What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 19 (v.1)

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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Submitted: April 25, 2012




Colleen was in labor on August 1st 2015. We are five hours away from where she is. We paid for dinner and went back to the hotel. We checked out and started the drive to the hospital in Stuart. We arrived to see Aaron, and Chase’s parents in the waiting room. Jake and Connor were there as well, Josh, Alicia, and Katie were spending a couple days with their grandparents so they weren’t even in Florida. “Has she had her yet?” I asked “Still in labor Lexie.” Aaron said and I nodded at that and sat down. Two hours later it was midnight now, so it was August 2nd my mom walked out. “Alyssa Hope Woods was born at 12:00 am weighing six pounds five ounces, 19inches long.” My mom said and we all smiled. “She wants to see Lexie first.” My mom said and I smiled, I know we had to wait a few minutes before we could go in.

I walked in and smiled at my little sister, she looked older now holding Alyssa. Older than fifteen which I still can’t believe. “She’s beautiful.” I said and Colleen smiled at me, she had our icy blue eyes and Chase’s curly brown hair. “Do you want to hold her?’ Colleen asked me “Of course I do.” I said smiling at her and she handed Alyssa to me. “Hey Alyssa. I’m your Aunt Lexie.” I said smiling at Alyssa. I already loved my niece so much.

It’s August 15th now, Alyssa is thirteen days old and is doing really good. Things aren’t so good between Chas and Colleen. He doesn’t want to help out, he doesn’t want to get a job, or change her diaper so they are constantly fighting. We are all at my mom’s house for my birthday. Colie and Bryan did a small wedding last Saturday. “Happy Birthday Lexie.” They all said and I smiled “Thanks.” I said “We’re going out tonight.” Austin said “Have fun you guys.” My mom said and I smiled at them, “I know this is my birthday and all but Colleen I’m babysitting Alyssa next weekend. Friday-Sunday.” I said “Thanks Lexie.” Colleen said and I smiled at her.

That night wearing my favorite pair of ripped jeans, a sparkly tank top, and my hair down and super curly. I had on my birthday sash and birthday crown on and everybody smiled at me. We went out to one of the local bars. I got a mixed fruity drink and liked it, ended up trying vodka, tequila, Whiskey, and a Jell-O shot. I was drunk as a skunk when we got home, and I was all up on Austin and kissed his lips. We had sex that night; we were both drunk that night so he didn’t wear a condom.

I woke up the next morning with a banging headache, my stomach killing me. I felt like throwing up. I was not going to be drinking a lot. Austin walked in and gave me a half-smile, “no more partying like that.” He said sitting up on the bed with me “Deal.” I said and he smiled at me. “I say let’s have a picnic at the Meadows today with Colie and Bryan.” Austin said and I smiled at him “Sounds like a plan.” I said and he kissed my lips softly.

Colie and Bryan agreed to our lunch-plan so we were meeting at two. They were bringing drinks and desserts while we had the main dish and sides. I was wearing my bathing suit under my summer dress and had my rainbow flip-flops on. My stomach was still kind of bothering me but I didn’t really care. I hugged Colie when I saw her; it’s so weird at work. I have to remember to call her Nicole like she has to remember to call me Alexis. “It’s been nine years.” I said looking out at the water. “It has, hasn’t it?” Colie said “I know he would be proud of all of us.” I said “Yes he would. He always made us feel welcome. Like we were his kids as well.” Austin said “He encouraged for us to be friends, for you two to date.” Colie said and I smiled. “He was a wise man, wasn’t he?” I asked and they smiled. Bryan looked confused “Her dad would throw parties for the kids in the neighborhood, he would volunteer for field trips and school dances. He was involved in their life, even when her parents spilt. Only when he found out he had cancer did he stop. He made a different in everybody’s life that knew him. All of the kids loved him. He was the most popular parent.” Colie said to Bryan “You would have liked him man.” Austin said and Bryan smiled “He sounds like a great man.” Bryan said and we all smiled.

The work week went by slow and long for Austin and I. We would get home at five, cook dinner and relax by watching TV. We would then go to bed where we spent time talking. I would wake up at six; go jogging for half an hour. Make breakfast, we would eat at seven, and then get ready together for work. It was finally Friday and the work day was slower than all week. When it was finally five o’clock I got off and drove to my mom’s. Colleen was outside with her textbooks, they were in school already. “Hey Lexie.” Colleen said she wasn’t in a very good mood. “How are you?” I asked “Exhausted and dealing with Chase’s crap.” Colleen said “I’m sorry. I’m here to save you for a weekend.” I said “Thank you so much for taking Alyssa for the weekend. It’s so stressful sissy. I have a test to study for, and I have to talk to Chase and figure things out.” Colleen said “You can do it sissy.” I said and she smiled at me “Thanks.” Colleen said “I’m going in to see mom.” I said and Colleen smiled at me “I’ll be in a minute to get Alyssa ready.” Colleen said “Okay sissy.” I said and I walk inside, I see Jake doing homework.

“How’s the college life Jake?” I asked sitting down with him “Good sissy. Things are going good. I’ve made plenty of friends, even found a cute girl I like.” Jake said and smiled, it’s the 21st he began on the 17th, and Colleen and the others began on the 18th for their first day of school. I smiled at Jake “How is your leg?” I asked him “Good, it’s improving.” Jake said and I smiled at him. “I try to help Colleen out with Alyssa. But I can’t stand being around Chase for long. He treats her like crap.” Jake said “I hope she makes the right choice but we can’t force her.” I said and Jake nodded, my mom walked in and smiled at me.

Colleen came in a minute later “I’m going to get her ready now.” Colleen said and I smiled at her “No rush.” I said and Katie, and Alicia came in. “How’s the first grade? How’s the third grade?” I asked “Good.” They said and sat down to tell me all about school, Josh came in “fifth grade is amazing.” Josh said “I remember that grade. It feels like so long ago.” I said and he smiled at me. Colleen is a sophomore and Connor is a senior. Connor came in and smiled at me. “Hey sissy.” Connor said “Hey.” I said “I have to compare up to you and Jake.” Connor said “I’m sorry. But you’re doing good right?” I asked and he nodded “Yeah I am.” He said and I smiled at him, Amber was in the fifth grade, and Jason is in the seventh grade.

I heard some raise voices upstairs and I look at Connor and Jake “Chase and Colleen.” Jake said and I nodded at him. Colleen came down a few minutes later with the diaper bag, and stroller. “I’ll load it up in the car.” Connor said and Colleen smiled at Connor. “You have a play pen?” Colleen asked me “Yup, set up in the guest room for when you or just Alyssa visits.” I said and she smiled at me. “Give me a second to get Alyssa.” Colleen said and I nodded. Chase came down with Alyssa in her car seat already “here you go.” Chase said handing it to Colleen “Wow, you actually did something.” Colleen said and he shot her a look. “Bye Alyssa. Mommy loves you.” Colleen said and I smiled “I will bring her back Sunday.”

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