one who took me to get my North Carolina permit too. He’s the one who helped me study since his birthday until my birthday so I would pass it the first time. I cannot tell you how proud he was of me when I smiled at him and showed him my permit. “I knew you could do it sissy!” He said and he lifted me up and we spent the day at the lake and he had let me drive. Illegal still.
I woke up sitting up in my bed looking at the clock it was seven AM too late to try to go back to bed. I got up and got dressed and took Sassy out. I wore my blue jeans short and a Florida’s Girl shirt that matches Sassy’s shirt. I got a text from Sky at 7:30 Are you up or still asleep? I texted back I’m up. Is your mom or dad? I hit send and walked into the kitchen and made breakfast. Daddy had us spoiled by making breakfast where I didn’t have to make breakfast. I’m basically Erica’s mom I take care of her and everything. I look at the door and there’s a sticky note in momma’s handwriting: Colie: Sky and her mom or dad is picking you up around 8 this morning you and Sassy. I won’t be home ‘till like ten o’clock. I have a doctor’s appointment today. It’s my 6th month appointment so don’t wait up.
Erica: Dakota and her mom are picking you up at 7:50 and you’re spending the night so pack your bags.
Girls: I love ya’ll.
What? Momma is pregnant? Where have I been in all of this? No she can’t be pregnant she’s still skinny. I woke Erica up, packed her bags while she took a shower and ate breakfast when she got done eating Dakota and her mom pulled up “bye sissy.” She said “bye.” I said smiling at her as she walked to the car and they hugged and drove off again. I get Sassy outside again and in her bag when Sky pulls up in the driveway I hear the sound of her daddy’s old Ford pickup truck. I walk out the door leaving a note: Erica left, I’m leaving now for incase you got home early.
She looked the same as normal while I look really tan and my hair is a little below my shoulders and brown with some blonde. “Sky!” I said hugging her putting my bag down “Colie! I have missed you so much!” she said I smiled and Sassy yapped “Aw, Sassy is a doll baby! I want a Yorkie now!” she said and I smiled “hey Mr. McBride!” I said smiling at him “nice to see you again Colie. Back of the truck or in the cab with me?” he asked us “back of the truck.” We said and hopped in. Sassy loved the view from her bag. We talked about Florida, my daddy, Karen, Savannah, and especially Blake. “So you have a busy week ahead huh?” she asked me referring to my facebook wall. “Yeah I guess so, I’m glad people missed me.” I said smiling. “Who’s taking you to get your license?” she asked me “I don’t know I know I can get it now.” I said smiling I got a text: the 24th we’re going to the DMV so you can get your license since you’re busy until then. Have fun and I will explain my sixth month appointment tonight with you so stay up and wait for me. Okay?

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