What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 31 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




After Kelsey’s appointment and she got her first round of shots she needed and Kelsey didn’t even cry at it. Instead of going home I drove to Colie’s and smiled when I saw that Colie was home. I got Kelsey’s car seat and walked to their house. “Hey.” I said and Colie smiled at me “Come in, Lyndsey is asleep.” Colie said and I smiled at her “Okay.” I said “You can put Kelsey in her play pen with Lyndsey.” Colie said and I smiled at her “Will do so.” I said walking over to the play pen and smiling at Lyndsey, this was the first time I saw her. Lyndsey has Colie’s baby blue eyes and Colie’s dirty blonde hair. She has Bryan’s facial features. “Kelsey is beautiful.” Colie said “Thanks, Lyndsey is cute too.” I said and Colie smiled at me.

Around four when I left I went to the day care and picked up Alyssa and Bryce. “Can I enroll my daughter for two weeks from now?” I asked “Take this form and we will take it when she’s old enough.” Sharon said and I nodded at her “Thank you ma’am.” I said and walked to the car, I helped Bryce in and got Alyssa in her car seat. I went to the drive through of McDonald’s and got dinner for everybody and went home. I got Bryce out and he carried the diaper bags to the house, I got Alyssa on my hip and Kelsey’s car seat on my arm. I walked to the house and unlocked the door, Bryce let Sassy out so I set Alyssa down and she waddled into the house. I had Kelsey in her car seat still until Sassy went inside and then I took Kelsey out and changed her diaper.

Kelsey is the best baby I could have for my first child, she barely cries, she sleeps in the car, she is never cranky, sleeps through the night already. Austin came home and smiled at me, kissed my lips and picked up Kelsey. I tucked Alyssa in at eight and she fell asleep soon after to music playing, Bryce was in at eight fifteen, and Kelsey was in bed at ten since she wouldn’t fall asleep. I stayed up at the kitchen table working on my article for my column since I was still able to do my columns and email it to Kevin while I’m at home with Kelsey.

At 11:20 Colleen walked in and set her book bag down at the table. “What did you guys have for dinner?” Colleen asked “McDonald’s.” I said “oh. I’ll skip dinner then.” She said “I got you something. I will heat it up. You get to school work.” I said and she nodded. “You skip breakfast due to being rush, you eat lunch, and eat dinner late due to work.” I said “I know, but I run off all the calories during cheerleading.” Colleen said and she yawned “How much homework do you have?” I asked “American Government, English 3, Creative writing.” Colleen said and I nodded “I have to write a research paper on a topic in Creative writing, do a work sheet in English 3, and answer questions on two chapters in American Government.” Colleen said “Need help?” I asked “No, I’m good.” Colleen said “Okay sissy. Good night.” I said “Good-night.” Colleen said and I went off to bed.

Kelsey actually woke up in the middle of the night crying “You hungry baby girl?” I asked and she blinked at me so I picked her up and walked into the kitchen, it was one in the morning and Colleen was up still doing homework “go to bed sissy.” I said “I’m almost done.” Colleen said “Bed.” I said getting Kelsey’s bottle ready and sitting down at the table. Colleen writes some more and puts her books down at the table. “Alright, I’m done. Good-night.” Colleen said and I nodded. I burped Kelsey since she only ate half a bottle I put the other half in the fridge and we went back to bed.


Colleen’s Pov:

I went to bed at one from doing my homework, I’m overdoing myself but I don’t want to admit it because I love cheerleading, and I need the money for if Alyssa get sick and her clothes. I was awoken at five to Alyssa crying. “What is it baby girl?” I asked half-asleep but getting up and going to her crib she had a dirty diaper I could smell it from here. I picked her up and laid her on the changing table, she was looking a little flush and when I changed her diaper she had diarrhea. “Let me take your temperature baby girl.” I said sticking the thing in her ear “Its 100.2 baby girl.” I said and she did her baby cough. I changed her diaper and walked to the kitchen not sure of what to do. She hasn’t been sick before, I have been lucky to have a healthy baby.

Her doctor office opens early so I called and a worker answered the phone “hello Doctor Love’s office. How may I help you?” She asked “Yes, I was wondering if I could make an appointment for my daughter.” I said “Name please?” She asked “Alyssa Summerland.” I said “We can fit her in at seven thirty ma’am.” She said “Okay I will have her in.” I said and she hung up. I started a pot of coffee holding Alyssa in my arms, she was burning up. Lexie came in at six with Kelsey in her arms “I wouldn’t have her near Alyssa. She’s sick.” I said “Okay.” Lexie said grabbing the half of the bottle and walking out. After she fed and put Kelsey in her playpen she walked back in. “Did you make an appointment?” Lexie asked “Yes I did. Seven thirty. Hopefully she’s healthy enough for me to go to school.” I said and Lexie smiled “You’re doing really good.” Lexie said “Thanks. I’m going to go get dressed so I can make it on time.” I said and she smiled at me.

I got dressed quickly and got Alyssa dressed and got her in my car and made it to the doctor’s. “Alyssa has the flu.” Doctor Love said writing out a prescription for some antibiotics. “Give it to her twice a day, she should be fine in a couple days.” Doctor Love said and I nodded, it was eight now and my first period was beginning. I made it home and Lexie looked at me “Flu. I’m going to miss school and work until she’s better.” I said knowing it would hurt me “Okay.” Lexie said “Have a friend bring you your make up work today for the rest of the week.” Lexie said and I smiled at her.

I spent the day in my room with Alyssa curled up next to me on my bed asleep. Around four somebody was knocking on my door. “Come in.” I said and it was Nick, he was in all of my classes. “Here is all of your makeup work for the rest of the week.” Nick said “Thanks.” I said “No problem, how is she feeling?” Nick asked “Okay I guess. She has been sleeping all day, she won’t keep any food in.” I said and Nick nodded. “I hope she feels better. But I have to get to work.” Nick said “Okay baby. I love you.” I said “I love you too.” Nick said and he kissed me good-bye.

I went ahead and did my work for the rest of the week that night and woke up at six naturally to give Alyssa her medicine. I picked her up and laid her on my bed with me pulling the cover up and having my arms around Alyssa. Nick is more of a father to Alyssa than Chase is and Chase is her natural birth father. I walked out into the living room and ten and Lexie smiled at me, “How is she?” Lexie asked “Better. I’m going to make some soup, hoping she can hold it in.” I said “Yeah, any school work left?” Lexie asked “Actually no, I finished it all yesterday.” I said and she smiled at me. “Bring Alyssa out, if she is away from Kelsey then it’s fine and I don’t think she will be near her.” Lexie said and I nodded.

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