What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 28 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




It’s now August 2nd and we’re all gathered together to celebrate Alyssa’s first birthday. Even Nick, Colleen’s new boyfriend is here with us today. Jake came up to me and smiled “I can’t wait to see my new niece.” Jake said “I know. I’m anxiously waiting the arrival of her.” I said “I bet you are. I love Braden and Holly like they are my own.” Jake said and I smiled at him. “How’s school?” I asked “good. I’m graduating after this semester is over.” Jake sad and I smiled Connor walked up “Looking forward to leaving?” I asked “Yeah, a fresh start from here. Too many memories Lexie.” Connor said “You are right on that. I can’t go past that street without tears.” I said and they smiled at me “Hard to believe it has been a year since Alyssa has been born.” Connor said “I know, I can’t believe it either.” I said “We have had a crazy year.” Jake said “Yeah we have.” Colleen said walking up and smiling at us.

Alyssa’s birthday party was amazing, Austin and Colleen are cleaning up and I’m sitting on the couch with Bryce and Colie and Alyssa. “Best party of the year.” I said “I know. She’s adorable. I just love the birthday girl.” Colie said and I smiled at her “I don’t know of a person who doesn’t love her.” I said “Chase.” Colleen said coming in and picking up Alyssa. She sits on the floor with Alyssa and Austin walks in afterwards. Bryan and Austin begins rubbing our feet, I’m video taping Colleen and Alyssa “Come to Uncle Austin.” Austin said Colleen helped Alyssa up to her feet “Walk to Uncle Austin.” She said and Alyssa took her first step, and then another. She fell once but got back up and made her way to Austin. “Alyssa you did it!” Austin said picking her up and she giggled. “Good job baby girl.” Colleen said “Walk to mommy.” She said and Alyssa made her way to Colleen and yawned. “I think we need to call it a night. Good night Lexie, Good night Austin, Colie, and Bryan.” Colleen said “good night.” We said and smiled at them.

August 10th, five days before my twenty-second birthday, five days before my due date and I’m out at a restaurant with Jake, Zoey, Holly, Braden, Colleen, Alyssa, Austin, Bryce, and Connor. Connor is leaving tomorrow to go to South Florida University. “I’m going to miss you Connor.” I said “Lexie, I’m going to be three hours away.” He said “I know. But that’s so far away.” I said and he just smiled at me. “I will be back when you have Kelsey. I’m not going to miss that.” Connor said and I smiled at him “I love you Connor.” I said “I love you too Lexie. Would dad be proud of me?” Connor asked on cue Jake and I both said “Yes.” And he smiled at us “We’re so proud of you Connor. You’re going to college; you’re following your dreams Connor. You’re going to do well.” I said and he smiled at me.

It’s now August 15th at six in the morning, I’m up to see Austin off to work. “Have a good day at work baby. I will call you if anything bad happens.” I said “I know Lexie. I love you.” Austin said “I love you too.” I said and he smiled at me and he kissed my lips softly and walked out the door. I took Sassy on a walk and got back at seven. I made breakfast and Bryce walked in at eight “Morning mommy.” He said “Morning Bryce. Breakfast is ready.” I said and he smiled at me and he began eating his breakfast. Colleen came down “Morning. I’m going to work.” She said “do you need anything?” Colleen asked “No sissy. I’m fine. I will call you if anything happens.” I said and she nodded and took Bryce as well.

I felt my first contraction as soon as they left and winced in pain. By noon they were close enough together so I knew to call Austin. “Austin, it’s time.” I said “I’m on my way.” He said and when he got there my water broke. I screamed out in pain “Austin! Car now!” I said and he helped me to the car and we rushed to the hospital. It wasn’t enough time yet so I was in my hospital room, squeezing Austin’s hand. Six hours later at six pm it was finally time to give birth to my own daughter. “Push on three Lexie.” My doctor said “One two three push! One two three push! One two three push! One more big push! One two three push!” He said and I gave my last push, as hard as I could and I laid my head back looking up at the ceiling.

After a minute later I heard a baby’s cry. “Congratulations it’s a girl.” My doctor said while he was cleaning her up. Austin squeezed my hand and kissed my lips “I love you baby.” I said “I love you too.” He said going to the doctor and coming over with our daughter in her pink blanket. I looked into her icy blue eyes and smiled at my daughter. She had my icy blue eyes, my strawberry blonde wavy hair, Austin’s nose, his cheek, his dimples, his ears, and my mouth. “She’s beautiful.” I said and he smiled at me “I got news that Colie had her baby the same time you did.” Austin said and I smiled at Austin. I kissed Kelsey’s forehead.

An hour later after we spent some alone time with Kelsey we let our family come in which was Colleen, Connor, and Jake. “She’s beautiful.” Colleen said “She’s adorable.” Connor said “She’s an angel sent from heaven.” Jake said “Thanks.” I said and smiled “do you guys want to hold her?” I asked and they nodded, they took turn. Connor was only staying tonight since he had work tomorrow afternoon. His classes begin on Monday since today was a Friday. “Happy birthday Lexie and Kelsey.” Jake said “Thanks.” I said and smiled. Kelsey is twenty inches long, six pounds and three ounces.

On Sunday Kelsey was able to go home, Colleen has been watching Bryce for us unless she was at work and then Jake and Zoey was watching Bryce and Alyssa. Colleen goes back to school on Monday so she was going school shopping with Zoey since I wasn’t in no place for going out anywhere anytime soon. I got Kelsey in her car seat and Austin held my hand the whole way home “it’s a new beginning for us Lexie.” Austin said “I know. I mean next summer, it will be just you, Bryce, Kelsey, and I.”I said and he smiled at me. “She is our angle baby.” Austin said “I know baby.” I said looking back at Kelsey and smiling.

When we got home Austin opened my door for me and then opened up the back door. I got out and picked up Kelsey’s car seat. We walked to the door hand in hand and Austin opened the front door. Sassy and Mr. Prince was at the door waiting for us. “Hey, let us come in.” I said and they backed off. Colleen, Bryce, and Alyssa were on the couch watching TV. “Mommy is home!” Bryce said “Aunt Lexie is home.” Colleen said and I smiled at her “Hey.” I said setting Kelsey’s car seat on the coffee table and picking up Kelsey slowly and gently. I sat down on the chair with her in my arms and Austin came over with Bryce. “Bryce this is your little sister Kelsey.” Austin said and Bryce smiled at Kelsey “Hi sissy.” Bryce said and I smiled at Bryce. Alyssa took a few of her baby steps over to me and smiled. “This is your cousin Kelsey.” I said and she smiled at Kelsey. Colleen got up and smiled “its eight o’clock baby girl. It’s bath time and bed time.” Colleen said and Alyssa held up her arms. “Good night Alyssa. I love you.” I said “good night Alyssa. I love you.” Austin said “Night Alyssa. I love you.” Bryce said. “I think I’m going to do the same for Bryce.” Austin said “Okay, I will be right here.” I said and Austin smiled at me “Okay baby.” He said getting up and placing Bryce on his hip and walking up the stairs. We had two bathrooms upstairs other than in Kelsey’s room. Kelsey grabbed my finger in her little hand and had a tight grip. “Your grandma and grandpa would be so happy to see you. They would love you.” I told her.

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