Chapter 21:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“What happened?” Colleen asked me “Mom and Aaron got in an accident.” I said “oh my.” Colleen said “I know.” I said and when we walked in, I saw Jake, Connor, and the kids. Jake and Connor had an emotionless expression on their face. “How are they?” I asked “they wanted to wait until you and Colleen got here.” Jake said and the doctor came out “Alexis and Colleen?” He asked “Yes sir.” I said “Your mother and father died in a car accident. We did all we could and couldn’t save them.” The doctor said and I felt my heart skip a beat. I lost my father nine years ago and my mother today. Jake is of age, Connor will be of age soon, Colleen won’t be.

Over the next week we were working on plans for everything. The funeral already happened, my father died on June 11th, and my mom died on October 16th. Jake will be twenty on December 18th, Connor will be eighteen on January 3rd, Josh is ten, Alicia will be eight next month, and Katie will be six years old April 15th. It’s Austin, Connor, Jake, and I at the table outside Colie and Bryan came over. “Aaron’s parents want custody of Alicia, Josh, and Katie.” I said “Who was given custody if they died?” Colie asked “You’re talking to her.” I said “what are you going to do?” Colie asked “Give them the custody of them. I can’t take care of them, Colleen and Alyssa.” I said “What about Jake and Connor?” Bryan asked “Jake is twenty almost, Connor will be eighteen soon. They’re staying in our old house. Mom and Aaron left plenty of money. Colleen and Alyssa are moving in here.” I said and Colie smiled at me.

It’s November 15th and I’m in way over my head. Still dealing with the fact of my mom dying, leaving me with custody of Colleen. She has been a major sass. Austin and I are fighting, and we never fight. I’m feeding Alyssa before I go to work and Austin is getting ready for work “I’m tired of her mouthing off to us. She’s sixteen and a mother.” Austin said “I will talk to her.” I said “you better.” Austin said “She’s my sister.” I said “you’re my wife. You’re twenty-one. We didn’t want any kids right now.” Austin said “I know that. I can’t help that my mother died.” I said “But you can control her.” Austin said “I will talk to her tonight.” I said “Fine.” He said and he stormed off. “Colleen! School now! Don’t forget to drop Alyssa off at day care.” I said and she came in nodding “Alright.” She said.

I came home from work and Alyssa was crying “Just shut up Alyssa! I’m trying to change you.” Colleen said. “Colleen Lynn Summerland. You do not scream at her. She’s a baby.” I said “I’m stressed.” Colleen said “You’re stressed? I took in a spoiled brat, who’s majorly sassy and her baby girl. I’m working. I’m fighting with my husband over it. I’m twenty-one years old. I don’t want to regret my decision. But you need to change. You need to be back to the Colleen I know.” I said and she bust out in tears. “I’m sorry.” She said “I’m making you an appointment to see a shrink.” I said and she nodded. “I’m really sorry.” I said. “Don’t be. You’re doing the best for me.” Colleen said.

Colleen makes dinner for us and Austin is busy playing with Alyssa. I’m working on a piece at the kitchen table. Austin came in with Alyssa “When we have kids I want a little girl.” Austin said “Not a son?” I asked “nope. A little girl.” Austin said “I still want to wait baby.” I said “I know Lexie.” He said but he was smiling at Alyssa “I can make her change her mind just wait and see.” Austin said “oh Austin.” I said and he smiled at me. Colleen set the food on the table “taco night and tater tots.” Colleen said and we sat down at the table. “I’m so sorry for everything.” Colleen said and Austin smiled “it’s okay.”

After dinner Colleen does the dishes and Austin gives Alyssa a bath and spends time with her watching a little kid’s show on TV. Colleen sits at the kitchen table with her textbooks. “I need help.” Colleen said “Which class?” I ask “English two. “She said and I help her with her homework and then we went into the living room with Austin. “Can I have my daughter back?” Colleen asked “No.” Austin said but he was smiling he handed her over to Colleen and she smiled at Alyssa. “Mommy loves you.” Colleen said and Alyssa gave her a baby smile. “It’s bedtime baby girl.” Colleen said, going into the kitchen to get a bottle ready.

It’s Christmas and we’re all in California to spend it with Alicia, Josh, and Katie. They are taking it hard losing their mom and dad and not being near their siblings. Jake celebrated his birthday with his friends and girlfriend Shelby. “This is nice.” I said we were all at the beach as a family, the one Callie took me to. “This has been Alyssa’s best first Christmas ever.” Colleen said “I bet it is, she’s with her family.” Colleen said “How is school?” I asked Josh “Good.” He said and I smiled they all said school was good.

We went home on January 2nd and celebrated Connor’s birthday since he had school on the 3rd. I wasn’t feeling too good so I went to bed early. I woke up at six and went to do my jog with Sassy who has gotten bigger. “You’re mommy baby.” I said and Sassy wagged her tail. I got home and made breakfast, the smell of the food made me feel sick to my stomach. “I think I’m coming down with a cold.” I said to Austin who came in with his work clothes on. “I hope you feel better baby. But you need to stay away from Alyssa until you know for sure.” Austin said “You care more for her than you do for Mr. Prince.” I said referring to his male tabby kitten. And he just rolled his eyes. “Morning Colleen and Good morning Alyssa.” Austin said “See! She gets a morning, Alyssa gets a good morning.” Colleen just giggles “You guys are amazing.” Colleen said and I smiled at her “I try to be” I said and she laughed.

It was around lunch time, and my stomach was still hurting, I felt like I was going to throw up. I gave my boss my writing piece and he looked at me. “Alexis take the rest of the day off. You don’t look too good.” Michael said and I nodded “Thank you sir.” I said and walked to get my purse. I went to the car and went home. I curled up on the couch with a blanket and Sassy and Mr. Prince curled up with me. Colleen came home with Alyssa “You might want to stay at home, for a couple days. I don’t feel too good and don’t want Alyssa to get whatever bug I have.” I said “Okay Lexie. I’ll pack my bag.” Colleen said “I’m wanting the best for Alyssa and don’t want her to get sick.” I said and she smiled “I understand.”

It Friday now and I’m still not feeling good. “Go to the doctor’s today Lexie.” Austin said “Okay.” I said “I miss not having Alyssa around.” Austin said “oh Austin.” I said feeling sick to my stomach so running to the bathroom to throw up. I called and got an appointment at nine and got ready to go. I made it to the doctor’s where I have gone all of my life and when I was called they took my weight “120 pounds.” My nurse said and I was thinking I gained ten pounds since my physical three months ago. “First to be on the safe side we want you to take a urine test.” My nurse said so I did so. I was waiting in the exam room and my doctor came in.

“You don’t have a cold or a virus.” Doctor Woods said “I don’t?” I asked “Nope, you have a case of pregnancy.” Doctor Woods said “What?” I asked “You’re pregnant Alexis.” He said and I felt the room spinning. I can’t be pregnant; we were going to wait a couple years not a couple months. Plus with taking Colleen and Alyssa in we have no room for the baby. “When was the baby conceived?” I asked “November 15th.” He said and I nodded I remembered that night but I could have sworn we had protection on. I made my appointment for the 15th, and that is when I will find out more, get to see the baby. But he prescribed me the vitamins I needed to take during the pregnancy.

I go to work since I know what’s wrong and apologize to my boss. He nods in agreement and I go to work. He comes up “Here’s your next task Lexie.” He said and I smiled “Okay.” I said and read over what my next job was and went off to go to the meeting. I ask the questions I needed to during the interview, I take down notes and go back to the office. “If you keep up the good work you will be a columnist.” Mike said and I smiled “Thank you sir.” I said getting on my laptop and start to working on my piece. “Alexis another big piece, I want you and Nicole to go cover it.” He said and I nodded it was around four so I knew I would be working late. “Your car or mine?” Colie asked me “mine.” I said “Come on.” Colie said and I nodded. We went to the art museum and got all the information we needed and ask the questions we needed. On the way back to work Colie looked at me.

“What’s up? Why have you not been at work?” Colie asked me “Just a bug. “I said “Alexis Nicole Blevins. I know you better than you think. Remember?” Colie asked me “I’m pregnant.” I said “Uh-oh! Somebody’s plans didn’t work!” Colie said “Austin doesn’t know yet.” I said “Girl to girl talk?” Colie asked me “Sure.” I said “I’m pregnant.” Colie said “Uh-oh! Somebody’s plans didn’t work!” I said and she smiled at me. “He doesn’t know yet either. Our baby was conceived on November 14th.” Colie said “mine was on the 15th.” I said and she smiled at me.

We work until nine on the paper because we finish it and walk to Mike’s office where he was sitting doing work. “Why don’t you go home?” I asked “Why go home when there is so much work to do? I live with my mother.” Mike said “I’m sorry Mike.” I said “How long have you known each other for?” Mike asked “Forever. Since we were babies, but we always say since we were two.” I said and Mike smiled. “True friends are hard to find. Don’t lose touch.” Mike said “We won’t.” I said and he smiled “Girls, go home to your family. Don’t take them for granted. “Mike said “Don’t have to tell me twice.” I said and he smiled at me.

We make it home at the same time “Good luck.” Colie said “Thanks. Good luck to you too.” I said and she smiled at me. I walked in to see Austin helping Colleen with her homework; he was holding Alyssa and feeding her a bottle. “Hey Lexie.” He said “Hey Lexie.” Colleen said “hey you guys. Sorry I was feeling better and then I had to work late.” I said “It’s okay.” He said and I put my stuff down and begin on my piece. I didn’t even notice when Austin set my dinner down next to me until the food smell make me want to throw up. I ate it slowly and finished my writing piece. Colleen was finished and in her room with Alyssa for the night.

I take Sassy out on the porch and Austin follows. “How did the doctor’s go baby?” He asked me “Really good baby.” I said and I kiss his lips softly. “What did you find out?” He asked me “I love you.” I said “Lexie, should I be worried?” He asked me “No honey you shouldn’t be.” I said “You are a good father-figure for Alyssa. You are really good with her.” I said “I know I am honey. I can’t wait to have one of our own.” Austin said and I smiled at him “What is it Lexie?” He asked me “I found out why I wasn’t feeling good.” I said “um why Lex?” He asked me “Because I’m pregnant.” I said “Are you kidding me?” He asked me and I looked him in the eye “I would not toy with your emotions.” He said and I smiled at him.

“Oh my god Lexie! I can’t believe that baby! I’m so excited.” He said and I smiled at him, I’m glad he’s feeling really good about the baby. “When are you due?” He asked me “my birthday baby.” I said and he smiled at me. “You’re not mad?” I asked him “no! I’m going to have a little boy or girl. Hopefully a girl. But a son would be nice.” He said and I smiled at him “Honey let’s go in.” I said and he smiled at me “Okay baby.” He said and he led me inside. “Should we tell Colleen?” He asked me “in the morning. I’m tired.” I said and he nodded leading me to the bedroom. I wore Austin’s T-shirt to bed and crawled in bed falling asleep instantly in his arms. I woke up in the morning to him staring at me. “You’re beautiful. You’re going to be beautiful when you’re showing more.”  He said and I smiled at him “I thought I was just gaining weight.” I said “Now we know.” He said and he lifted up my shirt. “I can kind of see a small tiny baby bump.” He said and I smiled, he kissed my stomach. “I’m going for a walk.” I said “I’ll come with you.” He said and I smiled we went for an early morning walk and came home to Colleen feeding Alyssa. She had both of them dressed and ready for the day. “Sissy, I have big news.” I said “What is it?” Colleen asked me “I’m pregnant.” She said “Uh-oh! Congratulations!” She said and I smiled at her.

During our lunch break Colie and I are eating at a Deli in town. “This is really good.” I said taking a bite of my BLT sandwich and Colie smiled at me “my salad is really good as well.” Colie said and I smiled at her. “Did you tell Bryan?” I asked “Did you tell Austin?” Colie asked “Yes I did.” We said at the same time and smiled. “Bryan is really happy.” Colie said “So is Austin. We just need to move again.” I said “How about your old place? Let Jake and Connor move in here.” Colie said “You’re right.” I said making a mental note to talk to Austin and Jake and Connor about this. “Can you believe that the last of my daddy’s and mom’s kids is sixteen?” I asked “I can’t believe that. I still can’t believe Abby is sixteen.” Colie said “Can you believe that we’re twenty-one?” I asked “No, I still can’t.” Colie said and we smiled.

When I got off of work I went home to pick up Sassy, Colleen, and Alyssa so we could go to Jake’s house. Austin arrived right when we were leaving so we waited so he could get in. “This is nice having dinner with your siblings.” He said “We will go to your parent’s this weekend and tell them the news.” I said and he smiled, Austin had me switch out with him so he could drive and I didn’t have to. We arrived in no time at my old house, the house where I grew up in. It would be perfect for all of us to live in.

“Hey come on in. We haven’t had much time to clean the house. It’s pretty big for two people.” Jake said and I smiled “it’s okay. I know how men are.” I said and he rolled his eyes at me. Colleen had Alyssa asleep in her arms after dinner and I decided now would be the best time to talk about it. “How would you like to switch places? Austin, Colleen, and I move in here and you move into our Duplex?” I asked “Sounds like a good idea.” Jake said and I smiled in agreement. “You are pregnant, aren’t you?” He asked me “Yes I am.” I said “Congratulations.” Jake and Connor said and I smiled at them.

Submitted: April 25, 2012

© Copyright 2021 StephandBrutusandIzzy. All rights reserved.


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