What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 20 (v.1)

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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Submitted: April 25, 2012




I load Alyssa up in the car and I drive to Publix because we needed groceries. I get out and got her car seat and placed it in the buggy. I went throughout Publix and got the groceries need, I see someone that looked familiar and smiled. He walked over to me and smiled at me, it has been so long since I have seen him. Two years to be exact, I saw him once when I was visiting my first year in college. Brent is now five going on six and Caylee is three years old now. He had Brent and Caylee with him. I haven’t heard much about him or Ashley so I’m not sure if they are together or not. “Hey Lexie. Long time.” Noah said and I smiled “Very long time. How are you?” I asked “Good, and you?” He asked “Good.” I said “Is that your daughter?” He asked me “No, my niece.” I said and he smiled at me. “Hey Brent and Caylee.” I said and Brent smiled “Hey Lexie.” He said “They have grown.” I said and he smiled “They’re a handful.” Noah said and I smiled at him. “We should get together sometime.” I said and he smiled at me.

I make it home and Austin smiled at me and helped me with the groceries and Alyssa’s stuff. I got her out and lifted her up. “I ran into Noah today.” I said “he works at my dad’s shop.” Austin said “Is he with Ashley still?” I asked “He’s a single parent. She left him and the kids two years ago and moved away. She doesn’t have anything to do with them but she sends child support.” Austin said “I want to have him over for dinner one night.” I said “We could have a group of friends over.” Austin said and I smiled “I only like him as a friend.” I said “Honey, I don’t have anything to worry about. You’re my wife.” He said and I smiled at him.

The weekend was very eventful with Alyssa. She was such a well behave baby, but she was a handful. When Colleen came to pick her up I could tell she has been crying. “What happened sissy?” I asked “We’re getting a divorce. I’m a single mom now.” Colleen said “You still have family, and us.” I said and she smiled at me “thanks sissy.” Colleen said and I smiled at her. “Mom’s waiting in the car.” Colleen said “Did you drive?” I asked “Yeah. I’m excited out my birthday. I can get my license.” Colleen said and I smiled.

It’s October 15th now and I’m cleaning the house. “I want a dog baby.” I said “Why?” He asked I’m starting to feel lonely. I want either a dog or a baby.” I said “Let’s go get a dog.” Austin said and I smiled at him. “You sure?” I asked “Yes, I am.” He said and we heard a knock on the door “I will get it.” I said and Austin smiled at me. “Hey.” I said when Colie was at the door. “I have major news Lexie.” Colie said “What is it?” I asked “My dad got a job offer.” Colie said “Where at?” I asked “Cocoa Beach.” Colie said “So they’re moving?” I asked “Yes. But don’t worry, we’re staying here.” Colie said and I smiled at her “good. I don’t want to lose my best friend.” I said and she flashed me a smile.

We go to the pond and pick out a female Saint Bernard puppy, I named her Sassy. We went to PetSmart and got her puppy food, leash, collar, toys. Austin went over to the cats and looked at the kittens. “I want to get one Lexie, can I?” He asked me “I don’t see why not.” I said and he found the perfect one an orange tabby kitten. We went back to getting the cat food, cat toys, litter box, litter. When we got home, we set up the litter box in the bathroom, the cat food and dog food down in the kitchen with a water bowl. I get a phone call “Alexis you need to come home right now.” My mom said “Okay mom. I’m on my way. I’m bringing Sassy.” I said and hung up “my mom needs me.” I told Austin and he nodded. “I’m going to visit my family.” Austin said “Okay. I love you.” I said “I love you too.”

I arrive to see Jake on the porch with his text book. “Huge cat fight.” Jake said “Ugh. I’m needed for this.” I said and he smiled. “Hey, is that a dog?” He asked “Yes, it’s better than a kid.” I said and Jake smiled at me. I walk in the house and I instantly hear the yelling. “I’m home.” I said “Kitchen.” My mom yelled I left Sassy with Alicia, Katie, and Josh to love all over. “What’s the problem?” I asked “She’s not properly taking care of Alyssa. Making it seem like it’s my job. She doesn’t want to get a job. Slacking off on school. A huge sass. Worse than you ever were.” My mom said “Okay mom.” I said “I can’t take it. Your sister needs to stay the night with you.” My mom said “Alright mom.” I said I quickly called Austin and he agreed.

Colleen stormed off to get hers and Alyssa’s stuff for the night. “Mom, she’s having a tough time.” I said “So? She shouldn’t be taking it out on all of us. You don’t leave here; you don’t know the worse of it.” My mom said “Okay mom, I understand.” I said and went into the living room where Sassy was licking Josh. “I love her.” Josh said “I do too Josh.” I said and he smiled at me. “I miss having you around.” I said “I miss you too.” I said and he smiled at me. Colleen came down with her bags, I took her bags to the car and tell place Sassy in the car. Colleen gets the bottles, and place Alyssa in the car and we drove home.

I found out Connor was staying at a friend’s house, Jake was staying at Adam’s, Alicia, Katie, and Josh were staying with their aunt so my mom really wanted the house to themselves. But some of what my mom said was true. She was slacking off on school because of being a teen mom; she was applying to as many jobs as she could. We’re sitting out on the porch so Sassy could be out and Colleen was holding Alyssa. “I can’t believe Abby is moving.” Colleen said “I know sissy.” I said and she smiled at me, Austin came out and smiled “Can I hold her?” Austin asked “Sure thing.” Colleen said and handed her over. Austin had a huge smile on his face, he was lifting her up in the air and she had a baby smile on her face.

“He’s really good with a baby.” Colie said and I smiled I didn’t realize they were on their porch. “He is, isn’t he?” I asked and she smiled. “But we have a puppy and a kitten so that’s enough.” I said and Colie smiled at me “we got a German Shepherd puppy. Angel.” Colie said and I smiled “and a kitten!” Bryan said and I smiled at him “You men are such a girly-boy.” I said and they laughed at me. “Alyssa is enough for me. She’s my favorite thing. I can spoil her and send her home.” I said and Colleen smiled at me. “You’re right. She loves her Auntie Lexie.” Colleen said “I know.” I said “uh-oh somebody did a stinky.” Austin said “I have it.” Colleen said and I smiled at her. She took Alyssa from Austin and went inside.

We woke up at seven the next morning to Alyssa crying. I walk out to see Colleen trying to feed her. Alyssa finally took the bottle and was happy. “Sorry.” She said “It’s okay. Sassy needs to go out anyways.” I said and she smiled at me, I took Sassy out and heard the phone ring. Austin came out with the phone “It’s for you.” He said “Okay, I’m coming.” I said I jogged to the phone “Hello?” I asked “Is this Alexis Blevins?” A male voice asked “Yes sir.” I said “I’m calling on behalf of the Stuart Hospital. There was a car accident involving your mother and father.” He said “I’m on my way.” I said and walked in. “Coco come on. Austin, watch Alyssa?” I asked “Sure thing.” He said and we walk to the car in silent. I didn’t tell Austin what was wrong but he understood. We drove in silent to the hospital.

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