What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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Submitted: April 25, 2012




We were staring up at the stars and he looked at me and smiled at me. “Can I kiss you?” Noah asked me and I smiled “Yes you may.” I said and smiled because he was the first guy who actually asked if he could kiss me. He titled my chin up and kissed my lips softly , the kiss was sweet and tender. His lips are soft, he has to be by far the best kisser that has kissed me. We didn’t pull away, the simple kiss turned into a French kiss. I finally broke away and he smiled at me “I’m sorry.” Noah said “Don’t be Noah. You’re wonderful.” I said and now it was his turn to blush. “I’m sorry.” I said and Noah smiled at me. He had brown curly hair, and baby blue eyes, he was muscular from doing baseball, he was tan as well.

We got up and he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him. He smelt good, I love his scent. I kissed his lips softly and pulled away from him, Noah opened my car door for me and I got in. We pulled up to my house and I smiled at Noah, I kissed his lips softly and he got out and opened my car door. He walked me to the door and I kissed his cheek and smiled “I had a wonderful time. Thank you.” I said and he smiled at me “I had a great time as well.” Noah said and I watched him walk to his car and drive away before I went in. My mom and Aaron were sitting on the couch waiting for me, “Did you have fun?” My mom asked me “Yes I did.” I said and Aaron looked at me “Did he try anything?” Aaron asked me “No sir.” I said “Is he the guy with the kids?” My mom asked me “Yes he is. But I don’t care what you say. I won’t do anything I don’t want to do.” I said and before they could say anything I excused myself.

I changed into my baggy t-shirt and short shorts and crawled into my bed. I had my laptop on my lap and saw that nobody I knew was on. So I quickly logged off after updating my status and went to bed at a decent hour. I woke up at six to my alarm clock going off, I forgot to cancel it so I got change into my cheerleading outfit and pulled my hair into a sloppy ponytail and found my pumas and went jogging. I got home at seven and hopped in a shower real quick and got changed into a baby blue tank top and my black short shorts. I braided my hair into two, wore little to no makeup just enough to be consider as wearing makeup.

I handed the girls their coloring books at their little table, Josh was playing touch football with Connor. Jake was at work already today, Colleen came down and smiled “Beach with Abby.” She said and I smiled at her “Have fun Coco.” I said and she smiled at me “Will do so.” She said I saw she had her bathing suit on under her t-shirt and I smiled at her. Mrs. Wakefield pulled up and Colleen smiled good-bye and walked out the door. Around eleven thirty, I made Pizza rolls, buffalo wings, sandwiches, and got the bags of chips out. I gave the kids chicken nuggets for lunch and a juice box they were happy with that.

Austin arrived at exactly noon and smiled at me, he brought Adam with him and Adam went out to the pool with Connor who was still playing with Josh. “Ready Lex?” Austin asked me “You’re on.” I said and he smiled at me. We spent until three playing video games, he won like two games and I won all of the rest. “Lexie cheated!” Austin said “No! It’s called having a guy best friend, three brothers, a stepdad.” I said and he just laughed at me. “Austin!” Amber said running up to him and he picked her up. “How are you Amber?” Austin asked “good. I’ve missed you.” She said “Well if your sissy didn’t work all of the time then we could see each other more.” Austin said and I stuck my tongue out.

For the next hour Austin was talking about his date with Rosie and I only touched base on my date with Noah. “I’m seeing her again Friday.” Austin said “I hope you have fun.” I said and then realized tomorrow was Friday. “I’m sure I will Lexie. Hey, who knows maybe if things become serious with Rosie and Noah then we can double date.” He joked and I just rolled my eyes at him. “You never know.” I said and he smiled at me before he went home with Adam. I skipped the shower part and got dressed, Jake came home and I smiled at him “How was work?” I asked him “Good. Have a good time at work.” Jake said “Yeah, I close tonight so I doubt it.” I said and he just smiled at me. “You never know sis.” Jake said and I rolled my eyes “See ya later.” I said walking to my car.

I clocked in and made my way to my register. My mind went back to five years ago, I was twelve and so was Austin. It was the night before my birthday and I was still bummed out about my dad dying since it was not long before my birthday. We were in the meadow watching the clouds like kids do from time to time. Austin propped himself up by leaning on one elbow and I had my knees brought up to my chest staring up at the sky. “You had your first kiss?!” I asked him “Yeah, by Ashley Holmes.” He said “No way!” I said “Yes. It was like kissing my best friend.” He said “How would you know?” I demanded “Because it meant nothing to me. Like it would if we kissed.” Austin said “Want to bet?” I asked “Sure.” Austin said “So um what do we do?” I asked him “I kiss you. Close your eyes or keep them open.” Austin said “Close.” I said “Good idea.” He said and he leaned in and our lips met, it was sweet and soft, tender like. The kiss lasted about thirty seconds “Just like that.” Austin said but he was flushed, I knew I was blushing as well. “Let’s never speak of this again.” Austin said “Agree.” I whispered and went back to looking at the clouds.

I came back to reality and saw Noah coming up to my register, he had a grocery cart full of groceries, he had the car grocery cart with Brent and Caylee in the seat. “Hey Lexie.” He said “Welcome to Publix. How are you?” I asked feeling myself blush, I was feeling guilty thinking of Austin. “I’m fine, thank you. How are you?” He asked me “Fine.” I said and he smiled at me “Hey Brent. Do you want a sticker?” I asked “Sissy does too.” Brent said “Alright. Sissy will get one.” I said and Brent just smiled at me as I placed a blue one on Brent and a pink one on Caylee’s shirt. He paid and smiled at me “Looking forward to Saturday.” He said “Me too. I can’t wait.” I said and Noah smiled at me.

When midnight came along and we finished closing up I headed out the door. Tomorrow I work 8-closing because I actually had Saturday and Sunday off from work. I smiled good-bye to Nicole and got in my car. I drove home and sat on the couch, Jake was playing video games again. “Hey sissy, how was work?” Jake asked me “Good. I work tomorrow 8-closing because I’m off all weekend.” I said “Bummer for tomorrow. I’m off Sunday, we should hang out.” Jake said “Yeah. Mom was saying something about a family beach trip though.” I said “Great. All those hot girls and I’m with my family.” Jake said and I rolled my eyes at him. “You’re growing up to be a pig.” I said “Am not Lex!” He said and I smiled.

I excused myself and went to my room. I got dressed in a baggy t-shirt and just that. I crawled into my bed and curled up under my covers. I had my laptop on and was instant messaging Nicole, and Austin until about two in the morning when I dozed off on them. I woke up at five to my cell phone going off. “Hello?” I asked half-awake “Lexie there was an accident.” Nicole said her voice sounded foggy “Who’s hurt?” I asked “My daddy is. He’s in the hospital. Broken bones is all I know.” She said “I’m on my way.” I said hanging up the phone and throwing on a pair of shorts. I didn’t bother with my hair I just left it down. I drove to the hospital and met Nicole at the door and I hugged her. “How is he doing?” I asked “not sure.” She said and I walked with her. She knew I had to go to work but I was going to cover for her today.

I stayed there for an hour and had to go home, and got ready for work. I made my way to work and told the manager about Nicole’s situation. He understood and I took my position at my register. I took my break at 4 in the afternoon and called Nicole “How is he Nikki?” I asked “Good. He’s doing better. Broken arm, leg, two cracked ribs. But he’s okay. He is in his own room.” Nicole said “that’s good. Scott understood Nikki. “I said “Thank god.” Nicole said and I smiled “I need to head back in. I will check by tomorrow.” I said “Thanks Lexie.” Nicole said “No problem.” I said and hung up.

Back at my register my mind went back to my memory lane. It was five and a half years ago, right around the time we got told daddy only had six months to live. I was outside in the meadow and Nicole came up and wrapped her arms around me “You okay girlie?” Nicole asked me “Nikki, he’s dying.” I said “Oh Lexie.” Nicole said hugging me “I’m going to miss my daddy. I need him. He can’t die. Colleen, Connor, and Jake needs daddy, Amber and Jason needs daddy.” I said sobbing and Nicole held me. “I’m your best friend. I’m helping you get through this girlie. Enjoy the six months with your daddy.” Nicole said “Thanks. I’m here if you need me.” I said and Nicole smiled “I’ll hold you to that.” She said and I smiled, the day my dad died I was with him and I ran to Nicole’s house where I spent the night crying.

It’s midnight again and I closed and went straight home to my bed. After texting Nicole to see if he was okay, I went to bed. It was twelve thirty when I fell asleep, I woke up at ten am and got up and got dressed in a pair of denim shorts and a t-shirt. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and smiled at my mom and Aaron. “Going to the hospital.” I said and they nodded Nicole was sitting in the waiting room chair falling asleep “You need coffee.” I said and she nodded, “he has to stay until Monday and then he can come home. I’m off this weekend as well but going to make up for yesterday over the week.” Nicole said “I understand.” I said “You have a date tonight?” Nicole asked me “Yes I do.” I said “Better tell me the details tomorrow.” Nicole said and I smiled at her.

I went to Austin’s house and he was outside washing the cars. “Hey Lexie, want to help?” He asked me “Sure.” I said and he smiled at me “Okay.” Austin said and I smiled at him as I helped him wash the cars. “How did your date go last night?” I asked Austin “good.” Austin said “is she a good kisser?” I asked him “Maybe.” Austin said “ better than me?” I asked and he rolled his eyes at me “I don’t remember how good of a kisser you are.” Austin said “Too sad.” I said and he smiled at me. He turned the water hose on me and I squealed. Mrs. Blevins came out and smiled “Hey Lexie!” She said “Hey Mrs. Blevins!” I said and she smiled at me.

She came out and handed us a towel and laid out some lemonade. There’s Austin, Callie who is sixteen, Adam who is fourteen, Brittany is twelve, and Kelly is ten years old. Callie came out and smiled “I’m going to change real quick.” Austin said and I nodded, Callie looked at me “I like you better than Rosie. Why won’t you two date?” Callie asked me “We’re friends Callie.” I said and she rolled her eyes.

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