What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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Submitted: April 25, 2012




Lexie’s Pov:

I’m engaged to Austin as of a couple hours ago, we just walked around the Marina and sat down and did the mushy love talk. I’m now on my way home, I love my ring, it’s the gold band with a huge diamond in the middle, and heart diamond all around it. I’m letting the moonlight sparkle it while we’re driving. “It’s amazing baby. I love it. And I love you.” I said and he smiled at me, I kissed his cheek since he was driving and I looked out at the window “Can we go to the beach rather than home? I’m not ready to go home yet.” I said and Austin smiled at me “Okay Lexie.” He said driving to the beach instead of to home.

I see Colie and I smile at her when we walk on the beach towards her. “Want to walk with us?” I asked and Colie smiled “Uh-oh somebody is holding a secret from me!” Colie said giggling, I show her the ring and she smiles “It’s perfect on you.” Colie said and I smile at her, we all find a nice spot and sit down. “I have an idea.” I said and they looked at me “On Monday to Sunday we go to the beach.” I said “Just us three?” Colie asked “Just us three. We can spilt the money that is needed.” I said “Sounds like a good idea.” Colie said “I agree. I want to do it.” Austin said and I smile “We can ask our parents tonight.” I said “We’re twenty years old and nineteen years old. We just need to tell them where we will be not asking permission.” Austin said and I smiled “You’re right.” I said and Colie smiled at me.

I went home and my mom was gushing over my ring and started complimenting me about it. “Mom, Colie, Austin, and I decided to spend next week at the beach.” I said and my mom nodded “Just let me know which beach you’re at and make sure I’m not a grandmother.” My mom said and I smiled at her. “No worry about it.” I said and she smiled at me “I’m going to bed mom.” I said and she smiled at me “I love you Lexie.” She said and I smiled at her.

It’s Sunday afternoon now and I’m packing my gym bag and backpack. We rented a house on the beach in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Colleen walks in and smiled at me “I hope you have fun sissy. I’m going to spend some time with Abby. Three days at Abby’s. They’re going to Miami.” Colleen said and I smiled at her “That’s good, I hope you have fun.” I said and she smiled at me “I hope you have fun as well.” Colleen said and I smiled at her. “Connor is going to Adam’s because they’re going to Savannah, Georgia.” Colleen said “Jake is going with Tanner to Daytona Beach.” I said “Aaron’s parents are visiting for a week, so Alicia, Katie, and Josh are going to be spending time with them. So it’s just mom and Aaron.” Colleen said and I smiled at her.

Monday morning around two in the morning and I carry my bag to the front step and walked outside leaving a note for my mom. Austin pulled up and got out, he took my bags and loaded it in the car and I got in. We went to pick up Colie and she was waiting for us, Austin got out and put her bags in the car and we head to Cocoa Beach. We arrived around seven and the Landlord was waiting for us. We all signed the lease and went in. “You and Colie or you and me?” Austin asked, there were only two bedrooms. “Both, in between.” I said and they smiled at me.

We unloaded the bags and then went exploring. We walked downtown and enjoyed the view. We went to the grocery store and got groceries for the week around $60 since that was our budget. Austin got on the grill and cooked hamburgers and hotdogs for us for dinner. Two guys came up to our back deck and nodded. “Hey I’m Sam and this is my friend Kevin.” The brown hair, brown eyed boy said and I smiled. Kevin had green eyes and brown hair. “I’m Austin, and this is Lexie and Nicole.” Austin said “There’s a party going on tonight. If you guys want you can join.” Sam said “Thanks. We will be sure to be there.” Austin said and he nodded heading back to the other house. This house is directly on the beach.

We freshen up after dinner and when we heard the music playing and people arrive we got out and walked next door. “Austin, Lexie, and Nicole right?” Sam asked yeah “Listen up you guys, this is Austin, Lexie, and Nicole. Make them feel welcome.” Sam said and we all smiled at each other. We mingled with the crowds and Austin was handed three beers. “Want to try it?” Austin asked “Sure.” I said and Nicole nodded, we haven’t tried any alcohol yet this will be our first time. We all took our first sip at the same time. “It’s decent.” I said and we all finished our beer and went to hang out with some people we just met.

We left around two and Colie went to her room and we went to ours. We were all feeling kind of tipsy. I kissed Austin good night and he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead and we fell asleep like that. I woke up at six and felt like throwing up. I had a headache and my stomach was hurting me. I knew it was the beer that I had last night. I was still in Austin’s arms, I know I should be enjoying this but I was itching to go jogging on the beach. I slowly got up and found some decent clothes for jogging on the beach. I tiptoed out to the living room with my tennis shoes in my hands. I put them on and Colie came out and smiled at me “I’m tagging along. I hope you don’t mind.” She said “Not at all. I will enjoy the company.” I said and she smiled at me and we went out the door.

We jogged until about seven on one direction and on the way back we got to talking. “So today tan out on the beach til two?” I asked “Yup. Then we will explore the town some more.” Colie said and I smiled “Hopefully Austin is okay with all of this.” I said “he should be. He got you to himself last night.” Colie said and I smiled “Don’t worry we didn’t do anything. “ I said “If I was you guys I would do it now. Enjoy it, because your parents will be over protective.” Colie said and I nodded “I know. Aaron is worse than I think my dad would be.” I said “I doubt that Lex.” Colie said and I nodded in agreement.

When we made it back to the rental Austin was just waking up, it was eight in the morning. He smiled at us “Morning ladies.” He said and I started a pot of coffee for all of us. Colie got to making us breakfast and Austin started straightening up the house a little bit. He sat down at the table and I gave him his cup of coffee. “What is the plans for the day ladies?” Austin asked “Beach until two, then more exploring.” I said “Excellent.” Austin said and I couldn’t tell if he was serious or be sarcastic. “I know it is.” I said and he winked at me so I knew he was being serious.

After breakfast we got dressed in our bathing suits. I put on Austin’s T-shirt and grabbed the beach bag. It had our towels, tanning oil, water bottles, sunglasses, and a foam football. We walked out our back door and walked to the beach. We set out our towels, with me in the middle of Austin and Colie. Austin wrapped his arms around me took off my shirt and lifted me up, he ran to the water while having me in his arms kicking him. He got to his waist and threw me in as far as he could. I came above water and gave him a death glare. He did the same thing to Colie so it was okay, we got our revenge by tng to drown him. We’re throwing the foam football back and forth in the water and Austin looks over and smile “Yo Bryan and Blake come on over!” He said “They are cousins. They were my roommates this past school year.” Austin said and we nodded, the two guys swam up “Dude. What are you doing here?” They asked Austin “Spending quality times with my fiancée and our friend.” Austin said “That’s cool.” One guy said he had dirty blond hair and baby blue eyes, the other had brown hair and baby blue eyes. “This is my fiancée Lexie and our friend Nicole.” He said and they smiled “This is Bryan and Blake.” Austin said, Bryan had the dirty blond hair and Blake had the brown hair.

Since Austin’s college friends came we were ditched so we went to our towels and sprayed ourselves with the tanning oil and laid out. We spent half an hour on each side and then got in the water for a bit then another hour tanning, splitting the time between our back and stomachs. “We should get matching belly button rings.” Colie said “You’re right Colie we should.” I said and we both sat up right for this. “We should do that today.” Colie said “We should.” I said “So let’s do it.” Colie said and I smiled “Needs to wait for Austin.” I said “You’re right.” Colie said and I smiled at her. Austin came out at two and looked at us “Ready to head in?” He asked “sure.” We said and we walked to our rental house. We all showered and got changed. “We’re getting our belly button pierced.” I said “Okay. I’ll tag along.” He said “We need to find a tattoo/body piercing shop.” I said “Okay. I will GPS it now.” Austin said and I smiled.

He came in five minutes later “Found one. You guys ready to go?” Austin asked us “Yup.” I said and Colie nodded in agreement. We got to the tattoo place and they had a matching belly button ring and we got it pierced. Austin was looking at the tattoos when we finished “Find any you like?” I asked him “This one.” He said pointing to an Eagle one and I smiled “it’s nice.” I said and he smiled at me “I want a tattoo Lexie.” He said “I know you do.” I said “Can I get one?” He asked me “Sure.” I said and Austin smiled at me. He got a tattoo of an Eagle on his arm with his Grandma’s name on it. She was his role model and she passed away three years ago.

We got back to the rental and I got to cooking shrimp and Austin made some more seafood. We sat out on the porch outside and started eating drinking sweet tea with it. Austin’s friends Bryan and Blake showed up when we were finished and Austin waved at them. “What’s up?” Austin asked “We’re throwing a party tonight. We’re three houses down do you guys want to come?” Bryan asked us “Sure.” Austin said “when is it?” He asked “nine o’clock.” He said “We will be there.” Austin said and they nodded “See you guys then.” Bryan said and we all nodded.

Colie’s Pov:

I just did a fishtail with my hair, letting it lay against my shoulders. I’m wearing a short denim skirt and a cute pink tank top. I had my rainbow flip-flops on and walked out into the living room. Lexie and Austin were waiting for me. Lexie had her hair in two braids, her hair was still down to her shoulder. We walked to Austin’s friends rental house and Bryan his one friend looked at me and smiled. “Colie right?” he asked me “yeah it is.” I said and he smiled at me. I looked at Lexie and she grabbed Austin’s hand and led him over to where Blake was so I could talk to Bryan without them around. “Where do you go to school at?” Bryan asked me “Was NYU. In the fall I’m going to UF.” I said “That’s cool. Austin has told me a lot about you over the school year. Of course it was mainly Lexie but he brought you up as well.” Bryan said “That’s sweet of him.” I said smiling at him “You look beautiful tonight.” Bryan said “Thanks.” I said and he smiled at me “Do you want to take a walk?” I asked him “Sure.” He said and I smiled at him.

Our walk was nice; I got to know all about Bryan. He’s twenty years old, he lives in Daytona Beach, Florida when he isn’t at school. He has five siblings, his parents are still together, and he’s majoring in business. We made it back to the group and we hung out with Austin, Lexie, Bryan, a guy name Mike, a girl named Jasmine. They all attend UF so Lexie and I was already making friends for the school year.

The rest of the week, we would spend the morning/afternoon at the beach, the afternoon/evening with Bryan, Blake, Mike, and Jasmine. It’s now Sunday morning and we know we need to head back. The night before I spent alone time with Bryan, it was nice. It gave Lexie and Austin their alone time while I had my alone time with Bryan. He kissed me, or more like we made out. We told each other we would get in touch with each other. I gave him my cell phone number and he gave me his. I really like him and I can tell he really like me.

Lexie’s Pov:

We loaded up the car around ten and left around eleven and made it home in the evening. Connor, Colleen, Josh, Alicia, and Katie were all home when I got home. Our parents were still out so I still had time. I did a load of all of our laundry for the past week and re-cleaned my room. I had my laptop up and got a Skype IM from Allie to see if we could video chat “Hey Allie.” I said she was in her bedroom wearing a Duke shirt and brown shorts. “Hey Lexie. How was the beach?” She asked me “It was really good. I had fun.” I said and she smiled at me “I had a good week at the mountains.” Allie said “That’s awesome. I got my belly button pierced.” I said “I want to see.” Allie said so I lifted up my shirt and she smiled at it. “I love your engagement ring.” Allie said “Thanks, I do too.” I said and Allie smiled at me. I got a knock on my door about half an hour later “Lexie mom and Aaron is home.” Colleen said “Gotta go Al.” I said “Bye Lex.” She said and we ended the call and I walked downstairs.

They set the dinner down on the table, it was KFC we all sat down and began eating “How was your week?” she asked us it started from the youngest and now to me “it was really good.” I said “Just good?” she asked “We spent the days at the beach, evening with some of Austin’s friends from college.” I said “I got my belly button pierced.” I said “oh Lexie.” My mom said but that was the end of it because she knows she couldn’t have stopped me anyways.

We all went to the living room and watched a couple movies as a family and then everybody went their own separate ways. I got a phone call from Austin “Did your parents flip?” I asked “Nope. My mom got teary eyed. My dad was fine with it. Did yours?” He asked me “I got a piercing not a tattoo. But she did the Oh Lexie bit and left it at that.” I said “She’s disappointed in you.” Austin said “Oh well.” I said and Austin smiled “you don’t really care do you?” He asked me “Let’s see, I’m almost twenty, college student, engaged I don’t have to answer to my mommy for things like this anymore.” I said “Oh Lexie.” He said “Don’t oh Lexie me.” I said and I heard him laugh at me “I love you Lexie.”

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