What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 16 (v.1)

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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Submitted: April 25, 2012




It’s eleven fifty-eight and I’m on Skype. I’m wearing my pink polka dots pajamas bottoms with a white cami as a tank top. My hair is in a braid on the side; Austin is on my bed asleep he fell asleep waiting up. Jake’s name appeared on my contact list as online and he instantly does a video call. “Hey sissy.” He said “Hey Jake.” I said he looked older now, he is clean shaven, and he looks wiser beyond his years. He’s more muscular now than he was before, he’s more mature looking. “Merry Christmas.” He said “Merry Christmas Jake.” I said “Did he try waiting up?” Jake asked “Yeah. This break is draining him. Spending time with Colby and Adam.” I said and he laughed. “Happy belated birthday.” I said “Thanks sissy. I got your care package on the 23rd. You sent it in November.” He said “Yeah.” I said and he smiled at me. “Wake him up.” Jake said so I shook Austin who jerked up “What is it?” He asked looking worried “Hi Austin.” Jake said “Hi Jake.” Austin mumbled “Merry Christmas.” He said “Merry Christmas.” Austin mumbled.

Colleen got online “I’ll add her to the call.” Jake said “Connor just got on.” I said “Add him to the call.” Jake said so we now have four people on the call. “Merry Christmas Connor and Colleen.” Jake said “Merry Christmas Jake.” They said, they were in their bedrooms with the door shuts. “I’m going to kick this Chase’s dude butt when I come home Coco.” Jake said “Okay.” Colleen said giggling and Austin sat up for that “I will help you Jake.” He said more awake now but still barely. Colleen rolled her eyes “Go back to bed Austin.” I said “Nah.” He said sitting up now and trying to wake him up. We all stayed on until one when he had to get off. “I love ya’ll.” He said and there were three different “I love you too.” Before he got off.

Austin got up after kissing me goodnight and went to his room. I closed my laptop and went to bed. This wasn’t a dream with my daddy in it; this was a weird but good dream. I was in a kitchen, my hair was knee length and down. I had on sweatpants and a tank top. I was doing the dishes, Austin comes in looking about the age of 22 and he wraps his arms around my waist. “How is the baby?” He asked me “She or he is doing really good. Kicking up a storm.” I said and Austin turned me around, kissed my lips and kissed my swollen stomach. I looked to be around four months pregnant. “I can’t believe you’re pregnant.” Austin said “I can’t either. And our baby is growing inside of me. I feel it daily.” I said and Austin smiled at me “I can’t wait to hold our baby, I hope whatever we have the baby has your killer eyes.” Austin said kissing my lips “okay Mr. Blevins.” I said giggling “alright Mrs. Blevins.” He said kissing my lips softly.

I woke up around seven to my phone ringing. “Hello?” I asked “We’re all waiting for you and Austin.” Connor said “I slept in. I’m on my way.” I said hanging up and getting out of bed. I shook Austin when I went in his room and we just went as were in our night clothes. We arrived at 7:10 and my mom smiled at me. “Merry Christmas Lexie.” She said “Merry Christmas mom.” I said and she smiled. We were all in our pajamas. We had breakfast as a family and then went to the Christmas tree to open gifts. This was the first Christmas since my junior year in high school that we were at home for Christmas.

After we opened gifts we watched a few Christmas movies. I walked out to the swing set and Colleen followed me. “How are you feeling?” I asked “Fine. Nervous. On Wednesday is my second month appointment First Ultra sound.” Colleen said “I would love to be here for you but I have to work on the 28th.” I said “I understand. I will Skype you on Wednesday night.” She said “Sounds like a plan to me.” I said and Colleen smiled at me “It was nice to have you here for Christmas. It’s strange with you and Jake gone.” Colleen said “Pretty soon Connor will be, then you will be.” I said “I know. It’s scary. Growing up.” Colleen said “In the next seven months, you have to mature, you have to grow up.” I said “I know sissy.” She said and I hugged her. I see a teenage boy walk up and I see Colleen blush. “Merry Christmas Chase.” Colleen said “Merry Christmas Colleen.” He said and she smiled at him getting up.

Colleen’s Pov:

I’m sitting outside on the swing set talking to Lexie my older sister and Chase walks up and acts like nothing has happened. Lexie looks at me “I’m going to see if mom needs help with dinner.” Lexie said “Okay Lexie.” I said “Nice to meet you chase.” Lexie said “You must be Lexie?” He asked “Yes I am.” Lexie said and she walked off before Chase could speak another word. “She seems nice.” Chase said and I smiled at him “Thanks.” I said and I get up and we walk to the side of the house where he pulls me close to him, wrapping his arms around my waist. “I love you Colleen.” He said “I love you too.” I said “I told my mom and dad about the baby.” Chase said “What did they say?” I asked him “They said if you keep the baby they will be supportive and I won’t be one of those guys who runs away from the problem.” Chase said “I want to keep our baby. This baby needs us.” I said “Okay then we’re parents.” Chase said “I really do love you Colleen. I’m not just saying that either. I won’t leave you. I will support you and our baby.” Chase said and I smiled, he places his hands on my stomach where the baby is and he gently touches it. He turns me around and kisses my lips softly.

Lexie’s Pov:

I’m grossed out by seeing my little sister kissing her boyfriend, the one who has made it where soon she will be puking her guts out, gaining weight, feeling tired, and sore all the time. Austin just rubs my back trying to calm me down. “He’s a nice guy Lexie. We went to school with Lance his older brother.” Austin said “I know. He looks a lot like Lance. I just don’t like the idea.” I said “Honey, she’s already pregnant.” He said “Don’t remind me Austin.” I said and he shut up real quick knowing not to push it. I actually go to see if my mom needed help and went to my old room and sat on my bed. So many memories of Colie, Austin and I together in this room, of Colleen and I. Jake and I and I break down into tears.

Austin comes in and wraps his arms around me. He’s holding me close to him “Let’s leave here for a bit. Dinner won’t be for awhile.” He said and I only nodded. He wiped away my tears and kissed my cheek. “I’m taking Lexie on a walk before dinner.” Austin told my mom who nodded and he took me to the meadow. He dialed Colie’s number “Coke-a-cola come to the meadow. Leave Bryan though.” Austin said “Coming.” She said and she pulled up within five minutes. I was at the pond sobbing so bad I was shaking. Austin didn’t know what to do or say. Colie came up on one side and hugged me while Austin hugged me on the other side.

“It’s just so hard. I’m the perfect daughter. I mess up too. I don’t know how to help my little sister. I’m eight hours away from her. She won’t be sixteen before the baby is born. Yet she looks up to me for answers. I don’t know what to say to her, I don’t know how to help her.” I said and then I went on “I’m worried about Jake. I know he’s fighting for our freedom but I want him home safe and sound. I miss my dad more and more.” I said “Connor, he’s the good one. He works and goes to school.” I said and they looked at me. “I feel like I’m such a bad friend to you two. Like a bad girlfriend to you Austin. And not a good enough best friend to you Colie. I mean I didn’t even know about the incident last year until it was past that.” I said and Austin wiped away my tears and Colie was rubbing my back. “It’s hard to be so strong all the time Lexie. You can’t be unbreakable all your life. You have had a hard life yet you have come so far.” Colie said “it’s okay to come to us for help or advice. Everybody will take some getting used to Colleen being pregnant.” Austin said “We love you Lexie.” Colie said and Austin nodded in agreement.

It took them an hour to calm me down to make me finally understand them and then Austin and I went back to my mom’s and Colie went back to her parent’s house. You could tell I have been crying but nobody asked anything. Colleen was kind of sticking to herself but she smiled at me, Alicia was the talker tonight. Aaron’s parents were here so Connor, Colleen, and I felt out of place so we stuck to ourselves. I hugged everybody good-bye and squeezed Colleen telling her I would see them tomorrow. We’re leaving on the 27th since I have work and so does Colie.

That night around one Austin snuck into my room and got against the wall and I crawled into his arms. I was still feeling bad about myself and I couldn’t help the tears that were falling. Austin held me tight, soothing me, kissing away my tears. “I love you so much baby.” Austin said “I love you too.” I said “I don’t like seeing you like this honey.” Austin said “I know baby.” I said feeling worse. I finally stopped crying around five and he snuck into his room after a quick make out session.

I spend the next day with Colleen and Connor at the mall. Telling Colleen she better keep me posted between now and my spring break. She better stay healthy, keep the baby help and do good in school not giving up. Told Connor he better keep an eye on our little sister and he nodded. “If you’re too stressed call me. But go to the spot.” I said and Colleen nodded “I hate that you’re so far away.” Colleen said “Trust me now I do as well. But I will be home in May. I’m living in this area if Austin agrees to this.” I said and Colleen smiled “good.” She said and I hugged them good-bye.

We got back late on the 27th and I just crashed at Austin’s after making love. Blake wasn’t there, Bryan and Colie hadn’t gotten back yet so it was safe. I woke up at eight and kissed Austin good-bye and went to my dorm room. On the counter was our mail, I had to pay my insurance bill and phone bill by the 30th so I did that real quick. I had my schedule for the spring semester in my hand and I sat down at the table to read it. I figured if I knew now then I could tell Kevin when I went in to work.

Finical Algebra 440 Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays 7-9, English 440 Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays 9-11, Civics 440 Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays 11-1, Earth-Space science 440 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1-3. Creative writing 440 Tuesday and Thursday 7-9, Journalism 440 9-11, Psychology 440 11-1, and Communication 440 Tuesday and Thursday 1-3. I figured we would go shopping for school supplies again before the 7th when the semester began. Our spring break is March 11th- March 18th. I go to work and give my schedule to Kevin who nodded “I now have you penciled in Monday-Friday 4-11, Saturday 7-7, Sunday 12-8.” He said “thank you Kevin.” I said and he nodded at me.

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