What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 35 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




When we get back because it was around two in the afternoon after I helped unload the car I went next door to Lyndsey’s house. Aunt Colie as we call her was sitting on the porch on her rocking chair “Hey Kels, she’s in her room.” Aunt Colie said and I smiled “Thanks.” I said before walking into the house and walked up to Lyndsey’s room. “Hey Lynds.” I said “Hey Kels! Welcome home! Nice weekend?” Lyndsey asked “Indeed it was. Funny thing though, I got told I should date Jared.” I said “Our best friend Jared?” Lyndsey asked and I nodded she laughed “Finally! Somebody agrees with me! I was just too nervous to say it out loud.” Lyndsey said and I rolled my eyes at her “I’m friends with him and that is it.” I said “Uh-huh. My mom told me about your parents, they were just friends.” Lyndsey said and I rolled my eyes “Are you wanting to apply to Publix or not?” I asked and she smiled “It has to be better than the animal shelter like we have done for the past year.” Lyndsey said “Then come on.” I said and she grabs her bag.

We walk outside to see my mom and her mom talking “Where to girls?” My mom asked “Publix for job application.” I said “Have fun.” My mom said and I smiled “My car or your car?” I asked “Yours.” Lyndsey said and I nod at her and we head to my 2015 Silver BMW that I got, it’s older than I am but it runs great. We arrive at Publix and fill out an application “I need to get some groceries for dinner. My mom wanted me to pick something up.” I tell Lyndsey “Alright no problem.” Lyndsey said and I smiled at her. “What are you in the mood for?” Lyndsey asked me “We had seafood, burgers, and other fast food stuff. So nothing like that.” I said “Fried chicken, potatoes salad, fruit?” Lyndsey asked me “Sounds good to me.” I said so we got all the indigents we needed and paid.

The next morning being a Monday, my mom and dad are up at six and walking around the house getting ready. I find my workout shorts and my yoga tank top and my tennis shoes. I pull my hair up into a high sloppy ponytail and walk downstairs. “Morning mom, morning daddy.” I said “Morning Kels.” They said they were eating breakfast and drinking coffee. “Plans for today?” My dad asked me “Morning jog, chores, pool, then the rest is unknown.” I said “Have fun Kels.” My dad said and my mom smiled “You are so much like I was at your age.” My mom said “Thanks mom.” I said and I know it’s a good thing because I look up to her. “You haven’t had to experience the awful things I did at your age.” She said and I smiled at her. “But you are now the strongest, toughest woman I know momma.” I said getting all southern with her. “Thanks baby doll.” My mom said smiling at me. I put my armband on and put my Ipod in the protective case. “I’m off now.” I said and they nodded. “Have a good day. I love you.” I said “love you too.” They said. I turned my music on when I got to the porch and began my journey this morning.

I ran around the neighborhood twice equaling two miles and then ran to the park which on the way back to the community was a mile so three miles and home was another mile. When I jogged up my street I saw Jared outside cutting the grass and he smiled at me “Morning Kels!” He said “morning!” I said jogging past him home. Aunt Colie and Uncle Bryan were at work now, my parents were at work. Bryce I’m not really sure about his plans for the summer since he’s off now until the fall. I walked inside and took a shower. Getting dressed in denim shorts, and a tank top. I did my chores, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, taking the trash out, and cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning my room. I finally sat down at the kitchen table to relax and the whole gang walked in from just waking up.

Bryce, Summer, Landon, and Autumn sat down at the kitchen table. I got up and made eggs, bacon, and sausage for them. “So Bryce what are your plans for summer?” I asked “Working at dad’s shop in Tallahassee like always. I’m staying over there this summer to hang with college friends.” Bryce said and I nodded, daddy’s business went global, it’s all over the country and he has multiple ones in Florida. Uncle Bryan is his business partner so that explains why we do a lot of family outings together. “When do you leave?” I asked “tonight. So I’m hanging with my little sisters and brother.” Bryce said “There’s a Yankees game this afternoon.” Landon said “how many tickets do we have?” I asked “Dad, Bryce, me, you, and mom.” Landon said “Girls?” I asked “Aunt Colie’s.” Summer said and I looked at Autumn “Aunt Colleen’s.” She said and I smiled.  Lyndsey has three siblings as well Jessie is fourteen, Logan is 12, and Courtney is ten. Our mothers have this thing of getting pregnant around the same time.

Around one after we enjoyed a couple hours in the pool we knew it was time to get ready for the game. I wore my denim shorts, and my Yankees jersey, with my Yankee hat holding my hair up in a ponytail. By the time I was ready my parents arrived and got changed for the game. Summer was already at Aunt Colie’s and Autumn was at Aunt Colleen’s. “Ready kids?” My dad asked and we nodded “I love having three kids into baseball.” My mom said and I smiled at her, “You are never too old are you?” I asked “I’m not old.” My mom said and I smiled at her.

After the game which we won we picked up Autumn and Summer and went out to eat to celebrate life, and our last family dinner until birthdays. Bryce’s birthday is March 15th, mine is August 15th, Summer’s birthday is January 15th, Landon’s birthday is May 15th, and Autumn’s birthday is September 15th. Daddy’s is July 15th, and momma is August 15th. We ate at Bryce’s favorite place which is Red Lobster. “You kids are amazing, I am so proud of all of you.” Momma said “Thanks mom.” We all said and she smiled at us.

Bryce looked at my mom and dad “I’m not going to college next year.” Bryce said “Why son?” My dad asked “I’m joining the Army. I want to serve our country.” Bryce said and I looked at my mom’s face which was color drained. Uncle Jake got hurt overseas when he joined many years ago. “If that is what you want then we will support you Bryce.” Momma said and he nodded “I go to boot camp tomorrow, that’s why I’m leaving.” Bryce said “So you lied to us?” Saying you were working at daddy’s shop.” I said “To protect you. I know you girls would be a wreck.” Bryce said and I nodded.

When we got home it was our time to say good-bye we wouldn’t see him until September when he finishes everything he has to and we go to his graduation. He worked his way up from Autumn to me now “Be good Kels, don’t give momma or dad a hard time. I love you sissy.” He said “I love you too. Stay safe.” I said and he smiled, he said his good-byes to momma and daddy and then got in his truck and drove off. It was still a decent hour around seven and the phone was ringing “I got it.” Autumn said coming back out and looking at me “it’s for you.” Autumn said and I nodded. “Hello?” I asked “Is this Kelsey Blevins?” A male voice asked “Yes sir this is she.” I said “I am Brad the manager at Publix. I’m calling to set up an interview with you ma’am.” He said “Okay, when would be a great time?” I asked “How is tomorrow at nine miss?” Brad asked me “That is perfect sir.” I said “Okay Miss Blevins I will see you then.” Brad said and we hung up. My mom looked at me “Interview tomorrow.” I said and she smiled.

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