Chapter 10:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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We go to Jared’s and she smiled at me. “These rings are beautiful.” Colie said “I know. Help me find one.” I said and she went to looking, and found the perfect one. “How much?” I asked “2400.” Colie said and I walked over to her, it was on a gold band, sparkly, a ton of little heart diamonds around a huge diamond. “Lexie will love it Austin.” Colie said sure of herself “it is beautiful.” Austin said “Lex and I have the same ring finger.” She said trying it on and I smiled at her, the guy behind the counter rung it up and I handed it to Colie to keep in her bag. Lexie would find it on me in no time and I wanted to surprise her.

I knew four years ago I wanted to marry her one day, and on my birthday I’m going to ask her to marry me. My dad and I were talking last night, and he said I was getting really serious with her and I said yeah, and he said so marry her. Don’t let her go. And I’m not letting Lexie go, she is the best girl, the best thing that has happened to me and I don’t want to screw things up with Lexie. Since her dad is dead I’m going to ask Aaron and her mom tonight when I go to pick Lexie up for her date.

Colie and I go back to the food court to hang out with some friends from high school. “Are you and Lexie a couple yet?” Taylor asked me, she has been a friend of ours since eighth grade. “Yes we are. Have been for a year soon.” I said and our friend Brian looked at me “Didn’t you attend University of Florida while she attended Duke?” He asked me “Yeah, we did a long distance.” I said “How do you know she was faithful?” He asked “Come on we’re talking about Lexie.” I said “True.” Brain said and our friend Brooke looked at Colie “Seeing anybody yet?” Brooke asked Colie “Not anymore.” She said “Bummer. You three could double date again like old times.” Brooke said “And?” Colie asked “You three have been friends forever. You haven’t grown apart yet?” Brooke asked “No.” Colie and I said together “It will happen. With you three being in different places during the year and all.” Brooke said.

Nicole’s Pov:

I’m sitting at the mall, in the food court with a group of old friends and Austin. He asked me to pick out an engagement ring for Lexie and we’re waiting for Lexie and Colleen to get out of the hair salon. I’m tired of girls like Brooke who’s sticking her nose in other people’s business and it doesn’t belong. “It won’t happen. Unlike some people Lexie and Austin are true friends.” I snapped back “Yeah right. Just wait. They will move in together and Nicole will be forgotten about.” Brooke said “I doubt that.” I said but wasn’t out ruling that because it could be possible. “We will never forget Nicole. She isn’t something that can be forgotten.” Austin said “But she can be replaced.” Brooke said “I’m not a dog.” I said “Oh really? You’re acting like one now.” Brooke said “That’s you.” I said and getting up and leaving.

I know I haven’t been honest with Lexie and Austin about something but it’s hard. Last month, right around finals when I was studying I took a break and went out to eat. My ex-boyfriend Mark and a few of his friends met me at the corner and since I’m a friendly person we got to talking and I could smell alcohol on their breath. Mark whispers in my ear that he wants me and I told him I didn’t feel like it. I was still a virgin and he knew it. But they all gathered around me his two friends who were all muscular grabbed me and made it where I couldn’t fight back and shoved me in their van that they had. One by one they took their turns raping me. I was raped by four men that night, and was set free being told if I told anybody then I would be dead meat. I haven’t even told Lexie and I’m scared. It was three weeks ago, and I think I might be pregnant and I’m worried about that. Due to that I was transferring to University of Florida for the fall semester and spring of course.

I storm off into a store near there and start looking through items. I didn’t realize I went to the baby store. I quickly walked out went around the corner and ran into Austin’s open arms. “It’s okay Colie.” He said “I know. I just don’t like people when they say stuff like that.” I said and Austin nodded “I know Colie. A lot of people are like that.” He said and I felt really bad for lying to him and Lexie. I looked up and I see Lexie and Colleen walk out of the salon and feel a ton of bricks being pressed on my heart.

Lexie’s Pov:

I got my hair cut down to my shoulders again, and Colleen got her hair cut down to her boobs. I walk out and I see Austin and Nicole. Austin was hugging Nicole and I’m instantly getting worried. I have a bad feeling that Colie is hiding something from me and I’m worried about her. “Is everything okay?” I asked “Yeah. Brooke is just being herself again.” Colie said and I smiled “Want to get out of here then?” I asked “Nah, let’s walk around.” Colie said and I smiled “I’m going to find some friends.” Colleen said “Okay, I will call you when I’m ready to leave.” I said and she smiled and walked off.

“What are you guys doing here together?” I asked holding Austin’s hand “Oh we’re spending some quality time together. Since you hog Austin all the time this was his free time.” Colie said and I smiled at her “Oh I’m sorry.” I said smiling at her and she smiled back “Hey Lex, you want to crash at my place tonight?” Colie asked me “Sure. My mom shouldn’t mind.” I said and she smiled “She shouldn’t.” colie said and I nodded. “I have to leave early though. I’m going with Jake.” I said “Okay, I understand.” Colie said and I smiled at her.

Colie’s Pov:

It’s later that night and Lexie and I are in my room on my Queen size bed. We’re painting each other’s nails and I figured now was a perfect time to tell her the truth. “Lexie I need to talk to you.” I said and she looked up from my nails “Okay what’s up Co?” She asked me “ On May 5th I was raped by Mark and a couple of his friends.” I said and I go into the story about what happened and she just hugs me. I tell her about my fear of being pregnant and she goes into her strong trooper mood.

Lexie’s Pov:

Colie just told me that she was raped and might be pregnant. “You need to go to the doctor’s tomorrow.” I said “Will you go with me?” Colie asked me “Yeah. Tomorrow morning make an appointment for afternoon.” I said and Colie nodded. I know she thought I would be hurt that she didn’t tell me until now but it’s not something you Skype or text and we have been busy the past couple weeks. “Your hair looks nice Lex.” Nicole said and I smiled at her “Thanks Colie.” I said and we spend the next couple of hours just talking “If you are will you keep it?” I asked her “Yes.” She said without a question “Why?” I asked “Religious answer. God allowed the bad of me getting raped, because he had a purpose. And the purpose would be a baby.” Colie said “Serious answer. Because the baby deserve a chance at life. The baby didn’t ask to be conceive by rape, but by the act of love.” Colie said and I smiled at her “You’re right Colie.” I said and she smiled at me “Now let’s go to sleep.” Colie said and I nodded.

I wake up at six to my alarm clock on my phone and Colie stirs barely and groans “I’ll see you later.” She mumbled going back to sleep and I kiss her cheek and walk out. I go to my car and drive home. Today makes seven years without my dad, eight years ago that he was diagnosed with cancer. I park in the driveway and walked up the steps and walked in. My mom and Aaron were at the breakfast table eating breakfast and drinking coffee. “Have fun at Nicole’s?” My mom asked me “Yes ma’am.” I said and sat down. I talked with her for a few and then went upstairs. I took a shower and found my white dress, with my brown leggings. I left my hair down and put a clip in my hair. I found my rainbows and walked back down.

Jake and I were at the building around eight and we went in for his appointment at nine. The recruiter was nice, he was funny, and he joked with Jake a lot. He took the test that was needed, the fitness test and signed the paper. “Congratulations Jacob you just enlisted in the United States Army. You are now a piece of the Government.”  He said and Jake smiled at him, after that we went to Denny’s for breakfast. “I’m proud of you Jake.” I said and Jake smiled at me “Thanks sis.” He said and then he looked at me “I go to boot camp on the 14th.” He said “It’s the 11th.” I said “I know sissy.” He said and I smiled at him. “Seven years.” Jake said “I know Jake. I miss him too. Daddy would be proud of you.” I said and he smiled at me “I know. We would joke about me joining the Army when I was younger.” Jake said and I smiled “Just come home.” I said and he smiled at me “I will.”

We threw him a good luck party on the 13th. “Promise me you will come home a man.” Aaron said “I will.” Jake said and we all smiled at him.  And when he was leaving we all watched him walk out. “I love you.” I said hugging him good-bye. “I love you too Lexie.” He said and I smiled at him. Tomorrow is Austin’s birthday. So I’m going shopping with him after Colie’s appointment, they didn’t have one on Monday so she has one today instead. “Miss Wakefield you are not pregnant.” The doctor said and Colie smiled at me.

While we were at the mall we ordered a huge pizza to celebrate her not being pregnant. After we got Austin’s gift that was. We’re eating a slice and Austin walks up and takes one. “How does it feel around the house?” He asked me “Weird.” I said “Image when you leave too.” Austin said “Poor family.” I said and they laughed at me. He would be done on the 25th, then a week at home. He would be graduating from A School on August 14th and I’m going to that even though I will already be in Tallahassee. “I got some amazing news.” Colie said “What is it?” I asked “I’m going to UF this year.” Colie said “Oh my God!” I said hugging her and we’re smiling. “Maybe we can be roommates.” I said and she smiled. “We could be.” She said we go to UF August 7th, classes begin August 18th. But we want to unpack and get a job.

That night I’m going through old pictures of everything and I come across the picture of when Colleen was born. I was sitting on daddy’s lap, Connor was on his other knee and I was holding Colleen. I was four years old, Jake was three, and Connor was two years old. I looked at a picture next to that Colie and I we were two years old in matching dresses. The next one was the same day and Austin was in a cute little tux. I look at multiple pictures over the years and compared them. “Wow.” My mom said walking in and seeing all of the pictures. “I think this year I’m taking these.” I said “Okay. But Lexie, let’s enjoy summer first. Jake is already gone, we don’t want to rush you.” My mom said and I smiled.

The next day Nicole and I spent it with Austin at the beach because that is where he wanted to spend it on his birthday. He dropped Nicole off first and then me saying he would pick me up in a couple hours for a special date tonight. I got in the shower to wash the sand off and let the water beat against my back for a few minutes. I got dressed in my new white strapless summer dress, it was to my knees so I didn’t need any leggings and it showed off my dark tan I already had. I found my classy brown sandals and slipped those on. I did my makeup and braided my bangs to clip back. I was staring at a picture on my desk and smiled, it was my daddy and I. It was right before he was diagnosed with cancer I was eleven years old, and we were attending a father-daughter dance so we were all dressed up. My hair was down to my knees and in super curls.

Around six when I was still fixing my hair and makeup to make sure they were perfect for this special date. I made sure I wasn’t too dressy or not enough dressy for whichever event happens first. I walk downstairs and Austin smiled at me, he’s wearing khaki shorts and a black button down shirt and Sperry’s so I wasn’t sure which type of place we were going to. “Ready to go my love?” Austin asked me and I smiled “Yes I am.” I said smiling at him and I wave good-bye to my family. He opens my car door for me and shuts it and gets in on his side and starts to drive. He gets on the highway and drives to the Fort Pierce exit and gets off. He drives to the downtown Marina and parks in the parking deck. He gets out and opens my door; we go to their Italian restaurant and order. After dinner he takes me for a walk through the Marina and smiles at me. “This has been so nice.” I said “I thought so. It was simple but special. Just like you.” Austin said and that made me smile and blush.

“Ever since I met you I was getting feelings for you, I really had a crush on you in fifth grade. I fell head over heels for you in ninth grade. I have been in love with you ever since then Lexie.” Austin said “Oh Austin.” I said “I can’t think or focus when I’m not with you. I’m always thinking about you. You’re all I can ever dream of when I sleep. You’re always on my mind no matter what I’m doing. When you talk to me or look at me or near me my palm gets all sweaty, I get nervous, my heart beats really fast because you’re amazing.” Austin said.

Austin’s Pov:

After dinner at a restaurant in Fort Pierce, I’m walking Lexie down the marina and I’m about to propose to her. I tell her ““Ever since I met you I was getting feelings for you, I really had a crush on you in fifth grade. I fell head over heels for you in ninth grade. I have been in love with you ever since then Lexie.” Austin said “Oh Austin.” I said “I can’t think or focus when I’m not with you. I’m always thinking about you. You’re all I can ever dream of when I sleep. You’re always on my mind no matter what I’m doing. When you talk to me or look at me or near me my palm gets all sweaty, I get nervous, my heart beats really fast because you’re amazing.” I said and she smiles at me, her icy blue eyes are sparkling now. “I love everything about you Lexie. You look beautiful no matter what you do. You have killer icy blue eyes, I melt in those eyes every time I look at you. You are my reason for living. You make me the luckiest man in the world to have you as my girlfriend.” I said “Oh Austin.” Lexie said I could tell she was about to get emotional. “I want to change that though Lexie.” I said “What?” She asked me getting nervous, I could see she was about to panic. I remember when her dad died, that day I found her in the meadows crying and I wrapped my arms around her. I promised her dying dad I would always take care of Lexie. I remember our first kiss, when we were younger; it wasn’t supposed to mean anything but it meant the world to me. She has always meant the world to me, no matter what girl I was dating. On her Sweet Sixteen when I gave her the Ipod she was speechless, she was beautiful then and is beautiful now. I go back to reality and see Lexie being confused and I smile at her. “I want to be more than your boyfriend Lexie. I want to be your husband.” I said “What?” Lexie asked still confused, she can get confused at times and stay confused for awhile. I got down on one knee and pulled out the ring box. I got it back for Colie earlier today when I dropped Lexie off first. She was in the car and hopped up to the passenger seat “Here you go. Good luck Austin. I’m proud of you. You make her happy. Don’t hurt her. Or I will have to kill you.” Colie demanded and I smiled at her but I knew my best friend was serious.

I open the box, and the ring is sparkling in the box against the moon light. I noticed people have stopped to stare at us. “Alexis Summerland, will you do the honors and become Mrs. Blevins?” I asked her “Yes I will.” Lexie said I smiled at her, people were clapping. I slid the finger onto her ring finger and she kisses my lips with passion. I’m now engaged to the most beautiful girl in the world. We walk along the marina, she was just admiring her ring and kissing my lips softly. “I love it. How did you pick it out? It fits perfectly. How did you know?” She asked me and at the same time we both said “Colie.” She smiled at me and kisses my lips. “I love you.” I said “I love you too.” Lexie said, I love her smile it’s breath taking. “I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have you as my fiancé” Lexie said and I smiled at her “I bet so.” I said and I kiss her lips.

It wasn’t easy sneaking around Lexie to ask her mom and Aaron. Nicole had to take Lexie to a baseball game in order for me to ask. Colie isn’t big into baseball but Lexie is, so it was hard for Colie to do but it was the right thing. When Colie texted me saying they were there I went to Lexie’s house and her mom and stepdad was outside on the porch. “She isn’t home Austin.” Her mom said “Yes ma’am I know. I came to talk to you and Aaron.” I said “Okay Austin what is it?” She asked me “I want to marry Lexie. But I want your blessing first.” I said and her mom looked at Aaron who looked at me “Welcome to the family son.” Aaron said and I smiled “Thank you sir.” I said “I want to see the ring.” Her mom Karen said “You have to wait until I propose. Colie is keeping with her so Lexie won’t find it.” I said and she smiled “smart idea. Lexie will know you’re up to something.” She said and I smiled.

I’m back to reality now and Lexie punches me “I knew you were up to something. When I saw you with Colie at the mall. And when Colie went with me to the game, and your dad all of a sudden needed you when you aren’t even working with him this summer.” Lexie said and I smiled at her “but you love me.” I said and Lexie smiled at me “Very much.” Lexie said smiling at me and I kissed her lips softly. “You make me feel like I’m in heaven.” I said “Oh Austin, you’re so sweet.” Lexie said and I smiled at her. “You are wonderful.” I said kissing his lips again softly “I love your kisses. I have loved your kisses since our very first kiss.” I said and I see her blush again “I love your blush. It’s so adorable.” I said and she rolls her eyes at me again and I smile at her “I love you Alexis.” I said being all serious with her.

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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