What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 24 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




Lexie’s Pov:

I’m at home now since I have to work on my column and Kevin said to do it at home. I saw Colleen’s note and I went to working on dinner. Since Colie and her family are coming over for dinner, Jake, Zoey and her kids, and Connor are also coming over for dinner so we were going to have a house full. The kids will enjoy their time in the pool since we live in Florida and it’s April so it’s warm enough. I made the Potatoes Salad, Macaroni salad, shrimp, and a salad. Austin was going to cook the meat on the grill.

Everybody is over and we are all out back in the yard. Colleen, Connor, Abby, and Taylor are in the pool. Alyssa is being passed around by Mrs. Wakefield, Zoey, Colie, and I. “She has grown so much.” Mrs. Wakefield said and I smiled. Amy, her husband Mark, Jason, and Amber just arrived. “Hey you guys!” I said Amber and Jason ran up and hugged me but went into the pool with the others. “Pregnancy suits you and Colie good.” Amy said and I smiled at her. “This is really weird, not having your mom and Aaron here.” Amy said “I know. But I’m sure they are having a fun time up there.” I said and she smiled at me.

It’s now April 14th and Austin and I are doing our taxes since we have been so busy we forgot to do it until now. “We should get money back this time.” Austin said and I smiled at him. “Good we need it baby.” I said and he smiled at me “Are you ready for tomorrow?” I asked Austin “Yes I am. I’m really excited.” Austin said “I am too.” I said rubbing my swollen stomach; I couldn’t hide the fact that I’m pregnant. He kissed my stomach and then kissed my lips. “I love you Lexie.” Austin said “I love you too.” I said and he smiled at me.

We woke up the next morning and walked into the kitchen. I see Colleen going over her notes and feeding Alyssa at the same time. “You are a great mother.” I said “Thanks sissy. Good luck today. Have fun.” Colleen said and I smiled “Thanks sissy.” I said and she got Alyssa in her car seat and went to school dropping her off at day care first. Austin looked at me and smiled “See you later baby.” He said “I love you.” I said kissing his lips. He went his way to work and now it’s my turn to go to work. Our appointment isn’t until at three today so I’m going to work.

“Morning Alexis. Do you have your column?” Kevin asked me “Yes sir. Give me one second to print it.” I said “Okay Alexis.” He said walking past me and going to his office. I print it and walk to his office and hand it to him. “Thank you, I have one big piece I want you to work on today. President Obama is in town, doing a press conference. I want you to go.” Kevin said “when?” I asked “Now.” He said “Okay. I have an appointment at three.” I said “You’ll leave from straight there then.” He said and I nodded going to my car.

From nine to two I had to listen to our president, people asking him questions, I had to ask him questions and wrote down all of my findings and his comments. I asked a few people what they thought about it and then knew I had my piece. I left around 2:20 and make it to my appointment at 2:50 Austin was already inside. “’Sorry baby, he had me working on a big piece.” I said “I understand. I got worried so I called Colie and she said she hadn’t seen you since she went in. So I was worried about you.”

“Alexis Blevins.” The nurse said and we got up and walked to the back. She took my blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and wrote it down. Then she had me get on the scale and I winced at the weight 125, I gained fifteen pounds but I was underweight anyways. We went back to the room and my doctor came in and smiled. “Today is the big day, huh?” He asked and we smiled. He did his normal things and then put the gel on my stomach and our little baby appeared on the screen. He turned on the sound so we could hear the heartbeat. I was smiling at Austin, he was holding my hand. The doctor printed out a snapshot of our baby when it was in full view.

He stepped out and got it copied into a bigger picture. He put it up on his board and motioned for us to walk to him. “Can you see the head?” He asked us “Yes sir.” I said and he took his laser down naming out the body parts that we saw. “You are having a girl.” He said making the laser point at where we could tell what we were having. “Thank you sir.” I said “Looking forward to seeing you next month.” My doctor said and I smiled at Austin, we didn’t say anything when we took the picture and made our appointment for next month at noon. He walked me to my car and kissed my lips softly. “I know you wanted a boy first but I’m happy.” Austin said “I am too baby. I’m glad we’re having a daughter.” I said and he kissed my lips. “See you at home.” Austin said “I love you.” I said “I love you too.” Austin said walking to his car.

I went back to the office and got to working on my piece. I didn’t realize it was seven o’clock until Austin was calling me. “Meet us at Golden Corral. We’re hungry.” Austin said “Okay.” I said saving my document and closing my laptop. I see Kevin at his desk who motioned for me to come in “Yes Kevin?” I asked “How did the appointment go?” He asked me “it went really good. We found out the sex today.” I said and Kevin smiled “I have three kids of my own, one’s 20, 16, and 12. I know the feeling you are feeling now. I already asked Nicole but since you two are different people I want to ask you.” Kevin said “How long do you plan to take off with your maternity time?” Kevin asked me and I looked at him. Austin and I have been discussing this for weeks, I say four weeks he says six weeks. But we finally agreed on six weeks. “Six weeks sir.” I said and he nodded “Perfect time. Because then your daughter or son will be able to be in day care.” Kevin said and I smiled. “I will see you tomorrow Kevin.” I said.

I meet up with Colleen, Austin, and Alyssa outside of Golden Corral. We go in and we get seated. “You go ahead and get your plate. I will sit with Alyssa.” I said who was in her high chair waiting for her food. “Thanks Lexie.” Colleen said getting up “Bring back mashed potatoes.” I said and she nodded. I pulled out the baby food and started feeding it to Alyssa. “Yummy right?” I asked and she just stared at me. Colleen came back and looked at me “Feed your daughter the mashed potatoes. She can eat it.” I said and Colleen nodded.

After Austin and I both sat down with our plates Colleen looked at us. “What are you having?” Colleen asked “Guess.” I said “A boy?” She asked me “Nope. A girl.” I said and Colleen smiled “Poor Austin, four girls to one boy.” Colleen said and I laughed “We have her out number.” I said and she smiled at me. After dinner when we all went home I got a phone call for Colie “Can I come see my best friend? You were too busy working when I was leaving.” Colie said “Yeah, come on over.” I said and we hung up.

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