True Believer & Dreamer

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Colie's dad is making her and her four younger sister leave their home state CA to move to Florida when her mother died of cancer. She's forced to raise four sisters and live her life as a normal 16 year old girl. She falls for the most popular guy but does he fall for her? Will she end up a pregnant teenager or will she not? Will she handle everything and the role of playing mommy? Will Colie keep her dreams or throw them all away for one guy? Read on then!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - True Believer & Dreamer

Submitted: October 19, 2010

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Submitted: October 19, 2010



“Colie are you ready to go?” Daddy asked me he had just came into my nearly empty room. “Yes Sir just hold on for a second? I will be down there in a second.” I said he looked at me with his icy blue eyes “okay baby girl but hurry up we all want to leave this house tonight.” He said referring to my siblings and him. We’re moving from Modesto, CA to Spring Hill, Florida since my mother died of cancer three weeks ago.
My mom had long knee length strawberry blonde hair and that’s where I get my long knee length strawberry blonde hair from and I get my icy blue eyes from my daddy. I’m one out of 6 children from my dad Jeff Summerland and my mother Karen Summerland. I’m 16 years old; I have a older brother and four younger siblings. Robbie is 18 years old my parents were 14 when my daddy got momma pregnant and 15 when Robbie was born. Kelsey is 14, Melanie is 10, Erica is 6 and Izzy is 8 months old mom got cancer 7 months ago and it ate her up quicker than a wildfire. Erica wasn’t plan and Izzy sure wasn’t plan either.
“Bye old room and momma.” I whispered walking down the stairs and smiled at everyone Robbie is going with us since the college he is going to is FloridaState. I basically take care of everyone especially Izzy and Erica.  We load up in the van with Robbie in the moving truck behind us we’re going across country to begin over and leave our past behind us. It’s a little lame if you ask me but it’s our way of dealing with everything that has happened this year. Once momma got cancer I took over taking care of Izzy so basically I’m all she knows as a mother figure in a way.
It takes us three days and we pull up in front of a white house with blue shutters and a wrap around porch we noticed a pool in the back yard and a swing set. “This is home you guys 8 bedrooms 6 baths.” He said referring to five girls out of 7 people. Robbie’s room is on the top floor and then my room is on the end of the 2nd floor, Kelsey’s room is on the left and Izzy’s is on the right and daddy is on the other end. Melanie’s is on the right of daddy’s and Erica is on the left. The bottom floor is a living room, guest room, office, dining room, and a game room. “Okay you guys go ahead and un-pack!” daddy said I un-packed Izzy’s and Erica’s room and Melanie and Kelsey did theirs.
I picked Izzy up and showed her around her room “Izzy this is your room.” I said it was pink with brown Polk-a-dots. My walls are hot pink with lime green zebra stripes and my room was filled with zebra stripe. I’m addicted to zebra stripes; my laptop’s case has zebra stripes on it I’m so addicted to it. I placed Izzy on my hip and walked to my room I placed her on my bed “Izzy I love you and I always will and this move is for the best of us.
Who knows daddy might even find someone who can be your new mommy.” I said she blinked at me. I started playing with her until I was called for dinner, daddy cooked tacos so we could all eat as one big family. I fed Izzy and then I placed her in the play pen and I started eating my dinner. “School begins next week, I know it’s only August but it begins earlier over here.” Daddy said and we nodded, I just turned 16 on August 15th and its August 17th.
 School begins on the 25th over here. Erica is in kindergarten, her birthday is August 7th. Melanie is in 5th grade her birthday is September 10th. Kelsey is in 8th grade her birthday is August 2nd, Robbie is beginning college his birthday is September 27th. Izzy’s birthday is December 15th, daddy’s is December 30th and momma’s is November 11th. “Erica and Melanie you will be attending Spring Hill Elementary, Kelsey you will be attending Spring Hill middle, and Colie you will be attending Spring Hill High.” Daddy said we all nodded “cheerleading tryouts is tomorrow and I think you should do it.” he said to us “okay daddy I think I might I don’t know yet.” I said.
Alright so my daddy talked me into trying out for my new school cheerleading squad. So here I am standing in line with my physical. “Next!” I heard a lady said and I handed her my physical, “you’re new?” she asked me “Yes ma’am.” I said she smiled “good luck!” she said I sat on the bleachers and we were finally told what to do. After the tryouts I started walking away and a girl walked up to me. “Hi I’m Alex.” She said smiling at me “Hi I’m Colie.” I said “You must be new?” she asked “yeah I just moved here yesterday from California.” I said “Wow! What brought you here?” she asked “my dad is from around here and he wanted to move back here.” I said “that’s awesome, what grade are you?” she asked me “10th, you?” I asked “10th” she said and I smiled and we got to talking and she lives across the street from me so we walked home. And we walked into the house and Robbie smiled at us “Izzy wants her big sissy.” He said handing her over to me. “Robbie this is Alex, Alex this is my older brother Robbie.” I said introducing them to each other.
Kelsey, Melanie, and Erica came down in their bathing suits and smiled at us. “Kels, Mel, and Erica this is Alex, Alex these are my younger sisters Kels, Mel, and Erica.” I said they all smiled at each other “we’re going swimming!” they said I nodded at them. Alex looked at Izzy “Aren’t you a cutie pie?” she asked and Izzy smiled at her “she loves her big sister so I don’t do much without her.” I said “How old is she? I have two twin sisters they’re eight months old.” Alex said “eight months old.” I said and she smiled at me. “Wanna go swimming?” I asked “I don’t have my suit.” She said “we could walk over to yours.” I said “alright but I gotta ask my mom and you can bring Izzy.” She said I nodded and smiled knowing Izzy wont let me leave her sight for awhile anyways.
“Momma I’m home!” Alex said and a woman with her curly blonde hair and baby blue eyes walked in “oh hi I didn’t know you had company!” she said “Yeah this is Colie and her little sister Izzy.” She said “nice to meet you two.” She said “Same here ma’am.” I said “Would you like anything?” she asked us “no ma’am, I just wanted to know if I can go over to her house and go swimming?” she asked her mom “I supposed but you have to be home early.”
She said “I know momma.” She said, “Hold on then I will walk up to my room and get my bathing suit!” I nodded “so where did you move here from?” her mom asked me “California.” I said “that’s a pretty state, I loved it.” she said I smiled “is she really your sister or is she your daughter?” she asked me “she’s my sister. I haven’t had a boyfriend since I was 13 ma’am.” I said “okay because some people say that they have siblings but then it’s their own kids.” She said I nodded. Alex came down “sorry had to stop in and see the girls before I left.” She said and then it hit me.
“Alex are they really your sisters?” I asked we were on my bed after swimming Izzy was asleep in her play pen that’s in my room. “Is Izzy really your sister?” she asked me “Yes she is.” I said looking her in the eye “Fine they’re my daughters but I was scared if you would have known that they weren’t my sisters you wouldn’t want to hang out with me.” She said “well I still want to. I need a friend and I think you will be a good friend.” I said she smiled “I was raped and that’s how I ended up pregnant but I couldn’t abortion them I’m not that type of person.” She said “it’s okay I understand what you’re talking about.” I said “my dad died of cancer 7 months ago.” She said “my mom died of cancer three weeks ago that’s why we moved here and that’s why Izzy is attached to me, she got it 7 months ago.” I said.
Over the next couple of days including tryouts for cheerleading Alex and I have become close friends. We have a lot in common and her daughters Hope and Dream are adorable they really love her and you can tell that she really loves them. “We made the squad!!!!!” Alex squealed at me, it’s two days before the first day of school and I can’t wait to get the first day of school over with! Daddy and I have it settled I take Izzy to grandmas and Kelsey to middle school and daddy will take Erica and Melanie to school. Daddy’s mom is two blocks from the middle school so it should be easy.
“Bye Robbie.” I said I was hanging up the phone I was wearing my mini-jeans skirt with my white leggings and my brown cami and my hot pink baby tee I had my rainbows flip-flops on, my knee length hair was wavy. I had on my necklace with Colie on it, my diamond tennis bracelet and my birthstone ring. My earrings were all diamond I was looking cute for my first day of sophomore year! “Colie you need to eat breakfast.” Daddy was telling me I was getting Izzy’s diaper bag ready to go. “Can’t daddy don’t have time.” I said he looked at his watch “Erica and Melanie time to go!” Daddy yelled “Let sissy brush my hair!” Erica said I nodded and quickly brushed her hair and put it up in a pony-tail. “Good Luck Erica and Mel!” I said “Thanks you too!” they said walking out the door with their book-bags on their shoulders.
“Kels are you ready to go?” I asked her she walked down the stairs with her book-bag low to the ground. “As ready as I will ever be.” She mumbled to me and picked up the diaper bag and walked to the car. I picked up my gym bag and book bag and carried them to the car. I placed a sleeping Izzy in her car seat and picked up the car seat and placed it in the car. I closed the trunk and buckled up and put the car in gear. I pulled up to a brick house and put the car in park. I got the diaper bag out of the trunk and got the car seat, I walked to the door and grandma answered the door before I could knock. “Here you go.” I said smiling “good luck at school today girls!” she said as I was walking back to the car. “Thanks grandma!” we said I got in the car and droved to the middle school. “Kels you will do fine. Just remember mom is with you in your heart.” I said “easy for you to say.” She said “look Kels I’m scared about starting a new school just like you are. It’s not going to be easy but it’s something we have to do. Daddy thought he was doing this for all of us and he did so we need to put on our brave faces. Erica and Melanie and Izzy looks up to you and you can’t let them down now can you?” I asked “no you’re right. Heck at least I don’t have four siblings that look up to me.” She said.

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