What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 30 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




Austin came down with Bryce and I smiled at them, I had Kelsey in my arms still. Austin set Bryce down and took Kelsey from me. “Come here buddy.” I said and he climbed up in my lap “Good night buddy. I love you.” I said “Good night mommy. I love you too.” Bryce said and I kissed his cheek “Let’s go to bed buddy.” I said and picked him up and carried him to bed, with Austin following me with Kelsey in his arms. “Good-night.” We said kissing his cheek and tucking him in bed. I turned on his night light and we walked to our room. Austin placed Kelsey in her crib that we have set up in our room for the first two weeks and turned on the baby monitor. I walked to the bathroom and looked at myself, I was skinny again with a little bit of baby fat but not enough to tell that I was pregnant; you would think I was normal.

We walked outside to the porch so Sassy could go out. I sat down on the wooden swing we have and looked up at the stars. “I haven’t been to the meadows in months.” I said “I know you haven’t.” Austin said “I use to go there all the time in high school. Even when I got back on my breaks I went there.” I said “I know exie. You should go there again one day.” Austin said “Thank you for your permission.” I said and he smiled at me, we heard the door open and I turned around. Colleen had her baby monitor on her hip. “You excited about tomorrow?” I asked “No, I am not. It’s going to be another year of school. A long year. My first day of school without Abby there. Without mom to help me with her pep talk.” Colleen said “Oh honey, mom gave me many of those. Even called me on my first day in college I’m sure I can give it to you.” I said “I don’t miss it.” Colleen said quickly and I smiled at her.

I woke up at two to check on Kelsey to see if she was still alive after going to bed at midnight. She was sleeping peacefully so I went to the bathroom and went back to bed. I woke up at four to check on her and again she was sleeping peacefully. I woke up for the last time at six and she was sleeping peacefully. I decided to get up anyways and plus I needed to see Colleen off to school. My phone started ringing and I answered it “Hello?” I asked “Hey Lex. How is the new mother doing?” Connor asked me “Good. Have a good first day. Remember to befriend people. Parties are not cool. Don’t get a girl pregnant. You’re at school to learn not to have fun.” I said “Lex, I don’t miss mom talks. But thanks sissy.” He said “Have a good day. Good luck. I love you.” I said “I love you too Lexie.” Connor said hanging up on me.

I made pancakes and Colleen came out with her backpack, diaper bag, and cheerleading bag. “I’m going to try out this year. Is that okay?” Colleen asked “If you think you can juggle cheerleading, work, school, Alyssa, family, friends, and Nick then sure.” I said “I can handle it.” Colleen said “I don’t want you to be stressed out.” I said “I’m not.” She said and we heard a baby cry “Alyssa.” I said “I’m coming baby girl.” Colleen said rushing to her room and coming back with Alyssa who was all dressed nicely for day care.

They had just enough time for breakfast and then Colleen had to leave for school. “Love you.” Colleen said “Love you too. Bye.” I said and she walked off with everything she needed and Alyssa on her hip. I heard a low baby cry and I knew it was Kelsey. “Good morning sunshine.” I said to Kelsey picking her up gently. I carried her to her room and placed her on the changing table. “Mommy is going to change your diaper.” I said and she stared up at me, I changed her diaper and lifted her up and sat in the rocking chair, I decided six weeks ago that I was going to breast feed Kelsey. After I fed her and burped her, she fell asleep in my arms again. I carried her to the living room and put her in the play pen, we had the thing raised up so Kelsey come sleep in there without getting hurt. I took Sassy out and brought in the newspaper.

Austin was taking today, Tuesday, and Wednesday off of work and then going back to work on Thursday. “Good morning buddy.” I said to Bryce who waked in “Morning mommy. Where is sissy?” He asked “Sissy is asleep.” I said “Still?” He asked “She is going to be sleeping a lot buddy.” I said “Oh.” He replied and I smiled at him. “Let’s get you some food.” I said “Okay.” He said smiling at me I gave him his plate, and his cup of orange juice. “Yummy mommy in my tummy.” Bryce said “good. I’m glad you think so.” I said and Bryce smiled at me, we saw no need in him going to day care until Austin goes back to work so he can spend time with both of his kids.

The weeks flew by and it’s September 15th, two more weeks and I go back to work. It’s Kelsey’s first checkup. She lost the last of the cord last night and Austin freaked out about it, Colleen and I both laughed at him. I don’t know how Colleen is doing it for she is working two jobs, while going to school, doing cheerleading, still taking care of Alyssa, spending time with us, her friends, and Nick. I woke up at six to Kelsey crying, she sleeps until six and then wakes me up every morning now. I change her and feed her, I set her in her playpen since she fell asleep and got Bryce up and ready for day care. Colleen came down with Alyssa in her arms. “I don’t have time to eat.” Colleen said “You have to feed Alyssa.” I said “I know that’s why I don’t have time to eat.” Colleen said and I smiled at her “Beauty of being a mom.” I said and she rolled her eyes at me. “Come on baby girl, let’s eat.” Colleen said and Alyssa smiled.

Colleen got Alyssa and Bryce in the car, came back for her stuff and then left. She goes to school 8-3, cheerleading practice 3-4, day care 4-6, Publix 6:30-11. Austin came down and kissed Kelsey’s cheek and kissed my lips. “I’m sorry I can’t make it to the appointment but I have meetings all morning.” Austin said “No worries baby.” I said kissing his lips softly and walking him to the door. I pick up Kelsey and move her into her crib in my room. I then get dressed in my jeans and a cute T-shirt and brush my hair and pull it up into a ponytail, I have been meaning to get it cut since Kelsey likes to grab it and have a tight grip on my hair.

After I got ready I picked up Kelsey and gave her a bath, put her diaper on her and got her dressed in a cute dress with a cute bloomer. I got the diaper bag ready and gently placed Kelsey in her car seat. I carried her car seat, the diaper bag, and my purse to the car. I set the diaper bag, and purse down to get her in the car and then got everything else I needed in the car and got in the car and smiled at Kelsey who was asleep and sucking on her pacifier. My phone rings and the caller ID said Allie “Hello?” I asked “Hey. Happy belated birthday. How are you?” Allie asked “Thanks Allie. I’m good. How are you?” I asked “I’m good. I miss you.” Allie said “I’m on my way to Kelsey’s appointment.” I said “Oh my, I want to see her. And you.” Allie said “I know. You should visit.” I said “I’m coming to West Palm Beach for an interview.” Allie said “When?” I asked “Today. I’m on my way there now.” Allie said “We have to get together. You have to come here to me.” I said “Will do so. Callie is coming as well.” Allie said “Okay, I’m looking forward to that.” I said “I will let you go.” Allie said “Okay, bye.” I said hanging up and looking into my baby mirror to see Kelsey asleep still. I turned on my radio for the first time in awhile and listened to my favorite station. Kelsey was still asleep, when I arrived at the doctor’s.

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