What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 34 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




Fifteen years later

Kelsey’s Pov:

“Kids hurry up; we need to be getting on the road.” My mom said and I smiled we were going to Stuart, Florida like we do every year on June 11th. I am sixteen years old almost seventeen years old; I just finished my sophomore year of high school and in the fall will begin my junior year of high school. I’m brushing my knee length strawberry blonde hair and pull it up into a ponytail since it’s a three hour ride to Stuart. We live in Daytona Beach in a fancy neighborhood, our neighbors are my parent’s best friends Colie and her family, and on the other side is my Aunt Colleen. I am best friends with Lyndsey, and Alyssa who is a year older than us.

I walk downstairs and smile at my family. Even my older half-brother Bryce is here. He is nineteen years old; he goes to University of Florida. It’s Bryce, me, my little sister Summer who is 14, my brother Landon is 12 and my youngest sister Autumn is 10 years old. We load up in the car and head to Stuart. I put my headphones in my ear and turn on my Ipod. My parents were best friend growing up, didn’t admit their feelings until right before they went to college which was different colleges the first year. My dad is a business manager and my mom is a writer at the local newspaper stand where she is the manager.

We arrive in Stuart and went to my mom’s old house where we all stay at when we come since they never could put it up for sale. I actually sleep in my old room, which is my mom’s old room. But I share it with Alyssa, Summer, and Autumn. Alyssa has three little siblings Brooke is 13, Macy is 10, and Corey is 8 years old. My mom and my dad are 39 and 38 years old, my mom and I have the same birthday August 15th. Uncle Jake is 37 years old, Uncle Connor is 35 years old, and Aunt Colleen is 33 years old. Uncle Jake has four children of his own and two step-children, Holly and Braden are eighteen years old, Jeff is 14, Samantha is 12, Amanda is 10, and Kyle is 8 years old. Uncle Connor has three kids Aiden is 8, Jasmine is 5, and Crystal is 3 years old. Their old house is a six bedroom, fitting four families in.

“Okay the room situation is Holly, Alyssa, Summer, Autumn, Kelsey, Brooke, and Samantha will be in my old room.” My mom said and we began to take our bags up to the room. “Macy, Amanda, Jasmine, and Crystal will be in Alicia’s old room.” My mom said “Braden, Bryce, Landon, Corey, Jeff, Kyle, and Aiden will be in Josh’s old room.” My mom said “So we get our old rooms?” Uncle Jake asked my mom “Yes Jake.” She said and they smiled “it will be like old times.” Uncle Jake said and they all smiled. We went to our room and made the sleeping arrangement “Alyssa and Brooke will get the bed.” I said “Okay.” They said “I will get the window seat.” I said “Okay.” “I want the chair.” Samantha said “Okay.” I said “We’ll sleep on our sleeping bags.” Summer said and I nodded. “Holly?” I asked “Sleeping bag.” She said and I smiled. “I’m looking forward to this weekend.” I said “Me too.” They said, since Holly, Alyssa, and I are the closest in age we’re close friends. Alyssa and I attend the same school. “Grandpa has been gone for twenty-six years.” I said “I know. Does Aunt Lexie talk about him?” Samantha asked and I nodded. “If we ask about him then she does and she smile about it. Daddy tells us not to bring it up much. I couldn’t imagine losing my dad.” I said “Me neither.” Went around the room.


We go to the meadows that my mom found twenty-six years ago and we have our lunch and we enjoy the beautifulness of the meadows. My mom, Uncle Jake, Uncle Connor, and Aunt Colleen are on the grass talking. I walk up “Hey Kels.” Uncle Jake said “Hey.” I said “Am I interrupting anything?” I asked “Nope, just some sibling bonding time.” My mom said “Come sit.” Aunt Colleen said “You look so much like your mother and aunt.” Uncle Jake said and I smiled “thanks.” I said and he smiled “How is school? Or was school?” Uncle Connor asked me “it was good. I’m excited about next year.” I said “junior is a big year.” Aunt Colleen said and I smiled “Can you believe that Bryce is in college? Braden and Holly will be leaving in the fall for college, and Alyssa is a senior?” Uncle Jake asked and they all shook their heads. I decided to leave them and walked to my dad who was with the other non-family members “Hey sweetie.” My dad said “hey daddy.” I said “Kelsey you are turning out to be beautiful.” Uncle Nick said “Hey!” I said but smiled at him. “You are beautiful Kelsey. Any boys chasing you?” Aunt Zoey asked me “Yes and no. I don’t pay attention.” I said and she smiled at me.

I have two best friends that I do everything with beside Alyssa. Lyndsey and Jared. Jared is my dad’s old college friend Blake’s son who is married to my mom’s old college friend Allie. We have been friends for years, since Jared moved here. He’s our age, which is something that shocked my mom but she was cool with it. We have been friends since we were four Jared and I. Lyndsey and I have been friends since we were born but from what we always tell people is since we were two. “Hey Kels, you should date Jared.” Bryce said “Jared as in my best friend?” I asked “Yeah, he’s cute isn’t he?” Bryce asked “You’re a boy.’” I said “I know, that’s why I asked.” Bryce said “No he’s my friend.” I said “Hey did your father or I ever tell you our story?” My mom asked coming up to us. “No ma’am.” I said “We were best friends since we were two, Colie, your dad, and I. We did everything together. Throughout the years feelings occurred, I shared my first kiss with him which was a dare. We would play video games together, go out with other guys or girls and tell each other how it went. Our junior year I date a guy name Noah, we break up because I’m in love with another guy, and your dad here doesn’t notices. Just like I didn’t notice he was in love with a girl. We go our senior year being friends but distance because I tell him I like him and he just says he needs to focus on other things. But at the end when I’m already going to attend Duke, the night of our graduation party to be exact he told me how he really felt. So we had a long distance relationship our first year. But the point is we were best friends to begin with.” My mom said “I love that story. But that isn’t my case. I’m friends.” I said and my dad walked up “Good, you are too young to date.” My dad said “Oh daddy, I’m sixteen almost seventeen.” I said “Still too young if I have a say in it.” My dad said and I smiled “Okay daddy.” I said kissing his cheek and walking over to join my cousins. I know in my daddy’s eyes I was still his little girl and he didn’t want me to get hurt.

Of course like these weekends normally are spent around the family we did huge family activates and ended the fun-filled weekend by having breakfast at Ihop. Aunt Colleen, our family will be returning to Daytona Beach, Uncle Jake to Coca beach, and Uncle Connor to Tampa. We had a huge table for all of us and we spent two hours eating breakfast and talking. Our good-byes were quick and simple and promising to see each other during the summer while us kids are on break were made. Half the time they are never followed through but we still do it anyways even though we already know.

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