What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 26 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




During our lunch break, we’re eating outside and my phone rings. “Hold on.” I tell Colie and answer it “Hello?” I asked “Well I’m Bryce’s father.” Austin said “Good. How are things?” I asked “good. I’m hanging out with Rosie and Bryce now.” Austin said “That’s good. You need to baby. You need to enjoy your time.” I said and we hung up. “He’s the father of Bryce.” I said “I don’t care if she does have cancer she shouldn’t have kept Bryce from him.” Colie said “I know Co. I know.” I said and she smiled at me though.

The month of May came and went and it’s now June 8th, Connor’s graduation. Austin has been spending a lot of time with Rosie and Bryce instead of with me. I’m getting ready in my maternity dress and brushed my knee length hair, I know I need to get it cut before August. When we do spend time together we’re tense. We have everything Kelsey will need set up and everything is good. On my six month appointment Kelsey and I are still both very healthy. My seventh month, which is my third trimester, is on Austin’s birthday which is a Friday.

“You ready?” I asked and they nodded, Colleen was wearing a cute summery dress, Alyssa was dressed in a cute summery dress and Austin was ready. Finals were last week and all last week Alyssa refused to sleep throughout the night. Colleen still aced her finals and is now on her way to junior year. Alyssa is now ten months old. She has more teeth now, and her hair is getting longer. We got in the car and met up with Jake, Zoey, Braden, and Holly at the graduation. Colie and Bryan were out of town since one of Colie’s sisters was graduating as well.

“Connor Summerland.” Was finally announced and Connor walked up the stage. He saw us and smiled at us and went back to his group. Afterwards we went out to his favorite place for dinner. “Where are you going to college at?” Austin asked Connor “University Of Southern Florida.” Connor said and I smiled it wasn’t that far away. Jake was attending the community college because he didn’t want to go to an actual university. In one year he got two years’ worth of credits, and he’s doing summer classes so he will be done by the end of the fall semester.

“Lexie, tomorrow can you and Austin baby sit Braden and Holly?” Jake asked “Sure.” I said and Austin nodded. “I want a special date with Zoey.” He said and I smiled, Zoey wasn’t able to go to dinner she needed to go home since her little sister Brooke graduated as well. “What’s the special date?” I asked “He’s going to ask Zoey to marry him. Last weekend he took me around town to help him find an engagement ring.” Connor said and I smiled “I’m sure she will say yes.” I said “I sure hope so. I love her with all my heart. I love Braden and Holly like they were my own.” Jake said “You’re a good father figure to them.” I said “Thanks Lex.” Jake said “Connor, daddy and mom would be so proud of you.” I said “I know. Now in two years we will be attending my college graduation and Colleen’s high school graduation.” Connor said and I smiled “That will be here before we all know it.” I said “Don’t remind me.” Colleen said and I smiled at her. She was bouncing Alyssa on her lap who was giggling. We all went home afterwards. Colleen has a summer job, and after school job now. Working at the day care where Alyssa goes. She was starting her first day of work tomorrow and she was excited. She gets to spend half a day with Alyssa, she also applied to Publix and got that job. She is determined she doesn’t need Chase to help raise Alyssa. She isn’t sure what college she wants to go to know but she knows she can do it.

On Austin’s birthday after the appointment where we found out I’m healthy and so is our daughter. We’re going to Rosie’s aunt house because Austin gets to have Bryce for the weekend, he’s having him every weekend now Friday-Sunday. He’s holding my hand but I’m looking out the window not saying much of anything. “I can’t wait to spend the weekend with Bryce. I can talk him to the park, we can take Sassy.” Austin said “That’s good.” I said “Are you jealous?” He asked me “Nope. I’m happy for you. “I said and he nodded driving in silent the rest of the way to her aunt’s house.

Rosie’s cancer wasn’t responding to the chemo. She was outside with a blanket wrapped around her. She had already lost all of her hair and wasn’t looking too good. I felt bad suddenly, for still giving her a hard time mentally for how she did Austin. I mean he has obviously forgiven her and he isn’t even my son so I should forgive him. “You ready to go buddy?” Austin asked Bryce “Yes daddy. “Bryce said grabbing his bag. Austin took it “go give your mom a hug.” Austin said “Good-bye mommy. I love you.” Bryce said “I love you too Bryce. Happy birthday Austin.” Rosie said and he smiled at her.

With the booster seat in the car and we drove to the day care to pick up Alyssa. Colleen’s shift at the day care is 7-12 and her Publix shift is 1-7 and the day care closes at 6 so we’re picking Alyssa up. I go in and get Alyssa and put her in her car seat. Bryce starts talking to Alyssa and playing with her and then he looks out the window. We pull up to Publix since we need groceries. Austin walks up and gets the buggy where two kids can sit in it. Austin puts Bryce in the buggy first while I’m getting Alyssa out and then he pushes the buggy. We get the food we need and then we go to Colleen’s line. “Hello welcome to Publix.” Colleen said and Alyssa turned her head to see her mommy and held out her arms. “I can’t baby. I’m working.” Colleen said Alyssa still did the hands thing. “Hey Bryce.” Colleen said “Hi Coco.” He said he didn’t feel like calling her Colleen says he will when he’s older.

I’m cooking dinner at six thirty and Colleen comes in at 7:10 when I’m setting the table she picks up Alyssa and kisses her cheek. “How was both jobs?” I asked “Good. It’s getting stressful but they’re still good. Tomorrow I’m off at the daycare at least and I work 2-closing though.” Colleen said “I remember those nights.” I said “Can you watch Alyssa?” Colleen asked “What kind of Guardian would I be if I said no?” I asked “Not a very good one.” Colleen said “Exactly. Austin plans on taking them to the park around two anyways.” I said and she smiled “He’s such a good father.” Colleen said “He is. He adores Alyssa though. “ I said “I know. I’m scared she’s going to call him daddy when she speaks.” Colleen said “I hope not. Although he would be touched.” I said and she smiled at me.

Every weekend up until July 14th consisted of Bryce being over here, now it’s July 14th a Friday and Austin gets a phone call. “Rosie died.” Austin said “Oh Austin.” I said and I hugged him. “Bryce is without a mother.” He said “I grew up mostly without a father.” Colleen said “And now she’s without a mother.” I said “She was so young.” Austin said “I know.” I said our appointment was today and it went good. Austin wasn’t in a talkative mood. “Honey you knew it was coming.” I said “I know baby. She’s in heaven though. They want me to get Bryce tomorrow.” Austin said “I can’t help. Colie’s party tomorrow night.” I said “I know. I’ll be fine.” He said and I kissed his lips softly. He kissed my stomach “One more month for you baby girl.” Austin said “I know, I’m excited about it.” I said, Jake is now engaged to Rosie, or was they got married on July 5th, and he has custody of Braden and Holly. He adopted them.

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