Chapter 27:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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It’s July 30th and Austin and I have been married for one year as of today. Things have been crazy the past two weeks. Getting Bryce settled in, Colleen and her crazy work schedule, our work schedule. We transferred Bryce over to Colleen’s day care. On our anniversary we’re helping Colleen plan Alyssa’s first birthday. Abby was in town visiting Colie so she was coming to the party. Colie and them were coming to the party. Chase’s mom has something to do with Alyssa so she’s coming along with his sister. Jake and them, Connor is coming. He’s going to college on August 5th though, which is three days after her first birthday party.

“Go out tonight. I will watch Bryce. You have watched Alyssa many times. They will be fine with me alone.” Colleen said “Thank you. Austin should be please.” I said and she smiled at me “Go get ready. Austin is home.” Colleen said so I slowly waddled my way upstairs and I got dressed the best I could and then walked downstairs. “You two had it set up didn’t you?” I asked and Colleen smiled “Maybe so.” Colleen said “What are you doing tonight?” I asked “McDonald’s. Bryce wants to go. Alyssa likes it.” Colleen said and I smiled at her “You’re the best little sister in the whole wide world.” I said “Thanks. You two kids have fun. Be home whenever.” Colleen said “Thanks sissy.” I said and she smiled at me.

Austin opens the car door for me and I get into the car. He takes me to the place where he asked me to marry him at. “I love it.” I said and he smiled at me “I figured we could use a break away from the kids.” Austin said “You’re right. Can you believe it has been a year?” I asked “It’s hard to believe Lex. The best year of my life.” Austin said “You’re amazing. We have had our ups and downs, faced more than we should have but we’re doing good.” I said “I know Lex. Before long we will be holding our little one.” Austin said “I know babe. I love Bryce though. He reminds me so much of you.” I said “My mom tells me the same thing as well.” Austin said and I smiled at Austin.

We finished our meals and went walking through the marina and sat down on the brick wall. “You look so beautiful Lexie. You are the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world.” Austin said “Thanks baby. I love you.” I said “I love you too.” He said and I smiled at him “You make me feel like I’m the luckiest woman alive.” I said “Thanks baby.” Austin said and I smiled at him. Tonight has been amazing with my husband and only my husband.

Colleen’s Pov:

So after I finally sweet talked Lexie into getting ready for her date with Austin. They have been married for a year today and Austin wanted to do something special for her. So I volunteered to watch Bryce tonight. Lexie helped me plan Alyssa’s first birthday since I wanted her first birthday to be amazing because it really means a lot to me. After they leave for their date I get Bryce and Alyssa ready to go to McDonald’s. When we arrive and I get Bryce his kid’s meal and my meal and I had Alyssa on my hip as I filled our drinks. “Get the high chair for Aunt Coco please.” I said “Okay.” He said pushing it and I got Alyssa in it and took control over it. I pushed it to the playground area, after we ate dinner Bryce went to play on the playground with other kids. I’m playing with Alyssa and a cute boy walks out with two little kids. “Go play.” He said and he looked my way and I smiled at him. “Hi.” I said “Hi, you’re Colleen right?” He asked “Yeah, and you’re Nick?” I asked “Yeah.” He said, he had dirty blonde hair and baby blue eyes. “Is that your daughter?” Nick asked me “Yeah, Alyssa.” I said and he smiled at her.

I’m still bouncy Alyssa on my knee and Nick sits next to me on the bench. “Those are my niece and nephew. Not that I don’t mind that you have a daughter.” Nick said and I smiled “It’s okay Nick. No need to explain.” I said smiling at him and he smiled. “How old is Alyssa?” Nick asked “Almost a year old.” I said and he smiled at me “She’s adorable. Word was going around school..” Nick said “She’s Chase’s daughter. He just doesn’t have anything to do with her.” I said and Nick smiled at me. We got to talking and I found out a lot about Nick. Bryce walks over “Aunt Coco I’m tired.” He said and I looked at my phone “It’s nine o’clock.” I said “Yeah. Can we go home?” Bryce asked “Sure.” I said and Nick smiled “Put your number in my phone?” I asked and he did so and I put my number in his phone. I got Alyssa in her car seat and Bryce in his booster seat.

I made it home and placed Alyssa in her swing and I get Bryce to the bathroom. He goes and uses the bathroom pulls up his Spiderman underwear and I gave him his Scooby Doo’s Pajamas and help him brush his teeth. I tuck him in bed and turn on his Scooby Doo’s nightlight and then went to the living room. I fed Alyssa, gave her a quick bath, and put her to bed in her crib and she quickly fell asleep. I’m on the couch with my knees brought up to my chest and turn on The Notebook. I get a phone call “hello?” I asked “Hey is this Colleen?” Nick asked “Yeah it is.” I said “Hey.” He said “How are you?” I asked “good. Do you and Alyssa want to go out tomorrow?” Nick asked “Sure.” I said “I will pick you up at four?” Nick said “Okay that’s fine.” I said smiling and we hung up.

I went to bed around eleven and woke up at eight to Alyssa babbling. “What is it sweetie?” I asked and she just blinked at me, holding her arms up for me to pick her up. “Let me go to the bathroom first baby.” I said and she held out her arms for me. I quickly walk to the bathroom, and then went back to Alyssa. “Mommy is here now.” I said and she held out her arms for me to pick her up. I place her on the changing table and change her diaper. I then place her on my hip and went downstairs. Lexie was up making breakfast and Austin was at the table with Bryce.

“Morning Colleen.” Austin said “good morning.” I said smiling and go the fridge. I get Alyssa’s baby food and place her in her high chair. “I’m making oatmeal for her.” Lexie said “Thanks Lexie. How did it go?” I asked “It went good. I had fun. Thanks again for watching Bryce.” Lexie said “No problem Lex.” I said sitting down and feeding Alyssa her baby food and then blowing on her oatmeal for her. After she ate I ate my breakfast giving her a piece of eggs that she chewed. I got her up and went to get dressed, I got dressed in shorts and a T-shirt and Alyssa in a cute outfit.

Lexie’s Pov:

It’s around three and Colleen is getting ready for her date and getting Alyssa ready. “What are you going to be doing?” Colleen asked me “Getting things ready for Kelsey.” I said and she smiled at me “Have fun Colleen.” I said and she smiled at me “Will do so.” Colleen said and I smiled “I’m not looking to school.” Colleen said “You will do fine.” I said “Yeah, a junior in high school with a one year old.” Colleen said “who may by then have a boyfriend.” I said reminding her “It’s our first date. “Colleen said and I smiled at her “I know that. I’m glad you’re going out and that he wants Alyssa to go.” I said.

Submitted: April 26, 2012

© Copyright 2021 StephandBrutusandIzzy. All rights reserved.


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