What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 25 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




Austin and Bryan went to watching the baseball game; Colleen is in her room with her door shut studying. Colie and I are sitting on the porch enjoying a bowl of ice cream. “How did your appointment go?” I asked “good. We’re having a little girl.” Colie said smiling “Our daughters will be best friends.” I said “You’re having a girl?” colie asked and I nodded. “When I told my mom the news she was excited. And brought something up.” Colie said “What is that?” I asked “How she sees you as a daughter, how sorry she feels. And then that Austin & I will be twenty-two before the kids are born and then you will be twenty-two the day the baby is due.” Colie said and I smiled “Bryan is an odd ball.” I said “I know. A May 20th birthday.” Colie said I smiled, Austin’s is June 15th, Colie is July 15th, and mine is August 15th. “You know if Austin never would have told me, then I would have found somebody else. But my point is if we weren’t married, our three kids would be best friends like we are.” I said and Colie smiled at me.

“There was that incident with Rosie.” Colie said “He said she had a miscarriage and it wasn’t his.” I said “She moved away so nobody really knew for sure. Austin could have been misled.” Colie said “Okay. I trust him.” I said “Any names for your daughter?” Colie asked taking the subject off of that before we got into a fight. “Not yet. You?” I asked “Lyndsey Nicole Johnson.” Colie said “After you?” I asked “No after you.” Colie said and I smiled at her “Nicole Lynn Wakefield-Johnson.” I said “Alexis Nicole Summerland-Blevins.” Colie said and we smiled at each other.

Since the next morning was a Saturday I woke up at six and took Sassy on a walk around the neighborhood and took her to the meadows. I walked home around seven and sat on the porch at seven thirty. Austin came out and smiled at me “Morning baby.” Austin said “Morning.” I said smiling at him. “I’m thinking Kelsey as a first name.” Austin said “Kelsey Lynn Blevins?” I asked “Perfect.” He said “We could go shopping today for the baby stuff.” I said “I know we could. We could use some of Alyssa’s old stuff to save on money.” Austin said “Yeah, they’re all in the attic. Including the car seat we will need.” I said “We just need to buy a crib, changing table, a rocking chair, diapers, and new bottles.” Austin said and I smiled at him.

“I got a phone call yesterday from Rosie.” Austin said after a few minutes of silent “Oh really? What did she want?” I asked “to be completely honest with me.” Austin said “What about?” I asked “She got scared. She didn’t want to make me suffer. So she moved back home with her parents. She didn’t have a miscarriage. She carried the baby full term, and the baby was born healthy. She wants to see me today. I told her I had to check with my wife.” Austin said “That whore. Lying to. She said it wasn’t yours.” I said “I want to get a DNA test to prove it.” Austin said “understandable.” I said “The baby is almost four years old Lex. I’ve missed four years of its life.” Austin said “I know.” I said and I hugged him.

While he went to the mall to meet Rosie, Colleen, Alyssa, Colie, and I went to the mall for baby stuff. We would meet up with Austin afterwards to find out how things went. We ordered a crib, changing table, a rocking chair, I got a pink baby blanket set, some cute new clothes. In her room it’s already a girly color since she’s in my room. Her dresser already has Alyssa’s old clothes. I bought some new pacifiers. Bought Alyssa a couple outfits and then we went shopping for Colleen’s summer clothes. I got a phone call around two that it was safe to meet him at the food court for lunch.

We all sat down and Austin was smiling at Alyssa. “How did it go?” I asked “Well even though I want a DNA test for sure there is no denying him.” Austin said “A boy?” I asked “Yes. He has my baby blue eyes, my brown hair, my nose, and my facial expressions. His birthday is March 15th.” Austin said and I smiled at him, he has a three year old son with another woman. “What is his name?” I asked “Bryce.” Austin said and I nodded “I invited Rosie over for dinner tomorrow night.” Austin said “Okay.” I said and Austin left it at that.

Colleen and Alyssa spent the night at her friend Carly’s house so it was just Austin and I. I’m in Kelsey’s room sitting in the rocking chair rubbing my stomach. Austin comes in “Are you okay?” He asked me “Yeah.” I said “You don’t sound it.” Austin said “Well I’m fine.” I said and he nodded “You’re upset?” He asked me “She lied about Bryce, claims he wasn’t yours. Now all of a sudden she wants to make things right.” I said “I don’t know why.” Austin said “We will find out tomorrow.” I said “Okay Lex.” Austin said dropping it at that. I stayed in her room for a while and then went to bed claiming I was tired, I over did it during the day.

I woke up and got the house clean and ready for Rosie and Bryce. I was making dinner, tacos and tater tots and they arrived. “Hey Rosie, and hey there Bryce.” Austin said “Hey Austin.” Rosie said “Hi.” A little boy said. “Lexie, can you come in here?” He asked me “One sec.” I said I was still mad at him over everything. Believing her, falling for her games again. But when I walked in I knew Bryce was Austin’s son. I’ve seen pictures, I have pictures of Austin as a little boy and they look exactly alike. “Hi Rosie, it’s nice to see you again.” I said “You too Lexie. How far along are you?” She asked me “Five months.” I said “Boy or a girl?” She asked me “A girl.” I said and she smiled at me.

After dinner we’re sitting on the porch so Bryce could play on the playground we have. “Why are you here?” I asked “Lexie.” Austin said “No, it’s fine. I understand her point of view. You two are married, expecting your first child. Your old girlfriend comes back, after saying she had a miscarriage and the baby wasn’t even yours.” Rosie said “I’m here because I did Austin wrong and I want Bryce to know his real dad.” Rosie said and I nodded “I have Leukemia. I want Bryce to know his father so when I go he will have a parent.” Rosie said and that knock me down. “I’m so sorry.” I said “Don’t be. You couldn’t have known.” Rosie said “I still want the DNA test tomorrow.” Austin said “That’s understandable. But Bryce is already going to be given over to you if I don’t respond to this chemo. I have had Leukemia since Bryce was two months old. I was in remission for a couple years, now its back and it won’t respond to the first round of chemo.” Rosie said “I know the feeling.” I said and she looked at me “My dad died, almost ten years ago due to cancer.” I said and she nodded. “I’m determine to win this battle but you never know.” Rosie said and I nodded.

The next day while I’m at work, Colleen is at school, Alyssa is at day care Austin is at the hospital getting the DNA results. I finish my article that I was working on over the weekend and I begin working on my column for the week. My mind keeps going back to how cruel I was towards Austin because of Rosie and now she’s sick. “Alexis, can I see you in my office?” Kevin asked me “Yes sir.” I said getting up and walking over to his office. “Your piece is excellent Alexis. You are a talented writer.” He said “Thank you sir.” I said and he dismissed me after that. I looked at Colie and smiled she smiled back at me.

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