Chapter 13:

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I did and It was a diamond necklace with the name Colie on it with diamonds on all the letters. “It’s beautiful, but I can’t accept it. It must have cost a lot.” I said “Colie you’re keeping it. That is your birthday present.” He said “Thank you. I love it.” I said “You’re welcome.” He said kissing my lips and we heard footsteps so we broke away. “So what do you think?” Lexie asked Bryan “It’s amazing. What made you find it?” He asked Lexie “I lived like three miles away from this. I went for a jog one day and found this.” Lexie said keeping most of the truth out of this. She went running the day she got the phone call that her dad had cancer, and went running this direction to get away from the news hoping she could out run it. She ran straight here not sure of what was around here and stopped at the amazement. She went by the little pond here and cried her eyes out. I only know this because she told me, and took me and Austin here a week later when she was stressed over everything.

Lexie’s Pov:

After the couple of days with Bryan, Colie was on cloud nine. It was a Monday now and I woke up and had something on my mind. “Colie, you awake?” I asked “yeah.” She said half-awake I know from that response she wasn’t really sure about if she wanted to get up or not. “What is it Lex?” She asked me “I think I’m going to take Colleen to the meadow.” I said and she looked at me “So much has happened in our lives; Jake is in the Army or working on it. Connor is a Junior, Colleen is beginning high school in the fall. It’s a big adjustment. I’m in college. She needs this place to go to when stress of everything is so overwhelming for her.” I said “You should do that.” Colie said I know she was half awake so she wasn’t really sure what I was getting at.

I did my chores and got dressed and Colie was still asleep so I wrote her a note and drove to my old house. My mom and Aaron were already at work, I texted Colleen telling her to meet me out front. She had to call our mom for permission and once she agreed to it she let me know she could come with me. She got in my car and I put the car in gear and started out towards the meadow “Where are we going?” Colleen asked me “I’m taking you to a special place. A place I found eight years ago.” I said and she only nodded doing the math knowing what happened eight years ago and didn’t want to push it.

I pull up on the dirt road and lead her to the meadow and she is speechless like everybody else was. “It’s beautiful.” Colleen finally said when she could speak. “This is where I would go when I needed to get away. This is where I still come when I need to get away. This is where so many tears have been shed, over daddy, over school, Aaron, boys, family. Not many people know about this. Mainly Colie and Austin. This has been our special spot, and since you’re old enough I decided you should be let in on this.” I said and Colleen smiled at me “I love the vibe it gives off.” Colleen said and I smiled at her. “Let’s sit by the pond, there’s so much I want to tell you.” I said and she smiled at me.

Jason is twelve years old; Colleen will be 15 on October 8th. My parents spilt thirteen years ago when Jason was conceived. So Colleen was two years old, sure we spent every other weekend with him, four weeks out of the summer, every other holiday she never really got to know daddy the way we did. He died when she was eight years old but still she wasn’t around him much since she wasn’t into sports. I motion for her to sit next to me and I smiled at her “You ready for this? ‘I asked and she nodded at me so I knew she was ready. “I’m going to talk about the forbidden subject. Here there are no forbidden subjects.” I said and Colleen smiled at me. “Daddy?” She asked “You betcha.” I said and she smiled at me.

“First off three months before he died, I took daddy to this very spot and I shared this with him and he was amazed by it. Told me that he will always love all of us, that he’s sorry he never spent much time with us when we were younger and sorry that he wouldn’t be there when we turn sixteen, go to prom, graduate, get married, have kids but he will be there in our heart. He told me never to worry that we are always being watched over. He told me how much he loved you, Connor, Jake and myself and how much he will miss us and hated that our time was cut so short.” I said and Colleen was listening to me because she looked at me with sparkly icy blue eyes.

“One weekend when daddy had us, you were three Connor was five, Jake was seven, and I was eight still. Daddy took us to SeaWorld. You were on his shoulders the whole time. Jason was three months old; Amy and Jason were going with us. You were so amazed by all of the sea creatures. Daddy told us all kind of funny stories about all of the creatures. You were scared of the Dolphin but Jake and I ran straight up to it and touched you. You started crying and daddy walked over to the Dolphin and set you down telling you it would be okay that it won’t hurt you. When you finally touched it you had the biggest smile on your face.” I said and Colleen smiled at me “Another one?” She asked me “Right after he found out he had cancer he took us to the beach and that is where we attended a daddy-daughter dance. We looked our best and we had the times of our lives. Amber, you, and I we had fun. We went fishing the day after that as a huge family. Or on daddy’s side anyways and we had the times of our lives with him.” I said and she smiled at me.

We spent a couple more hours at the meadows and then I dropped her off and went to Austin’s. “Hey baby.” He said kissing my lips softly “Hey honey.” I said smiling at him “How was your day?” He asked me “Emotional.” I admitted “why?” He asked me “I talked to Colleen about my dad today. I took her to the meadows.” I said “Oh Lexie.” He said but he was smiling at me “When do you want to get married baby?” Austin asked me “Next summer. In July.” I said “We will have graduated from college.” Austin said and I smiled at him, we were all taking as many classes as we could. Eight in each semester so we could graduate two years early. “July 30th 2015.” I said “Sounds perfect to me baby.” Austin said kissing my lips. “Good.” I said and Austin smiled at me “What are you doing tonight?” He asked me “Much needed girl time with Colie” I said and he smiled at me.

It’s August 5th and we had just loaded up all three of our cars to make the trip to Tallahassee it was like an eight hour trip. I spent my day yesterday with Colleen and Connor telling them I would see them on the 13th. Classes begin on the 16th so I have to travel on my birthday. It’s an eight hour trip so we’re leaving at two in the morning. We hug Colie’s parents and siblings good-bye and we get in our cars. It’s Austin, me, then Colie following behind us.

We arrive at ten and we go to get our schedule and dorm room numbers. “Yes, we’re roommates.” I said to Colie who smiled at me, “I’m rooming with Bryan.” Austin said and Colie smiled at him. As soon as he said Bryan we see him walking up Colie hugs him. The guys help us unload our stuff to our dorm room. We live the next building over from Austin and Bryan so that will be good. We begin to unpack our boxes. I put all my pictures up on my wall and make my bed, when I got unpacked I go to help Colie.

We walk out into the living room and see a beautiful girl looking around; she must be our other roommate. She had green eyes and strawberry blond hair, she was skinny and tan. She was wearing brown short shorts, rainbow flip-flops and a pink tank top. “Hi I’m Sky your roommate.” She said smiling at us “I’m Lexie” I said “I’m Colie.” Colie said “Are you guys’ friends?” Sky asked me “Best friends. More like sisters.” I said and Sky smiled at us “Are you guys from around here?” Sky asked Colie “Not really. Eight hours away. We’re from Stuart, Florida. Where are you from?” Colie said “Kissimmee.” Sky said and we smiled at us. “Are you a Freshmen?” I asked “Senior. This is my last year. You?” She asked “Junior, but we will be graduating this year.” I said “Doubling up on classes?” She asked and we nodded.

It’s August 13th now, and Austin, Colie, and I are at Colie’s place. We’re going to Jake’s graduation tomorrow. I’m really proud of Jake; he has come so far and is doing really good. I’m wearing my white dress and my knee length hair is down and super curly, I’m wearing my sparkly sandals and I’m excited for today. We arrive at the graduation place and I sit with my parents and my mom didn’t even bother to look at me. I’m holding Austin’s hand during the whole thing, squeezing it. Afterwards when Jake made his way to us I run up to him and hug him. I have missed him so much, we were really close. “I’ve missed you sissy.” Jake said “I’ve missed you too.” I said and we walked back to the crowd.

We stayed until early on my birthday, we celebrated my birthday and Jake’s graduation. “Call me when you find out when you’re leaving.” I said “I will. Even make a visit to you.” Jake said and I smiled “I love you.” I said hugging him “I love you too.” He said and we make it home. We left at midnight exactly on my birthday and make it at eight. Nobody slept on the way home; of course Austin didn’t since he was driving. “You okay?” He asked me when we were half an hour from the college “Yeah I am.” I said and he smiled at me.

We all crash for a power nap and I woke up at ten for my interview at Publix, Colie’s was later on that day. I wear my cute brown modest dress and had my hair wavy and down. The interview went good I believe “We will get back with you Alexis.” The boss Kevin said and I smiled “Thank you sir.” I said and walked to my car. We were going school supply shopping before Colie’s interview. I meet up with them being Austin, Bryan, Blake, Colie, and Sky. Sky and Blake were hitting it off really good. I get my eight notebooks for my classes, two binders, back pack, new laptop case.

I go home and write my classes in my books and smiled. We got our textbooks for our classes already. English 330 is Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays 7:00-9:00 Liberal Arts 330 is Monday, Wednesday, Fridays 9-11. Chemistry 330 is Monday, Wednesday, Fridays 11-1. American History 330 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 1-3. And Journalism 330 Monday, Wednesday, Fridays 3-5. Creative writing 330 is Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-9, Health 330 9-11 Tuesday and Thursdays, and Sociology 330 Tuesday and Thursday 11-1.

“Happy Birthday Lexie!” Colie and Austin said coming into my room with a cake. “Thanks you guys.” I said and they smiled at me “You’re twenty now! No longer a teen.” Austin said “I know. I can’t believe that.” I said and Austin smiled at me “I know baby. But thanks you guys. Today has been great.”

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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