Chapter 12:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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It’s July 2nd now and we’re on the plane to California for the fourth of July, we leave on the 7th so I have five days of being ignored by Aaron’s parents but that’s okay. We arrived around nine in the morning their time and noon our time. I spent the day with the group and told my mom that the next day I would be meeting up with Callie if that was okay and she said to spend until the night of the fourth with Callie but to be home by five the next day.

I woke up at seven here, since it was ten my time. Callie texted me at 7:30

Callie: Hey Lex, are you up?

Lexie: Yup

Callie: Can I come in ten minutes?

Lexie: Sure. I’ll get dressed.

Callie: See you then.

I got dressed in my white short shorts and a cute belly shirt that I bought at the beach to show off my belly button ring. Callie was right on time so I stepped out and got in her car. “You look like a true beach bum.” Callie said and I smiled, she had her natural deep tan going as well. “You do too.” I said “Thanks.” She said and I smiled at her “Where to?” I asked “The beach. It’s a different beach than the one you went to. It’s one that only true Californian people know of.” Callie said and I smiled at her. She took me to her house first so I could borrow a bathing suit and so she could change. “You look good.” I said “You do too.” I said and we caught up on about what has happened over the summer so far. “Love your engagement ring.” Callie said “Thanks. I like it as well.” I said and she smiled at me.

The beach Callie took me to was beyond beautiful. If I wasn’t happily taken I would have enjoyed the view. There was a ton of cute guys at this beach. We stayed until about two and then she took me back to her house so we could change. She took me to her favorite place to eat and I loved the food. That night she took me to a club, needless to say I had a fun adventure filled night with Callie. We didn’t get home until four in the morning and that was seven my time. We slept in until seven when her mom woke us up. So we had three hours of sleep, we spent this day at her house in her pool spending time with her family.

I spent the fifth and sixth with Callie. She dropped me off before we had to be at the airport. I hugged her good-bye. My mom just shook her head when I got back and I just rolled my eyes at her. “Lexie when we get home I need to talk to you.” She said “Okay.” I said and she just went back to focusing on the kids and getting them ready. I sat beside Colleen and Connor on the flights back. That night my mom came into my room “While you are under my house you will follow by my rules. I don’t care if you will be twenty next month. You have little sisters and brothers who look up to you. You’re not setting a good example. You need to have a better control over your life. You’re going to be wasting it away.” My mom said “I am not.” I said “Lexie. You need to tell me where you are, who you’re with. Your curfew is midnight. I don’t like the fact that you’re not working this summer.” My mom said “I’m sorry.” I said and then looked at her “But I’m living my life the way I want to my mom. If you don’t like it then I’m sorry. Nobody stopped you from living the way you wanted to.” I said “I got married when I was eighteen; I got pregnant not long after. I don’t want you to do the same.” She said “I’m almost twenty, engaged. Not married. Not pregnant.” I said “I don’t know you anymore Alexis. All I know is I want you out of my house by tomorrow night before I get home.” My mom said “Alright fine.” I said and when she left I called Colie. “I got kicked out.” I said “Hold on.” She said putting the phone down “Mom said you can stay here until college.” Colie said “Thanks Colie.” I said “I will be over there tomorrow to help.” Colie said “Thanks Colie. I owe you.” I said and we hung up.

The next day we packed up all of my stuff and with Austin’s dad’s pick up truck and with two loads we made it with all of my stuff. I left my bed, dresser, book case, and desk. I hugged Connor and Colleen good-bye and went with Colie and Austin. I know in a way my mom was right but she kicked me out and I don’t really care about that anymore. Colie laid out an air mattress for me and I put my comforter and pillow on my fake bed and we did the chores around the house. We even cooked dinner. Mrs. Wakefield, Mr. Wakefield, Abby, Taylor, and Casey were all pleased to see me.

It’s now July 15th and we’re celebrating Colie’s birthday. Whenever Colleen is over we spend time together, I meet Connor at the mall a lot and we spend time together. Our curfew is midnight and we’re always home by eleven. And we’re up when they leave and we do the chores, I have been nothing but nice. We follow their rules that they have and we’re sweet angels towards everybody.

Colie’s Pov:

I woke up today to see everybody standing above me with a platter of breakfast on a tray. “Happy birthday Colie.” They all said and I smiled at them, Lexie set the tray down in front of me and I smiled. I have been so lucky to have Lexie move in with me, she has been nothing but helpful and plus I get to spend more time with her now. We’re working on being roommates this year in college and I’m excited about that. I have been talking to Bryan every night that he isn’t working, it’s really nice.

We’re at the mall and I’m sipping on my smoothie from the local smoothie place in the mall. Lexie excuses herself and Austin follows her and so I’m just sitting here commenting on my posts from all of my friends. Next thing I know I feel hands cover my eyes “Who is this?” I asked I could tell that it was man’s hands I knew they weren’t Austin’s. Next thing I feel is a kiss on the cheek. “Happy birthday.” A male voice whisper and I smiled “Bryan.” I said and he kissed my lips softly. Austin and Lexie came up with a cupcake “Surprise!” Lexie said hugging me “We will leave you two alone.” Austin said and I smiled. “You guys are the best.” I said and they walk away.

Bryan sits next to me and I share my cupcake with him since I didn’t want to eat all of it. He took my hand and we went walking through the mall for a little bit. I ended up taking him to my house and my mom, Abby, Taylor, and Casey were home. “Mom this is Bryan.” I said and she turned around and smiled at Bryan. They got to talking and of course I had to spend some time with the whole family and Bryan. “Can he come to my birthday dinner?” I asked “Sure.” She said and I smiled.

We got back in my car and I dropped him off at Austin’s since that is where he was staying. “I will see you later.” I said kissing his lips “You sure will.” He said returning the kiss and getting out of my car. I smiled at him and drove home to get ready. Lexie was already in our room getting ready. I ran up to her and hugged her “I love you Lexie.” I said smiling at her “I love you too. Glad I made your day special.” She said “How?” I asked her “I brought it up with Austin and he got ahold of Bryan who agreed with it.” Lexie said and I smiled at her again “Thanks Lexie. You are amazing. I love you again.” I said and she smiled at me. “Happy birthday Colie.” She said hugging me and I smiled at her.

I wore my brown strapless knee length dress; I had Lexie’s silver sandals on with my hair down and super curly. I did my makeup and was done. “You look beautiful Colie.” Lexie said and I smiled at her, she was wearing her baby blue dress like this, her hair which was already down to her boobs was down and curly. “Thank you, so do you.” I said and Lexie smiled at me “Ready to go?” I asked and she smiled so we walked downstairs where my family was waiting for us. “Lexie you are part of the family.” My mom said to Lexie and she smiled. “Ready to go?” Abby asked and I smiled at her “Yup. I love you.” I said “Love you too Colie.” She said and we all loaded up in the van.

Austin and Bryan were at the restaurant waiting for us and I smiled at Bryan, he was wearing khaki shorts and a baby blue polo. “You look beautiful Colie.” Bryan said and I smiled at him “thank you. You look handsome.” I said and he smiled at me. He had a little box in his hand and slid it to me. I put it in my purse and followed my family to our table. I sat beside Bryan and my ten year old sister Casey, my sister Taylor is thirteen, and Abby is 15 years old soon. We all ordered and we talked about everything pretty much. My dad was asking Bryan all kinds of questions, what he was majoring in for college, his plans after college. “Isn’t that something though?” My dad asked “What daddy?” I asked “Just last year you, Austin, and Lexie had to say good-byes for you three going to different colleges and now you’re going to the same colleges.” Daddy said and I exchanged glances with Lexie and Austin “We just couldn’t stay away from each other sir.” Austin said and my daddy smiled at him “You and Lexie are the truest friends Colie-bug.” My dad said and I smiled at him “Daddy stop it.” I said and he smiled at me. “What? I remember the day you were born. You were so little, so precious. But that moment I held you for the first time I knew you would be spoiled rotten.” My dad said and I knew I was blushing now. “Oh daddy.” I said smiling at him. “Your father and I are both very proud of you Colie. You have come so far with your life.” My mom said “Thanks mom.” I said and she smiled at me, and we went back to small talk.

Lexie and I escaped my family when we finished dinner and got in the car with Austin and Bryan. “Where to girls?” Austin asked “Meadow or beach?” Lexie said “Meadow.” I said we all swore to only take a special person to the meadow and Lexie smiled at me “You heard her Austin.” Lexie said and he went towards the meadow. Lexie found this place eight years ago when her dad just found out he had cancer, and it’s been a secret safe haven for all three of us ever since then. So many secrets have been shared at this very special spot.

We pull up to the dirt road and we park and all get out. Bryan is looking confused “This way.” I said taking his hand and showing him the way to the meadow. When we arrived he was speechless “it’s amazing. Who found this?” Bryan asked “Lexie did.” I said and he smiled at me, I knew they would be a couple minutes. They wanted us to have some alone time. “Colie since we met you have been on my mind nonstop. I smile when I think about you. I want you to be my girlfriend.” Bryan said “Fine by me. I have had a crush on you since then anyways.” I said and he smiled at me. “Open your gift.” He said.

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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