What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 36 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




I woke up at six to my alarm going off. I forgot to disconnect my alarm since it’s summer time now. I got dressed in my yoga shorts and yoga shirt on. I found my pumas and went jogging for an hour and jogged back home and pulled out my yoga mat and turned on relaxing music to stretch and enjoy the relaxation. “Kelsey!” Summer said walking out “What?!” I asked because she said it loudly and I jumped out of my skin. “I’m going to the mall, do you want to go?” Summer asked “No thank you. I have an interview at nine.” I said and she smiled at me “Have a good time. Good luck Kels.” Summer said and I smiled at her. “Thanks Sum, have a good time.” I said and she smiled at me.

I went to my room and found my white summer dress, brown leggings, and my fancy sandals. I brushed my hair and left it down, putting my silver headband on my head. I walked downstairs and smiled at my sisters who were downstairs. “Landon is going over to Aunt Colie’s right?” I asked “Yeah, he’s already there.” Summer said “Thanks, I will be back as soon as I can.” I said “Good luck Kels.” Autumn said and I smiled at her. I got in my car and turned my music on to my favorite rock station and enjoyed the ten minute ride to Publix and waited until nine.

I walked in and a man in his late twenties looked at me “Are you Kelsey Blevins?” He asked me “Yes sir. Are you Brad?” I asked “Yes I am.” Brad said “Come this way Miss Blevins.” Brad said and I followed him into his office. He asked me a few questions “I will get back with you Miss Blevins.” He said “Thank you sir.” I said and he smiled at me. I drove home and Lyndsey was walking out in her cute summer dress “Interview at Publix.” She said “Just had one.” I said and she smiled at me “good luck Lynds.” I said and she smiled at me “Thanks.” Lyndsey said and I smiled at her, she got in her car and drove off.

Around one I met up with Jared and Lyndsey at the best pizza parlor place in Daytona Beach for lunch. “How was your interview?” I asked Lyndsey “Good, yours?” Lyndsey asked me “it was good.” I said and she smiled at me. “I have an interview with your dad tomorrow.” Jared said “To work at the job?” I asked “Yeah, the car washing part.” Jared said and I smiled at him. We ordered our mushroom, pepperoni, and sausage pizza. We ordered milkshakes and Dr. Peppers to go with our pizza. We got our milkshakes first and finished in no time. “This should be an amazing summer.” I said “If we save up enough from the jobs we should take a road trip this summer.” Lyndsey said “Where to?” I asked “Busch Gardens.” Jared said “I have family near there we could stay there maybe.” I said “Let’s bring it up with our family tonight.” Jared said “Okay.” We said and smiled.

While I had a mouthful of pizza in my mouth and my phone started ringing. “Hello?” I asked “Is this Kelsey Blevins?” Brad asked me “Yes sir.” I said “I am calling to inform you that you have the job.” Brad said “Thank you sir.” I said “Can you come in at four to get your schedule?” Brad asked me “Yes sir.” I said and we hung up. I looked at Jared and Lyndsey and her phone went off “Yes sir.” “Thank you sir.” “Yes sir.” Lyndsey said and I looked at her “We got the job!” And I smiled at her and Jared was smiling.

We didn’t bother going home because it was three so we walked around town for half an hour and then made our way to Publix. Lyndsey was driving first and I was following her in my car. We arrived at the same time and I smiled at Lyndsey “Are you ready?” I asked “Yes I am.” I said and she smiled.

We walked up to Brad together and he smiled “Let me guess best friends?” Brad asked us “Yes sir.” I said “Okay well let me give you your schedule.” Brad said “Okay.” We said and he gave us a piece of paper, for this week it’s Wednesday: 7am-2pm, Thursday: 8am-4pm, Friday: 7am-5pm, Saturday: 12-7pm, Sunday: 1pm-9pm. We went home and my mom and dad were on the porch drinking a cup of coffee enjoying the night sky. “I got the job!” I said “That’s wonderful!” My mom said. “Lyndsey, Jared and I were talking and we were wondering if we save up our money, if the beginning of August if we could stay at Uncle Connor’s.” I said “We have to talk to Lyndsey’s parents, Jared’s parents. But we will get back with you.” My mom said and I nodded at her.

The next morning I woke up at five, went jogging for an hour, got dressed and ate breakfast with my parents. I hugged my mom good-bye and kissed my dad’s cheek good-bye. I got in the car and made it to work. I clocked in at exactly 7 and Lyndsey came in as well, we got a tour by Brad and were told what to do. To begin with we will be baggers but could work our way up to cashiers. Work was good, it went by quick and we clocked out. We met Jared at the pizza place and he looked at us “So?” Jared asked “parents have to discuss.” I said “I know. They’re having dinner out tonight, I have to babysit.” Jared said “I do too.” I said “Me too.” Lyndsey said “We should all stay at my house then.” I said “Okay.” They said agreeing, Jared has four siblings VS our three. Cayla is fourteen, Caleb is twelve, Ally is ten, and Tori is two years old.

So it’s my three siblings and I, Lyndsey and her three siblings, and Jared and his four siblings at my house. The three boys are playing video games; Cayla, Summer, and Jessie are upstairs in her room. Autumn, Ally, and Courtney are in Autumn’s room. Leaving us with the sweet and adorable Tori. She loves me to death, she will follow me everywhere. “Who is that?” Tori asked referring to a picture of Sassy and Mr. Prince on wall, my mom’s Saint Bernard and my dad cat. Mr. Prince is still alive, he’s 18 years old, so he isn’t expected to live much longer. But Sassy died three years old, she was my dog after I got old enough to know what she was. “Sassy and Mr. Prince. You have seen Mr. Prince.” I said “Oh.” She said and I smiled at her. “Daddy left money.” I said and Lyndsey and Jared nodded they both had money from their dads. “Order a huge pizza from there?” I asked “Sure.” They said, so we ordered three X-large pizzas for the kids and ourselves.

We spent some time outside with all the kids, Caleb, Logan, Landon, and Jared playing football. Summer, Cayla, and Jessie are painting each other’s nails on the porch. Autumn, Ally, and Courtney are on the swing set swinging. Lyndsey, Tori, and I are in the sandbox that we had from when we were younger. “This brings back so many memories.” Lyndsey said “I agree. I remember when we were little playing in this while our moms were holding summer, Jessie, and Cayla.” I said and she smiled in agreement. A few minutes later the cars pull up. Lyndsey’s parents pulled up to their house. “Lynds, Logan, Jessie, Courtney time to come home.” Uncle Bryan said “Bye Lynds.” I said “Bye Kels.” She said “Come on kiddos.” Uncle Blake said, Jared picked up Tori and carried her to the car.

I showed up to work at 8 and smiled Lyndsey was there waiting for me. “Dinner tonight, all of us.” Lyndsey said “I know I got the news, I woke up to go jogging.” I said “You already stay in shape.” Lyndsey said and I smiled “This is why.” I said and she smiled at me. I went to my spot and began.

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