Chapter 18:

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Jake said and I hugged him. I kissed his cheek “I love you Jake.” I said “I love you too sissy.” Jake said and I smiled at him.

I talked to Austin the whole drive home about how I was worried about Jake, and how he would take the medical discharge, how I secretly hope he does get it, how the Army has made him look older than he should, how much he has matured. How much fun I had the few hours with Callie and Allie, how I was worried about Colleen. Austin just listened and gave me his input when he thought I needed it which I loved because he didn’t want to tell me to shut up like I should have been told.

The weeks went by and it’s now May 20th, we have taken all of our finals and made sure we have met the requirements to graduate. I gave Kevin my two week notice and he is sad to see Colie and I leave. Bryan proposed to Colie last week and she said yes to him, she doesn’t want a long engagement so she’s thinking August for it. We’re all at a diner eating dinner the four of us “You are moving back to Stuart right?” I asked Colie “Yes. I told Bryan we had to and he’s okay with it.” I said and Bryan nodded in agreement “I couldn’t tell her no.” Bryan said “I know the feeling.” Austin said and I smiled at him. “Can you believe we’re twenty almost twenty-one, graduated from high school, graduating for college and we’re still best friends?” I asked “I honestly can’t. My dad had me so worried that we wouldn’t be friends. That you guys would have moved on without me.” Colie said “That is impossible. We have been friends since we were two since we can’t remember before that.” I said and Colie smiled at me.

The next five days we spent packing up our dorm room since we were leaving right after the graduation to go home. I’m staying with my mom and them until Austin and I find a place and we get married. On the day of graduation I make sure my hair is super curly and I’m wearing my white strapless summer dress, my cute sparkly sandals and my black graduation gown and cap. I walk out to see Colie smiling at me. “You look beautiful.” We both said at the same time and smiled at Sky who was also beautiful.

We made our way to the huge football field and went with the other graduates. Bryan and Austin smiled at us when we caught up. I kissed Austin on the cheek and made my way in line. Bryan’s last name is Johnson. I see some of my friends that I have made throughout the year and smiled at them and stood in line. “Alexis Summerland.” Was finally called and I made my way up the stage and shook the Dean’s hand and got my diploma. I took my seat with my fellows students “Nicole Wakefield.” Was called and Colie walked up on stage and smiled, she walked back down and sat down.

After the ceremony we found our parents together and our siblings. “I’m proud of you honey.” My mom said hugging me “Thanks mom.” I said and I smile at Jake, Connor, and Colleen standing together. “We’re proud of you sissy.” They said and I hugged them. “Medical discharge papers were filed last week. I’m not improved enough.” Jake said “I’m sorry Jake.” I said “I’m 60% disabled.” Jake said “Oh wow.” I said “Yeah, but I’m doing PT daily so I’m improving on that slowly.” Jake said and I hugged him.

We went out to dinner in a huge group, Colie’s family, Austin’s family, and mine. Bryan was there as well. His mom and dad didn’t stay long so he was having dinner with us. “You three have impressed me so much.” Mr. Wakefield said “How so?” Colie asked “Still friends after so much.” He said and we all smiled. “Friends until the end.” We all said and our parents smiled. “You all have come a long way. Finished school now off to start a career and a family one day.” Austin’s mom said “Not for a couple more years.” I said and our parents smiled “That’s a good idea. I don’t need no rush to be a grandma.” Austin’s mom said and I smiled at her. “No worries then.” I said and they all laughed.

We loaded up a U-Haul with all four of our stuff and made it back to Stuart with the family. It was Colie’s family first, Austin’s family, my family, Colie, Bryan, me and then Austin. All one line on the highway to Stuart. We spilt off when we made it to town and everybody went home. Bryan was staying in Austin’s guest room until he found an apartment or small house for rent.

The next week after applying to the local newspaper areas to be a Journalist since that is what Colie and I both majored it, English really. It was spent going dress shopping and getting everything else I will need for my wedding. We are having it on the beach with a lot of guests. Colleen and Chase are just going down to the courthouse to get married that way instead of an actual wedding.

It’s June 1st and I get a phone call “Hello?” I asked “Is this Alexis Summerland?” A male voice asked “Yes sir this is.” I said “I’m calling on behalf of Stuart Times. You have an interview scheduled on June 2nd 2015 at 11:00 am.” He said “Okay thank you sir.” I said and hung up smiling. Colie called me “I have an interview at one for Stuart Times.” Colie said “I do too. At eleven.” I said “Awesome!” Colie said and I smiled.

Austin came over around two and we looked up places for rent. We found a two bedroom house, $500 a month. It was a Duplex but it was still cute. It was five miles away from here. We went and looked at it and signed the lease. I made a check for the deposit, and went ahead and called to have the lights and water turned on. Cable was schedule for next week. We went shopping at Good Will and got a table and chairs, couch and a loveseat, TV stand, TV itself, a computer desk. A queen size bed, dresser, and all the stuff we needed.

My interview with the man named Alan went good I thought so. Colie called and told me they got a place. I asked where and busted out laughing. “What’s so funny?” Colie asked me “We’re neighbors.” I said and even she laughed. “Good.” Colie said and I smiled at myself. I got home to see all of my boxes gone “Austin went ahead and took them over to your place.” Colleen said and I smiled at her, we had a futon in the spare room for when we had company over.

“Are you ready to get married?” I asked “Yes I am.” Colleen said and I smiled at her “Good. Are you excited for August?” I asked “More than you know.” Colleen said and I smiled at her “I can’t wait to see my new niece.” I said and Colleen rolled her eyes at me, “you’re going to spoil her rotten.” Colleen said and I smiled at her “You know I will.” I said and she smiled at me.

June 8th was their last days of school, Connor will be a Senior next year and Colleen will be a Sophomore next fall. I got a phone call on the 9th “Alexis, when can you begin working?” Alan asked me “tomorrow.” I said “You’re hired, can you begin on the 11th at 8:00?” Alan asked me “Yes I can.” I said “Excellent. See you then.” He said and we hung up. “I got the job!” I said to nobody but Colie knocked on the wall. “Sorry.” I said giggling and she laughed. “I did too Lexie.” She yelled at me “You’re amazing.” I said. And when Austin came home I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his lips. “I love you.” I said “I love you too Lexie. How are you?” I asked “Good. I got the job.” I said and he kissed my lips softly. Austin works as a manager at his dad’s shop; he has a diploma in business and history. He’s making $1100 every two week I will be making $1500 every two weeks so we should be doing fine.

I was one of their witnesses at the court house when they got married. I didn’t care for it but I had to be supportive to Colleen. Us siblings are secretly betting on how long they will last. Chase will be staying at our house for now since they are married. Austin and I had hotdogs and hamburgers that night. “Are you excited for tomorrow?” Austin asked me “Yes I am.” I said and he smiled at me. “This is really good.” I said “I know, isn’t it?” Austin asked and I smiled. “Look at us; we will be married next month. We live in our own home now, we have good paying jobs.” Austin said and I smiled at him “You’re right.” I said

It’s July 25th and we’re rushing to make sure everything is okay for the wedding on the 30th. On top of that we’re making sure that Colleen has everything she needs for Alyssa. The next five days went by fast and I’m standing in one of the rooms at the church getting ready for my wedding. Our friends from high school, college and work were there; both sides of the family for us were there. I got ready and we went to our spots on the beach. I walked up the aisle with Jake, he was the one who was giving me away his leg is doing better now, and he’s walking more on his own. He’s going to a community college around here so he could stay at home in August.

The weather is nice; it’s evening now so the sun is fixing to set. I look ahead and smile at my soon to be husband standing up under the thing with the priest. I see my family and Austin’s family standing up looking at me. All of our friends and everybody else, I walk up with Jake and he kisses my cheek and steps aside. We did the normal I do’s, our vows and he places my ring on my finger and I do the same. It was a sunset when we got to the “I now announce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.” I wrapped my arms around Austin’s neck and he kissed my lips and we looked at the crowd who was all cheering for us.

Our party was on the beach as well since we all love the beach. I took my shoes off since we were on the sand. We got greeted by all of the family members and friends. We’re mingling with the crowd and the DJ announced “It is now time for the father-daughter dance.” He said and my heart skipped a beat. I didn’t have a father for this dance; my daddy isn’t here to give me away, to give me this dance. “I’m in your heart. In spirit.” A voice in my head said, I remember the dream I had last night about him saying he would always be here. “Shall I have this dance?” Jake asked me “Sure.’ I said and he took my hand and we danced. It was half a song since his knee was hurting him. “Daddy would have been proud.” Jake said “I know. He would have approved of Austin.” I said “He always has sissy.” Jake said and Austin cut in “May I have the rest of this dance?’ He asked and I smiled Jake walked to the table and sat down. Austin spun me around, and I felt like it was just Austin and me in this world without anybody else or any troubles in the world. “I love you Lexie. I am the luckiest man in the world to have you as my wife.” Austin said “I love you too. I’m the luckiest woman to have you as my husband.” I said and he kissed my lips softly . We danced away the night, spending it with family and our friends. We spent the 30th, 31st, and 1st in Savannah, Georgia and came home due to a phone call about Colleen.

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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