What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: April 25, 2012




and I could feel my cheek turn red. “You’re blushing!” Noah said “Am not!” I said but he just smiles at me and I knew I couldn’t deny it so I didn’t even attempt to this time.

Nicole and I made it home around two and we stayed up until four talking. Nicole has a date with Chad tomorrow night and I tell her about having a date with Noah. “Noah Lyons?” Nicole asked me and I just smile at her “Yeah.” I said “He has two kids. Be careful Lex.” Nicole said “I know Colie. I’m not going to do anything like that. It’s one date. Austin told me I had to give him a chance.” I said and she just smiled at me “I knew Austin would.” She said and I rolled my eyes at her again. “Just keep your guard up Lex.” Nicole said and I smiled at her “I know Nikki. I know.” I said and she flashed me her million dollar smile. “We need our sleep. It’s four o’clock.” Nicole said and I rolled my eyes at her going inside my sleeping bag.

My phone, Nicole’s phone, Nicole’s alarm clock went off at seven in the morning. We both rolled our eyes at each other. We both slowly got up and then got dressed in our work uniforms, it was now seven twenty. We had forty minutes before we had to go to work so we went downstairs and her mom was making breakfast. “Morning girls. Heading off to work?” Mrs. Wakefield asked us “Yes mom, soon.” Nicole said “Have fun Nikki. I’ve missed seeing you around Lexie.” She said to me “I will come around more often.” I said and she smiled at me. Mr. Wakefield came in and kissed Nicole’s forehead and smiled at me and kissed Mrs. Wakefield’s lips softly and smiled at us. “Beautiful day isn’t it?” Mr. Wakefield said and we smiled “Indeed it is.” I said and they smiled at me.

It’s around five thirty and I’m at my register and I had no customers but I just stood there daydreaming. Austin came up with two sodas and a candy bar. “Check me out, checkout girl.” Austin said and I rolled my eyes at Austin “Welcome to Publix. How are you?” I asked using the required line “Fine thank you.” He said and I rung up his three items and he handed me the Dr. Pepper “What is this?” I asked “The soda I owe you.” Austin said and I just smile at him “Thanks Austin.” I said “How was work?” He asked me “It’s still going but slow. How was your work?” I asked and he rolled his eyes at me “Productive. When you work in the bait store with your father it’s productive. Drilling you about work and school and college.” Austin said and I flashed him my smile. “I’m sorry Austin.” I said and he rolled his eyes at me. “Any plans tonight?” Austin asked me “Noah is taking me out.” I said “Sounds like fun. I’m going out with Rosie.” He said “Who?” I asked him “A chick down here visiting her grandparents for the summer.” Austin said and I rolled my eyes at him “Have fun.” I said and he smiled. “What are you doing tomorrow?” Austin asked me “My morning/afternoon is free. I close tomorrow night 5-closing.” I said “Video game challenge?” Austin asked me “My place, noon.” I said and he smiled at me.

I clocked out at six and so did Nicole. “Have fun on your date. Call me tonight or tomorrow.” Nicole said “You better tell me about it.” I said and she smiled “You know it girlie.” Nicole said and I smiled at her. I made it home to see my mom and Aaron home they smiled at me. “Plans tonight?” Aaron asked me “Going out with a guy.” I said and my mom smiled at me “Have fun. Plans tomorrow?” My mom asked me “Well assuming I don’t go in until five baby-sitting. But Austin is coming over at noon for a video game war.” I said and my mom just rolled her eyes at me. “You’re such a confusing girl.” My mom said and I smiled at her “I need to get ready.” I said and she smiled at me again.

I turned on my radio to the mix station and turned on my water in my bathroom. I found my white short dress and my brown leggings. I found my favorite bra and thong set and went back into the bathroom. I got in the shower and washed my hair and washed my body, I shaved and then let the water hit against my back. I got out and wrapped my hair in the towel, and then wrapped the towel around my body. I did my makeup and then I got dressed in my outfit and took my towel off of my head. I brushed the tangles out of my hair, and I braided my bangs and clipped it back and left the rest of my hair down. I found my brown rainbows and walked downstairs. It was seven thirty when I walked downstairs and my mom smiled at me.

Josh, Connor, Jake, and Aaron were playing the Xbox 360 while Colleen, Alicia, and Amber were playing tea party. “You got stuck into it?” I asked Colleen who rolled her eyes at me “Yes.” She said and I laughed but sat next to her and Alicia handed me a teacup and I pretended to drink my tea. The doorbell rang at exactly eight and Jake being a younger but protective brother went to answer the door and Noah walked in. I got up and smiled at Noah who was wearing khaki shorts and a baby blue polo. “Mom and Aaron this is Noah.” I said “Nice to meet you Mrs. Summers and Mr. Summers.” Noah said “Nice to meet you too Noah.” My mom said “Do drugs? Drink? Smoke? Sexual active?” Aaron asked Noah “No sir I do not do drugs, no sir I do not drink, no sir I do not smoke. I am sexual active.” Noah said and my mom looked at Aaron “Be careful with Lexie. She’s our pride and joy. Don’t do anything stupid.” Aaron said “I will be careful, I won’t do anything stupid.” Noah said and I looked at them “We’re going now.” I said “Bring her home the way she left. Pure.” Aaron said “Yes sir.” Noah said and I felt myself blushing “Bye.” I said and I took his hand and led him out the door.

He opened his car door and I got in and he shut the door and walked to his side of the door. “I’m so sorry.” I said as soon as we pulled away. “No don’t be. They’re just being protective.” Noah said and I smiled “You look nice tonight.” I said “Thanks, you look beautiful.” Noah said and I smiled at him “Thank you.” I said and he drove into town to a 50’s style restaurant and we sat down in a booth and he was across from me. “Welcome to Lily’s. What can I get you to drink?” Our waitress asked us “Dr. Pepper.” Noah said “Dr. Pepper.” I said and she wrote that down. “I will be out shortly.” She said and I smiled at her.

I ordered a hamburger and chili cheese fries, he ordered a double cheese burger and chili cheese fries. “You know I have been watching you since we were in the seventh grade.” Noah said “Really?” I asked him “Yes. I had a major crush on you. Then Ashley came in the picture and you know.” Noah said “Yeah I know.” I said “But I have had a crush on you ever since then.” Noah said and I smiled “I’ve been watching you since tenth grade.” I said which honestly I have been but didn’t see myself with him.

We shared a milkshake and then left, he took me to a different beach and we sat down at the water. He works at the car wash where his dad owns it, he takes care of his kids mostly, and does school. He is a huge baseball fan, his favorite team is the Yankees like mine. “I have tickets for the game this weekend. Do you want to go?” Noah asked me “Sure.” I said “I’m taking Brent and Caylee.” Noah said “Okay, that sounds like fun.” I said and he smiled at me. I looked at him and felt myself blush. “You are honestly beautiful.” Noah said “Thank you.” I said and he smiled at me “You’re handsome.” I said.

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