What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 22 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




That weekend we moved our stuff into both houses. Colleen got her bedroom back and Austin and I moved into my parent’s old room. We would make my room the baby’s room. There are seven bedrooms in here and three baths. Our first night back home I walked into my old room, I still had my bed, dresser, and desk in my room. It was still my pink with lime green zebra stripes wall color and I smiled at the memories. “Lexie?” Austin asked “In here.” I said and he walked in and smiled at me “This room brings back a lot of memories, doesn’t it?” Austin asked me “It sure does, a lot of sleepovers, arguments.” I said and Austin smiled at me and motioned for me to come to him. I did and he wrapped his arms around me and I kissed his lips softly.

“Are you excited about what’s going to happen?” I asked Austin “I am baby. Are you?” He asked me and I smiled “Excited yes, prepared no.” I said and he smiled at me. “We will be good parents. We’re doing a good job with Colleen and helping her with Alyssa.” Austin said and I smiled at him. Alyssa is now five months old, she’s giggling more, smiling, holding herself up. We walk into the living room and Colleen is on the couch with Alyssa in her swing. She was texting but keeping an eye on Alyssa. “Who are you texting?” I asked “Chase. He’s claiming he wants to see Alyssa.” Colleen said “do what you think is best.” I said “I don’t want her to have a father like him in her life, but I don’t want him to get upset and fight for custody.” Colleen said and I nodded in agreement.

It’s now January 15th and we’re at the doctor’s for my second month appointment. The second they showed us our baby I knew we were in love with our child. I was going to an event after this to do a piece on it. Afterwards since I didn’t need to go into the office until tomorrow I went to the meadows. I sat down at the tree and dozed off.

I’m in the meadows again in my dream but wearing all white. I see my daddy and my mom sitting on the ground. “Hey Lexie. Fancy meeting you here.” My mom said and my dad smiled at me. “So you know the big news, don’t you?” My daddy asked me “About being pregnant?” I asked “Yes.” My dad said and I smiled. “I hate that my child won’t meet their grandpa or grandma on my side.” I said and they smiled “It feels so weird being without both parents. I no longer have my mom to turn to and I know I don’t have my dad.” I said “Everything happens for a reason Lexie.” My mom said “with daddy we all had time to prepare, with you we didn’t. Colleen feels so bad, the night before having a huge fight with you.” I said “I know. I see her cry herself to sleep a lot. Alyssa looks more and more like Colleen every day.” My mom said and I smiled at her “She’s a sweet heart.” I said “I know Lexie. Austin is good with her baby girl.” My dad said and I smiled at him. We spent what felt like hours in my dream catching up, telling me that I will be okay. That everything will work out.

I woke up to Colleen and Alyssa standing above me. “What time is it?” I asked “four thirty.” Colleen said “Dang.” I said knowing I have been here since one. “How is everything?” Colleen asked me. “Good. I fell in love with the baby instantly.” I said and Colleen smiled at me “I felt the same way as well.” Colleen said and I smiled at her “I really can’t wait to find out the sex.” I said and she smiled at me. “That will be a great day. What do you want sissy?” Colleen asked me and I smiled at her.



“I want a boy first, so he can be protective of his little sister when we have another.” I said “And Austin wants a girl.” Colleen said “Yup.” I said and she smiled at me “hand me my niece.” I said and she smiled at me. “Are you excited that Connor is graduating this year?” Colleen asked me “I can’t believe that.” I said “I know. I will be soon.” Colleen said and I smiled at her “I still can’t believe that either.” I said “It’s hard to believe how fast life is going, isn’t it?” Colleen asked me “Yeah it is.” I said and she smiled at me “it seems like just yesterday Alyssa was born and she will be six months old next month.” Colleen said and I smiled at her. “Let’s go home.” I said and Colleen nodded at me.

It’s now February 15th and I am three months pregnant. I can’t hide the fact that I’m pregnant, I have a visible baby bump. The third month’s doctor appointment went good the baby and I are both very healthy. My doctor wants me to continue walking daily like I do so my labor process will be easy. I am now a columnist at my job so I’m making more money and Austin is making more money now so we are going to be able to afford this. At home it’s kind of tough right now, Alyssa is teething and we are all kind of tense right now.

Colie and I are eating lunch at home today since we had another piece where we had to go out and interview the people. Colie’s bump is about the same size as mine. “I still can’t believe this.” Colie said “I know. But at least you have your mom to talk to.” I said and she smiled “I know and I’m sorry about that. Who else do you talk to?” She asked me “I talk to Amy about it. I still go and see the kids since they are my siblings. I need to talk to my other siblings more.” I said “Agree.” Colie said and I smiled at her “I feel bad for Colleen, Alicia, Josh, and Katie they’re younger than eighteen and without both parents.” I said “I know. That’s so sad.” Colie said “It’s difficult for me, but I’m married and now soon to be a mother so I have to be strong. “I said “You still have Austin and I to talk to Lex. We are still your friends.” Colie said and I smiled at her “Thanks Colie.” I said and she smiled at me.

It’s March 15th now and I’m at my fourth month’s appointment with Austin. “Your baby is still healthy. You are healthy as well Mrs. Blevins.” She said “Thank you.” I said “Next month you will find out the sex of your baby.” She said and I smiled, I’m now in my second trimester of the pregnancy. I go to work and then went home at four to see Jake on the porch. “I’m on spring break as of today and I’m going to Myrtle Beach with Zoey and her friends.” Jake said “Zoey, is she your girlfriend?” I asked “Yeah.” Jake said “bring her over tonight.” I said “One thing” He said “What is it?” I asked “She’s a mother. Twins, boy and girl. They are two years old.” Jake said “bring them as well. We can’t be down on teen pregnancy.” I said “She’s twenty Lex, like I am.” He said and I smiled “So she was eighteen. No big deal.” I said and he smiled at me.

I let Austin know when he got home and he nodded in agreement. “Sounds fine to me, two- two years old.” He said and I smiled at him “Crazy, right?” I asked “Yeah. But I want more than one.” He said “One day it will happen.” I said and Austin smiled at me. Colleen came home “We’re having company tonight.” I said “Who?” She asked, she had Alyssa in her car seat. “Jake, Zoey, her kids, and Connor.” I said “Alright. Did you want me to cook?” I asked “No, you go ahead and do your homework.” I said and she smiled at me. Austin went to the table and took Alyssa out of her car seat and held her.

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