Chapter 17:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I get home at eleven and as soon as I walk into my dorm room and shut my door to change my phone rings. “Hello?” I asked “Lexie?” Colleen asked “Yes Coco. How did it go?” I asked “Amazing. My baby is so small.” Colleen said “I’m glad did Chase go with you?” I asked “He did and he fell in love with the baby Lexie.” Colleen said “I’m glad about that sissy.” I said “I love you sissy.” She said “I love you too.” I said and we hung up.

March 9th and 10th was spent doing midterms since we were in the middle of the semester already. Colleen is now eighteen almost nineteen weeks pregnant. She’s almost five months pregnant which is when she will find out the sex of her child. She calls me twice a week, and we Skype three times a week. She’s a nervous wreck going through this, her emotions are all out of wack. Chase is being really supportive of her. It’s the 11th and I’m taking off of work the 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th so I will be in Stuart the 14th, 15th, 16th, and coming home on the 17th.

I have one term paper to write over the break so that will be exciting for me to try to figure it out. Because school begins on the 19th, and I’m working all day on the 18th. I managed to write a paragraph of it on the 11th, 12th, and 13th so I had some of it done already. Austin had to work all of the spring break, he couldn’t take off. Colie was taking off to spend it with Bryan at the beach so it was just me going to our hometown. I kissed Austin good-bye after I got off of work at seven because I was leaving. I left at eight and arrived there at four in the morning and waited for my mom or Aaron to wake up to go in.

I spent the morning working on my term paper and then Colleen came out of her room finally. “Sissy!” She said smiling at me “Hey Coco. How are you feeling?” I asked “Good. The baby is fine too.” She said “good I’m glad.” I said and she smiled at me “I’ve missed you sissy.” Colleen said “I’ve missed you too.” I said and put my laptop down. I had two more paragraphs to do and then I was down with my term paper for my class.

Colleen will find out the sex on the 22nd, and she is due around August 2nd. On the 15th, Connor, Colleen and I got all dressed up and went to Amy’s wedding to Mark a guy she has been dating for the past year. Amy walked up to all of us and hugged us “I’m so glad you come make it.” She said and I smiled at her “It’s the best we could do.” I said and Connor smiled “We want to keep Amber and Jason tonight, and tomorrow night.” Connor said “They would love that.” Amy said “I leave on the 17th and I wanted to spend time with all of my siblings. All but Jake since he’s not here.” I said and she smiled at me.

Amber, Jason, Alicia, Katie, Josh, and Connor are outside in the yard playing. I’m painting Colleen’s nails, my mom is reading a magazine and Aaron is cooking out on the grill. “It’s nice having you to ourselves.” My mom said and I smiled “Only because Austin had to work. And before I leave tomorrow I have to go see Mrs. Blevins, and Mrs. Wakefield.” I said and my mom smiled at me.

A black Jeep pulled up slowly and we all turned to look. I have heard about this, seen this in movies but never witness this until on. Two men in uniform walked out and headed up toward the porch. “Are you Karen Summers?” He asked my mom and she nodded “I’m afraid I have bad news.” He said and we all looked. Jake was in Iraq now, his six months was up for being in Germany. “There was an accident. Your son Private Summerland is in a hospital in Germany.” The solider said and my mom looked at him “Is he okay?” My mom asked “He’s in surgery now for his leg. He has broken many bones in his right leg, damaged some muscles in his legs, he might not be able to walk again.” He said and my mom broke down into tears.

The soldiers shook my mom’s hand and then walked back to their car. Leaving us to mend our broken hearts to try to piece together the terrible news we were just told. My mom went inside to get the phone. She spent the night calling everybody she could if she thought she could get information out of them. She had no luck that night and went to bed crying, I had to put on a strong act for my little siblings. The next day my last official day here I took all of my siblings including Colleen to the beach where we spent the day out at the water. Nobody asked me what was going on, I didn’t want to tell Colleen anything because of her baby.

After we dropped Jason, amber, and Connor off I took Colleen to the meadows because I thought we could use a break before we go home. “Do you think he will be okay?” Colleen asked me when we made it to the meadow. “I think so.” I said which really I did because I didn’t want to think any bad thoughts about him not being okay. We sat in silent for a few minutes and Colleen rubbed her stomach “Do you think I will make a good mom?” Colleen asked me “I do Coco. You will be a great mom.” I said and she smiled at me “What do you want?” I asked her “A little girl, but if I have a boy I’m naming him after daddy I don’t care what Chase says.” Colleen said and I smiled at her “You will do great with either one.” I said and Colleen smiled at me.

The night was the same, no results of finding out information. I was on the porch with my knees up to my chest looking up at the stars and my mom walked out and sat down next to me. “Do you think he will be okay?” My mom asked me “I think so.” I said giving her the same response I gave Colleen and Connor when they asked me earlier. She gave me a half-smile, “When you’re here I don’t have to worry about you. But tomorrow you will be on the road and I will have to worry about two of my children.” My mom said “I’m sorry mom. But I’ve spent my spring break here, Christmas break here. I have to go back to school. School is almost over mom. Graduation is May 25th.” I said and she smiled at me.

The next morning I went over to Mrs. Blevins where Mrs. Wakefield was and had some tea with them. Telling them that their children send their love. “You have turned out to be such a wonderful woman. You’re not the same little baby I met so many years ago.” Mrs. Blevins said and I smiled at her “Thank you ma’am.” I said and she smiled at me. I stayed until eleven and then headed out. I got back at the college around seven and went to Austin’s dorm room first. He smiled at me and I kissed his lips softly. “How was your trip?” He asked me “Fine.” I said “What happened?” He asked “Jake is hurt. He might not be able to walk.” I said and Austin held out his arms for me and I walked into his embrace and he held me tight.

It’s now March 22nd and I get a phone call for Colleen after my last class was over. “Hey Lexie.” Colleen said all cheerful “Hey Coco. “ I said “I went to the doctor’s appointment a little while ago. “She said “How did it go?” I asked “Good. My baby is healthy and I’m healthy.” Colleen said “Didn’t you find out the sex today?” I asked getting excited; I was walking down the hall with everybody else. Austin, Bryan, Sky, Blake, and Colie were all walking next to me. “Yes I did.” Colleen said “So what are you having?” I asked “A baby girl.” Colleen said “Oh my god! That’s wonderful news!” I said “I know. We have a name picked out for her.” Colleen said “What is it?” I asked “Alyssa Hope Woods. I’m engaged to Chase.” Colleen said “I love the name. And you can’t be. You’re fifteen.” I said “I’m fifteen and pregnant. It’s only right.” Colleen said “Don’t be doing it for Alyssa, do it because you want to.” I said “I want to sissy. He treats me right, he loves me.” Colleen said “Then I will support the marriage.” I said “Good. I’m getting married June 10th.” Colleen said “I will be home then.” I said “I have to go. We need to go tell his parents the news.” Colleen said “Alright. Be careful Colleen. I love you.” I said “I love you too.” Colleen said and then she hung up.

Austin and Colie looked at me “She’s engaged. My little sister is engaged and will be married before I am, she will be a mother before I am. She’s having a girl.” I said “She will be fine Lexie.” Austin said “There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not worried about my little sisters and brothers.” I said “I know Lexie.” Colie said “This year needs to hurry up and fly by. So I can be home and know my sisters and brothers are safe.” I said and they smiled at me. “How many siblings do you have?” Sky asked me “Eight. Three full-blooded siblings and then five half siblings.” I said and Sky looked at me in amazement.

It’s April 3rd and I’m at work, just clocking out and my phone rings. “Hello?” I asked “Hey Sissy.” Jake’s voice said he sounded sleepy. “Jake! How are you?! Where are you?!” I asked “I’m good. I’m at Duke. They flew me in two days ago. I was getting an infection in my leg, and they wanted me to be at one of the best hospitals.” Jake said “Oh Jake.” I said “I will be home in May. They want me to be in rehab until May 4th so I can get used to walking again.” Jake said “Oh Jake.” I said “I’m fine sissy. No need to worry.” Jake said “I know.” I said “If things don’t improve I will have to get a medical discharge.” Jake said “Oh Jake.” I said “I know sissy. I haven’t called mom yet so I need to.” He said “Yes you do. Call me when you can. I love you Jake.” I said not realizing I was still at Publix “I love you too sissy.” He said and he hung up on me.

I go home and look at my schedule, next weekend I was taking off of work and going to visit Jake if he calls me before then. Which he did, so Austin and I are now driving up to North Carolina. We left right after our last class and made it at a decent time. We go straight to the hospital and Saturday I spent all day at Jake’s side. Helping him eat and everything. He explained about the attack that took place, and how the doctors believe he will get a medical discharge, because he won’t be able to do what he used to with this leg.

I drop by Duke University on Sunday and see Callie and Allie. They haven’t changed much, just look another year older. “We have missed you so much.” Callie and Allie said “I’ve missed you too.” I said and they asked why I was here so I explained to them the reason behind it. Austin was with Jake while I was spending time with them. We were leaving in a couple of hours to head back so we could make it to our class in the morning. “You better come to my wedding.” I said “July 30th. We have the date on our calendars.” Allie said and I smiled at them.

I went back to Jake’s room and spent an hour with him. I hugged him good-bye “You better recover Jake. I want to see you at my graduation.” I said and Jake smiled at me “You will count on that.” 

Submitted: April 25, 2012

© Copyright 2021 StephandBrutusandIzzy. All rights reserved.


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