Chapter 1: What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I’m looking around and all I see is a beautiful meadow, a ton of flowers some that I know and others that I’m not so sure about. I’m wearing a white short dress, my knee length strawberry blond hair was flying behind me. My icy blue eyes were sparkling from the sun reflecting its sunshine towards me. I walk hopelessly through the meadow and I find a nice spot and I sit down. A tall man who had dark brown hair and icy blue eyes sees me and makes his way over to me. He’s wearing khaki shorts and a baby blue polo. The baby blue shirt brings out his icy blue eyes. He looked to be in his mid-thirties and he smiled at me. He sat down next to me and placed his hand on the small of my back. I smelt his cologne and smiled at him, it was a strong smell but it was his scent. This man I’m sitting in the meadow with is my father. He died five years ago tomorrow due to lung cancer, he didn’t smoke. “Lexie-boo.” My dad said rubbing my back “I’m not sure why daddy.” I said choking back my tears “Honey, it’s okay baby girl.” He said “But this is my last summer at home pretty much. I’m a senior when school starts.” I said “Lexie-boo, things will be okay.” He said “I hope you’re right.” I said and he smiled at me, from time to time I have dreams with my late father.

I woke up the next morning after my weird dream and rolled my icy blue eyes. It was five thirty in the morning, June 11th 2012. Yesterday was my last day attending Stuart High as a junior, when I begin up August 25th I will be a senior in high school. My name is Alexis Nicole Summerland, my birthday is August 15th, I will be eighteen this year. I live in Stuart, Florida with my mom Karen, Step-dad Aaron; I have three full-blooded siblings, and three-half siblings. My parents spilt up ten years ago, and my mom remarried seven years ago. Jake is sixteen years old, Connor is fourteen years old, Colleen is twelve years old. Then with my half siblings it’s Josh who is six, Alicia is four, and Katie is two years old. On my dad’s side I have two half siblings Jason is ten, and Amber is eight years old. You see Jason is really the reason why my parents spilt up.

I found my cheerleading shorts and the cheerleading t-shirt to go with it. I found my pumas and a clean pair of socks. I pulled my hair into a sloppy ponytail and grabbed my Ipod armband; I placed my Ipod touch in the armband and wrote my mom and step-dad a note. My dad was diagnosed with cancer six years ago, and died five years ago today due to the cancer. Amber doesn’t remember her daddy and Jason kind of does but not even. I headed down my street and started jogging. We lived in an expensive neighborhood about a block from the beach, so we live in the better part of Stuart. My dad lived in Port St. Lucie which was the next town over.

I made it home around seven and my mom and Aaron was in the kitchen. Aaron was in his suit and my mom had on dressy black pants and a cute dressy shirt. Her strawberry blond hair was in a glossy ponytail. “Morning Lexie.” My mom said “Morning mom. Morning Aaron.” I said sitting down at the table “How was the jog Lex?” Aaron asked me “it was good actually.” I said and he smiled at me “Are you looking forward to the summer?” Aaron asked me and I rolled my eyes “My summer consists mainly of work.” I said and he smiled at me “That’s the beauty of growing up.” He said and again I rolled my eyes at him and my mom laughed. “When do you go in today?” My mom asked me “Um let me check.” I said pulling out my phone and looking at my work schedule “I go in at two.” I said “Jake works eight to one.” My mom said and I nodded. I work at Publix, Jake works at McDonald’s.

Jake came down in his uniform and looked at Aaron “You ready for work?” Aaron asked Jake “Yup. Bye mom. Bye Lex.” He said waving good-bye to us heading out to the car already. He has his license but he doesn’t have a car just yet. He’s saving up for his car. My mom smiled at me “Have a good day sweetie. When do you get off?” My mom asked me “Seven tonight. I asked to get off early. Then going over to Amy’s.” I said referring to my step-mom’s and she nodded at me. “Pick up Colleen she’s been wanting to go.” My mom said and I smiled at her “Okay mom. Have a good day at work.” I said and she smiled good-bye.

Josh, Alicia, and Katie made their way in here followed by Colleen and Connor. I made breakfast and joined them at the table. In between Katie and Alicia. “What are your plans for the day?” I asked Connor first “going over to Adam’s for the day.” He said “Is somebody picking you up?” I asked and he nodded “Austin.” He said and I smiled at that name, Austin is my best friend also Connor’s friend older brother. I looked at Colleen "You sissy?” I asked “Yup. Abby’s house.” She said and I smiled her sister is my best friend Nicole. “I’m picking you up around seven.” I said “Why?” She asked me “I’m going to Amy’s.” I said “Okay.” Colleen said and after breakfast and they went to get ready. I had just gotten the girls dressed and the doorbell rang.

I jogged to the door and Austin was standing there wearing khakis and a white t-shirt. “It’s summer Lex.” He said and I rolled my eyes until I remembered I’m wearing my cheerleading work out uniform still. “I haven’t changed yet.” I said “Duh.” He said smiling at me “Connor!” I said “Coming.” He said “Plans for the day?” Austin asked me “Baby-sitting until work.” I said “Bummer. Look there’s a beach party tonight. Want to come?” He asked “Sure.” I said and he smiled “I will text you the details.” He said and I smiled “Bye Connor. Behave.” I said and he smiled at me. I walked to my room and got changed into denim shorts and a hot pink tank top. The doorbell rang again and I answered the door to see Nicole in a cute summer dress “Hey Lex.” She said Abby smiled at me and I motioned to Colleen’s room. “Baby-sitting today?” Nicole asked me and I picked up Katie who wanted up “Until work.” I said and she smiled “Same. See ya at two?” She asked “Yup.” I said and she flashed me her smile and headed to her car.

“Park?” I asked Katie, Alicia, and Josh “Yes!” They all said in unison and I smiled at them “Okay, sounds like a day.” I said packing a diaper bag full of snacks and drinks. I placed Alicia in her stroller and Katie and Josh grabbed on to each side of the stroller and we walked the block to the playground. They go off to play leaving Katie with me. She goes on the slides and smiles at me when she slides down. I see a cute guy who was in my class and he had a little boy and a baby girl with him. “Hi Noah isn’t it?” I asked “Yes. Lexie?” He asked “Yeah.” I said “Great day to spend at the park, isn’t it?” Noah asked me “Yup. I’m stuck baby-sitting my three siblings and didn’t feel like being at home.” I said “I’m taking care of my kids and didn’t want to be in the house.” He said and I smiled, that’s right he got a fellow senior pregnant in ninth grade. Ashley Holmes, she had her baby boy the end of ninth grade so he is now two years old and he has a little girl who is six months old. They spilt up about four months ago and they have joint custody but they mostly stay with Noah. “What are their names?” I asked I was semi-friends with Ashley but we never talk anymore. “He’s Brent and she’s Caylee.” He said and I smiled “I love babies.” I said “You want to hold her?” He asked me “Sure.” I said and he handed Caylee over to me. She had his brown curly hair and her green eyes. “She’s beautiful.” I said and he smiled, I noticed that Brent was playing with Alicia and Katie. He smiled at that, we sat down and started talking, actually getting to know each other rather than just knowing each other’s names. I looked at my phone and realized it was twelve thirty. “I have to get ready for work.” I said and he nodded “See you around.” He said and I smiled “Yeah.” I said and got the kids gathered up and we made our way home.

Jake made it home around one fifteen giving me forty-five minutes to take a shower, get dressed and get there. I’m a teenage girl so we all know that it was going to be cut close. I took a fifteen minute shower, got dressed in five minutes giving me twenty-five minutes. It takes fifteen minutes to get there. “I’m getting off at seven.” I yell to Jake who was already watching the kids, I packed a change of clothes in a bag giving me twenty minutes. I kissed the girls good-bye and rushed to my car. I made it to work with three minutes to spare. Nicole was already at her register and rolled her eyes at me. I clocked in and took my position as her bagger. “You going to the party tonight?” Nicole asked me “Yeah. I will be there at ten though. I have to go to Amy’s.” I said and she nodded “Spending the night with me?” Nicole asked “Yup. That’s what I told my mom.” I said and she smiled “good so I didn’t lie to mine.” She said and I smiled at her, we discussed the last day of school yesterday and our plans for the summer while we didn’t have customers. “Lexie you’re needed on register two.” My manager Scott said around four and I nodded good-bye to Nicole and made my way to register two where I was the cashier.

I clocked out at seven and went to Nicole’s and picked up Colleen and then went to Amy’s. She was smiling at us when we walked up to the door. They were on the porch, Jason and Amber smiled at us “Hey Lex and Coco.” Amber said “Hey Amber.” I said sitting down next to her, they have our daddy’s icy blue eyes and his dirty blond hair color. “How is everything?” I asked all of them and Amy smiled at me “good. We’re doing good.” She said “Mom is thinking about dating again.” Jason said “Is that so?” I asked and Amber nodded with wide eye. “If she does, remember to keep your mind open. Don’t be too hard on the man.” I said “What if he tries to replace daddy?” Amber asked me “I have a step-dad and he knows he can’t replace daddy. That is impossible. Daddy was a great man.” I said and Amber smiled “What would he be doing today?” Jason asked me “Let’s see its baseball season, so he would gather up his boys and if he have any tomboys and take us to the baseball game.” I said and Jason smiled “I remember going to a baseball game.” Jason said and I smiled “He even took Amber to a couple games. Even got your mom to go.” I said and they smiled at me, even Amy was smiling at me. “Hey Coco, want to play Just Dance?” Amber asked and Colleen smiled at them and they went into the house.

“Thanks Lexie. You are always like a daughter to me.” Amy said and I smiled at her “I know, and you’re like a second mom to me.” I said and she smiled at me “I do miss your father. Don’t get me wrong.” Amy said “I know Amy. It has been five years.” I said “I don’t know how the kids will take it.” She said “They will be confused at first but they will understand.” I said and she smiled at me “Thanks Lexie.” She said and I smiled at her, five years ago I was twelve going on thirteen years old but I still took care of her and my half-siblings and my siblings when I needed to. I went inside and made her a cup of tea and brought it to her. “Thanks Lex.” She said and I smiled at her and saw that it was nine and she nodded “Thanks for stopping bye.” She said and I smiled I went in and hugged the kids good-bye and Colleen followed me hugging Amy good-bye.

Nicole pulled up just when we did and she smiled at us. Colleen was spending the night with Abby. We went into the house and we changed into something better than our work clothes. I had on a short skirt, and a low cut pink strapless shirt. She smiled at me and we got in my car and headed to the beach. Austin saw me and smiled “Hey Austin!” I said and he smiled “Lexie!” He said smiling at me, picking me up and spinning me around. We’re friends, we’re in that friend zone and always will be. “Glad you could make it.” He said “I know. I’m the life of the party.” I said teasing him and he smiled at me “You sure are the prettiest.” He said and I just rolled my eyes at him. Nicole grabbed my arm and we made our way to the group. Her crush Chad was there and smiled at Nicole, so she excused herself with me and went to flirt with him. I make my way to the second group and see Ashley and she smiled at me. “Hey Lex.” She said and I smiled “Hey Ash.” I said and she patted the ground next to her.

“Noah told me he ran into you today.” She said “Yeah, at the park. I was taking my little sisters and brother there.” I said “He’s a nice guy Lex.” Ashley said and I smiled “I know.” I said “You should give him a try.” She said smiling at me “He’s sweet and all but isn’t my type.” I said “Lexie, give him a chance if you want. But keep in mind he has two kids and they mean more to him than anything.” She said and I nodded “I know. Are you seeing anybody new?” I asked “Kyle.” She said and I smiled “He’s good to the kids. But nothing like Noah is.” She said and I smiled, Kyle came over and I used that as my ticket to leave and Austin caught my arm. “Walk the beach?” He asked me “Sure.” I said and we headed down the beach.

He’s my best guy friend so I tell him about running into Noah, and now about Ashley trying to hook me up with her ex-boyfriend the father to her two kids and Austin just laughs at me. “Lexie, give him a try.” Austin said and I rolled my eyes “I don’t know.” I said “Lex, you have dated multiple guys. What is it going to hurt?” He asked me “Are you telling me I get around?” I asked and he just laughed at me. His baby blue eyes sparkling, his brown hair was in his eyes and he smiled at me. “I don’t’ know you.” I said pretending to pout and he smiled at me. “Yes you do. I’m your best guy friend. Has been for years.” He said “sixteen years.” I said and he smiled at me “Exactly. Our dads were best friends, our moms are best friends.” Austin said and I just smiled at him, “I will beat you back to the group.” Austin said “You’re on. Loser buys the winner a soda.” I said “Deal.” He said “I prefer Root Beer.” Austin said “Ready.. Set.. Go..” I said and we took off, I was ahead but he came up from behind me and grabbed me by the waist and picked me up. “Not fair!” I squealed and he just laughed. I wiggled my way out and ran to the group and he rolled his eyes.

“I prefer Dr. Pepper.” I said “tomorrow. I can’t buy one here.” He said and I smiled at him “Deal.” I said and he just laughed,  I caught Nicole looking at me but I just smiled at her and rolled my eyes. I look to the road and I see Noah walking up, Ashley and Kyle are sitting around the bonfire. “Hey Noah.” Ashley said and he smiled “Hey Ash.” Noah said and I made my way to the water and sat on the edge of the water. I hear somebody next to me “Hey Lexie.” Noah said “Hey.” I said flashing him a smile. “Can I join?” Noah asked me “Yup.” I said and he sat next to me. We were lying on the sand looking at the stars when he sits up “I want to take you out tomorrow.” Noah said I sat up and looked at him, I pulled out my phone “I work 8-6.” I said and Noah smiled “How does eight sounds?” He asked me and I smiled “Perfect.” I said and he smiled at me. “I always thought of you as a stuck up snob. A prep. Since you’re on the cheerleading squad.” He said “I always thought of you as a jerk. Since you do baseball.” I said and he smiles at me “shouldn’t judge a book by the cover.” Noah said and I smiled “I see that now.” I said giggling and he smiled at me. “You have to be the prettiest girl on the beach tonight.” Noah said 

Submitted: April 25, 2012

© Copyright 2021 StephandBrutusandIzzy. All rights reserved.


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