This girl right here is a dreamer & a Believer

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - no matter what I will be the dreamer and you will be the believer!

Submitted: September 24, 2010

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Submitted: September 24, 2010



I woke up and got dressed in my ripped blue jeans and a purple baby tee. I brushed my hair and grabbed my cheerleading bag and my backpack and I shoved my laptop in the bag. Took Sassy out and placed her in her crate and woke Erica up. We had breakfast and I took the keys to Robbie’s car. It got fixed and passed down to me. We loaded up the car and left a note: going to school. Be back later. Erica is riding the bus home but I’m taking her to school. We have lunch money so no worries.
I dropped her off at PersonMiddle School and she smiled at me “good luck sissy!” she said I smiled and she took her bags and I droved down the road to Person High. I parked in the students section and then got my bags and walked into school. Sky smiled and hugged me “First day of Sophomore year!” she said and I smiled at her. I was in the cheerleading squad last year but dropped out of it and the coach understood and so I’m trying it again this year.
*flashbacks to first day of school last year*
“Yummy! Momma made breakfast!” Robbie said I was in the bathroom taking my sweet time getting ready and I knew he wanted to use the bathroom since he’s a junior this year. “Yeah right! I’m not falling for that!” I yelled out through the close door. “Colie hurry up!” he said I rolled my eyes and finished my make up. I walked out and smiled at him “You don’t need make up on you’re pretty enough Colie.” He said and I rolled my eyes at him “Shut up.” I said and he laughed “it’s true.” He said “I’m a freshman this year today is the day that will stick with me for the next four years I gotta look my best Rob.” I said shortening his name to make me sound older and he rolled his eyes at me. “And momma really made pancakes better hurry up.” He said stepping in the bathroom to take about ten minutes in there. 
We walk through the doors and he tells me “Good luck Colie. I will see you around.” I was amazed at how big the school was I have never seen a school this big and all the drama filled. But I saw a ton of cute guys and Robbie’s friend Jake called me over to their group “Colie good luck! This is a jungle now!” he said and I rolled my eyes “your sister is sassy!” Hank said “she’s my little sister leave her alone.” Robbie said “Dude I can defend myself.” I bit back “sorry. Doubt it but I will be here for you sis. Now go to class.” He said and I rolled my eyes at him and walked to class and the day went amazing and I had my big brother as support and I know I always will because he loves me so much. And then the year went by so slowly after….
*gets out of flashbacks*
“Colie school is so great! But now its lunch time so come on! I’m starved!” Sky said and I smiled at her “sorry I zoned out.” I said and she smiled “I saw that we all did though.” She said I nodded and we went through the line. “Look who do we have here?” Mackenzie Ross asked me she’s the popular clique girl she had a crush on Robbie. “If it isn’t little miss Colie and her best friend Sky. How are you since his death?” she asked me knowing that gets to me “I’m fabulous glad to see you’re still alive.” I said moving on in line “Are you gonna stay on the squad this year?” she asked me “Oh shut up.” I said paying and we walked outside and sat under the tree.
“Mackenzie needs a life.” Sky said trying to defend me now that it’s to late. “Nah she’s pretty much good at ruining others.” I said and she had no comment for that. “Six more days.” She said bring up how many more days until the one year mark. “Oh Shut Up.” I said to her getting up and throwing my food away and walking to the library. “Colie, hope sophomore year won’t consist of this again.” The Librarian said and I rolled my eyes. I walked back out because of that comment and remember “You can always go running.” Coach Kelly said “but just ask me first.” I walked to the Gym “Coach Kelly can I go run the track for my lunch period?” I asked and I had gym next period anyways so I won’t be cutting it close. “Sure thing Colie it’s the perfect thing to clear your mind and you’re in my next class right?” she asked “yes ma’am.” I said walking into the locker room to change.
I found my black short shorts with the words: PHS on the back in Hot pink and my Hot Pink tank top with the words PHS in black letters. I put my pumas on and pulled my hair into a sloppy pony-tail and took off running down the track field going as fast as I could. Running is my way of escaping things always has been since I was 5 and eleven years later it still is. I normally run until I forget whatever is bothering me or is on my mind. So I stopped when the bell ran and walked into the gym. Sky was in there already and she ran up to me she was changed into her gym clothes. “I’m so sorry. I regret saying that. I didn’t mean it that way. Please forgive me?” she asked me “alright.” I said smiling at her “over the summer you got faster.” She said and I smiled at her. Wow just like that I have forgiven her and yet here it is a year later and I haven’t forgiven myself for Robbie being dead. She smiles at me and we sits down and she gives me a look because I haven’t ate and she knows good in well I only made Erica’s breakfast and lied and told Erica that I already ate knowing I didn’t.
We did the running and then volleyball and the bell rang and we stayed in the gym to do cheerleading. And the cheerleading practice went great we’re all off to a great start this year. “Bye Colie.” Sky said getting in her mom’s car. Mackenzie saw what I was getting in and rolled her eyes “how can you stand to drive that car?” she asked “easy it’s a car, go to Driver’s Ed and you will able to know how to drive it.” I commented back getting in the car and driving to Uncle Brent’s to pick up Erica.
I pulled up into the long drive, Uncle Brent and Aunt Carrie lives on the other side of Roxboro than we do and it’s in the middle between us and Erica’s school my school is closer to the house. I smile when I shut the door and my two year old cousin Allie came running up to me and hugged my knees “I’ve missed you Colie!” she said I picked her up and placed her on my hip Aunt Carrie sees me and smiles. She sits me down and I tell her all about my day and she laughs when needed and smiled all the other times.
“Erica are you ready to go?” I asked her and she nodded “Yeah I wanna get home and call daddy!” she said smiling “you girls really do miss him don’t you?” Uncle Brent asked coming up the steps from work. “Yes sir we do.” I said he smiles we kissed his cheek and get in the car. Allie waves good-bye to me and hugs her daddy smiling at him.
We made it home, I let Sassy out and cooks dinner. Erica picked up the house phones and calls daddy. “Hey daddy, it’s Erica I guess you’re still at work or out. But call me when you get this! Thanks, I love you daddy!” she said hanging up and I smile at her. We sit down to eat dinner and my stomach growls at that and when we’re both doing the dishes the phone rings “I will get it!” she said hoping it was daddy and by the smile on her face you knew it was him. “Sure thing daddy! Do you wanna talk to Colie? I’m sure she would like to talk to you!” she said handing me the phone “Colie or Erica?” he asked I smiled “Yeah daddy?” I said “how was your day?” he asked “Great, school is just great.” I said “hard day?” he asked “I guess you could say that.” I said “what did you eat for lunch?” he asked noting the first week I ate dinner only but during those seven weeks I put on ten pounds that I gotta lose and I’ve already lost two. “The school’s pizza.” I said “that’s good. Anything you wanna discuss?” he asked me and for some odd reason I told him about my dream and he told me “Colie your mom wouldn’t do that. And besides she can’t adopt a child. She has already tried once before.” He said.
Daddy and I hung up around eight and then Blake called me and we talked until eleven and I was already curled up in bed. I told him about my dream too and he laughed at the end and so did I because how stupid did that sound? “Bye Colie, good luck tomorrow. I love you.” He said those words sounded so foreign now and I know it’s because we’re not together.
It’s now officially has been one year since Robbie’s death and everyone but the freshmen were sad and everyone smiled at me knowing it must be killing me. Blake and I talked on the phone that morning and we’re gonna talk tonight because he knows I can’t handle it. So here it is now 11:59 and I’m falling asleep I hear him say “I love you Colie.” And then he hung up and I was out cold in no time.
September was a busy month for us! Between Cheerleading and Erica doing Volleyball for her school we were on the go. Momma came home five nights out of 30 days. We didn’t complain we’re old enough to take care of ourselves. And we’re hoping social services will get word of this and then we will be moving in with our daddy!
October was still busy since it’s the ending of Volleyball for Erica and everything else went on for her to tryout for basketball and stuff while I still did cheerleading.
November 18th-November 23rd were exams for both of us so we studied really hard and passed. Erica went to spend the holiday weekend with Uncle Brent and Aunt Carrie since momma came home on the 20th letting us know she will be in Vegas for it and we could do whatever. So I picked staying home and doing nothing.
November 23rd after I dropped Erica off I pulled into the house with Sassy in the passenger seat and I see a rental car there. Un sure thinking maybe its one of momma’s men I got out slowly with Sassy and then all my worries went away when my boyfriend stepped out of the car.  “I just couldn’t wait another month to see you!” he said I smiled and kissed his lips softly and we walked into my house I showed him around and well we did what every normal home alone teenage couples would do. So we’re lying in bed cuddled up now him kissing my hair.
Up until the 27th when he had to go home Sunday morning. I showed him around town. Nobody knows he came and nobody will. I mean people in Florida do. But that all changed when Erica came home and smiled at Blake she knows we wouldn’t have done anything in fact I told her he slept in Robbie’s room instead of my bed with me. “Liar Liar.” A voice in my head said and I rolled my eyes.

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