What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 23 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




Its six o’clock now, Colleen is doing her homework which is study guides since mid-terms are next week and then it’s her spring break. I’m making dinner which is Lasagna, green beans, and garlic bread for dinner. We get a knock on the door and I go to the door with Austin, Alyssa was in her swing watching a little kid’s show or what should be. “Hello.” I said when they walked in. His girlfriend had her daughter on her hip and Jake had her son on his hip. Connor came in next and smiled at me, “I’m going to go help Colleen with her homework.” Connor said and I smiled at him “Have fun.” I said and he walked into the kitchen.

Zoey had long brown hair and baby blue eyes. Her kids have brown hair and baby blue eyes as well. “Zoey this is my sister Lexie and brother in-law Austin.” Jake said “It’s nice to meet you.” Zoey said “Same here.” I said smiling at her. Austin squatted down where her kids were clinging to Zoey’s legs. “And who are these two cuties?” Austin asked Zoey “Braden and Holly.” Zoey said “Hey Braden and Holly, I’m Austin.” He said “hi.” Holly said first breaking out of her shell “Hey.” Braden said and before we knew it Austin had both of them playing with Sassy.

During dinner we all got to talking “How far along are you?” Zoey asked me “four months.” I said “I remember that. You look wonderful by the way.” She said and I smiled. “Are their father’s in the picture?” I asked “No, he wanted nothing to do with them when they were two months old. But he sends child support monthly for both of them.” Zoey said “Same thing happened with me.” Colleen said “Alyssa is adorable.” Zoey said “Thanks.” Colleen said smiling at her. After dinner Colleen did the dishes and we went out on the porch to talk.

Austin was still having fun with Holly and Braden, “It took them a week to get use to Jake.” Zoey said and I smiled “He’s really good with little kids.” I said and Zoey smiled “I can tell. He’s going to be a good dad.” Zoey said and I smiled. “Jake, she seems to be a good catch for you.” I said “Thanks Lex I really like this chick.” Jake said and I smiled and so did Zoey. It was around nine and Holly and Braden were falling asleep. “We need to head on out Lex. It’s their bedtime.” Jake said “Okay, night Jake, Connor. Nice to meet you Zoey.” I said and he smiled at me.

It’s April 2nd and it’s colleen’s first day of Spring break. Alyssa is eight months old today; she’s starting to crawl around. “Have a good day.” I said, Colleen was up feeding Alyssa her bottle with cereal in it. “Thanks. You too.” She said “I should be home around one.” I said “Okay. I’m going to go to the mall and maybe hang with some friends.” Colleen said “okay. You haven’t done that in a while.” I said “I know. It will do some good for Alyssa to get out of the house.” Colleen said and I smiled.

Colleen’s Pov:

It’s my first day of spring break and I’m feeding Alyssa as Lexie leaves for work. I pick up Alyssa after I burp her and go back to my room. It’s weird living here, with just my sister, her husband and my daughter without my parents. I’m glad Chase hasn’t had anything to do in Alyssa’s life because he isn’t really a good father figure. I mean he left when she wasn’t even a month old yet. I lay on my bed with Alyssa. “Come on baby girl, let’s take a nap.” I said and she happily did so sucking on her pacifier. “Mommy loves you baby girl.” I said dozing off for a quick nap before I went to the mall.

I woke up at ten after a two hour nap to a smelly diaper. “Phew you stink.” I said and Alyssa just smiled at me. I got up and changed her diaper and got her dress in a spring dress with a cute matching boomer and a cute hat. I found my denim shorts and a cute flowery dressy shirt. I had my rainbows on and pulled my knee length blonde hair up into a ponytail. “Let’s go out today baby girl.” I said and she giggled at me. I made her diaper bag and got it ready and put it at the door. I got Alyssa in her car seat and walked to my car. It was Lexie’s old car, her first car and now it’s my first car. I get Alyssa buckled in and we drive to the mall.

I get Alyssa’s stroller out and put her in it. She had her stuffed monkey in her grip and her pink pacifier in her mouth. I placed the diaper bag in the bottom of the stroller. I made it to the food court and saw my group of friends. Most importantly I saw Abby, Colie’s little sister and my best friend. “Colleen!” Abby said smiling at me “How have you been?” I asked “Good. You?! Is that Alyssa?” Abby asked and I smiled her “Yes it is.” I said and she smiled at me. “Can I hold her?” Abby asked and I smiled at her. I sat down with the group and took her out of her stroller and handed her to Abby who had fun playing with her. All of my friends enjoyed gushing over her; I haven’t really taken her out much.

Abby, our other best friend Amanda, and Carly, and I went off from the group to actually go shopping. I spot Chase and he sees me and smiles. He walks over and smile at Alyssa “How have you been?” He asked me “I’ve been good. And so has your daughter.” I said “She’s beautiful.” Chase said “Yeah she is.” I said “Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to go.” I said and the group followed me to Abercrombie & Fitch and we went to the girl side. “I can’t believe that.” I said “I know.” They all said and I smiled at them.

We went to a baby store in the mall after we hit all the preppy stores. “I could so see Alyssa in this!” Carly said and I smiled at her “Really?” I asked and she smiled. Alyssa was happily sucking on her pacifier staying quiet. I bought her a couple new dresses and a new toy and then we went back to the food court. I went to the bathroom, with Alyssa on my hip and my diaper bag on my shoulder. I finally went in and changed her diaper. Abby was in line so I handed Alyssa to her and went to the bathroom. I got out and took Alyssa back so she could go.

We went walking back to the group at the table and I held Alyssa in my lap. I got out Alyssa’s baby food and her baby spoon. “Here you go baby girl.” I said and she opened her mouth for the food. After she ate her bottle of baby carrots I burped her and put her pacifier in my Dr. Pepper and gave it back to her. She was sucking on it with content. “I love her.” Abby said and I smiled at her “I love her too.” I said and she smiled at me. “Can you give me a lift to your place? My family and your family are eating dinner tonight.” Abby said and I smiled at her “Sure.” I said and we walked to my car. I placed Alyssa in her car seat and got in, we weren’t even out of the parking lot yet and Alyssa was asleep. “You’re such a good mom.” Abby said “Thanks girly.” I said and she smiled at me. “I have missed you. It’s weird not having you around.” I said “It’s weird not being around. I have made a couple friends but they are never you. They don’t compare to you Coco. I miss living here.” Abby said and I smiled at her “This feels like old time.” I said “I know, doesn’t it?” Abby asked and I smiled. She looked back “Alyssa is still asleep. She’s adorable.” Abby said “Thanks, I love her. She’s my world. She’s so spoiled.” I said and she smiled at me. “I can tell that. She’s beautiful.” Abby said and I smiled at her this felt so natural.

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