What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 37 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




After dinner we were called to come out on the porch. We sat on the steps while the adults sat on the chairs. “Kelsey, Lyndsey, and Jared we decided that your idea for a road trip was a wonderful idea. But you need to call your uncle and ask him.” My mom said and we all looked at each other, my mom handed me the house phone. “Hello?” Aunt Laurie asked “Hello Aunt Laurie, it’s Kelsey. Is Uncle Connor around?” I asked “Hey Kels, how is it going?” She asked me “Really good. How are things with you?” I asked “Good Kels, hold on. Let me get him.” She said “Okay thanks.” I said and looked at my mom who was biting back a smile. “Hey Kels. What’s up?” Uncle Connor asked me “Nothing much. I have a question for you.” I said “Uh-on. Sounds serious. Am I in trouble?” He asked me “No sir.” I said “Okay, go ahead and ask Kels.” Uncle Connor said. “I was wondering if my two friends Lyndsey, and Jared and I could go visit you guys one of the first weekends in August so we could go to Busch Gardens?” I asked “Hmm, let me think. Is this the Jared that you have the crush on?” Uncle Connor asked and I felt my face turn beat red. “No sir.” I said “Let me ask your Aunt Laurie.” He said and he put me on hold. Everybody looked at me, my mom was trying really hard not to laugh now. He came back on the other line “It’s fine with us. We have a guest bedroom for you two and a tent for Jared. I don’t want no more nieces or nephews.” Uncle Connor said and I could tell my face was beat red “Thank you Uncle Connor.” I said “Let me speak to your mom?” He asked “Yes sir, sure.” I said handing my mom the phone. After a few minutes she busted out laughing. “We love you guys too. Have a good one.” My mom said hanging up.

“August 4th-6th you will be in Tampa, ask for the time off.” My mom said and I nodded. We went for a walk and I knew my mom was telling them. “Why was your face so red?” Lyndsey asked “Was it? I didn’t know.” I said and she smiled at me. “Kelsey Lynn I will get the answer out of you.” She said “maybe so.” I said and giggled. “I know you oh so well.” Lyndsey said “Is that so?” I asked and she smiled at me. “Try to catch me if you can and then I will tell you.” I said “Okay fine!” Lyndsey said “One two three go!” Jared said and we took off running. I was running as fast as I could and I tripped over a rock and I couldn’t move my leg. “Ow!” I said “Kelsey!” Jared and Lyndsey said running to catch up to me. “I think it’s sprained or broken.” I said “We’ll get you home. You’re all bloody as well.” Jared said, each helping me up and propping me up. We walked the mile back home or they did and I limped. Our parents were still outside but when they saw us coming my dad rushed to me. “What happened?” He asked as he took me from them, lifting me up and carrying me like he did when I was little. “We were racing, I tripped over a rock.” I said and my mom was already going to get the first aid kit.

“Can you move it?” My mom asked after cleaning it and putting stuff on it to stop the bleeding. “It hurts really bad when I move it.” I said “Hospital or wait a little bit?” My mom asked Aunt Colie “I would say wait until morning unless it gets worse.” Aunt Colie said and my mom nodded. “I’m going to lift you up and set you on the couch.” My dad said and I nodded “Okay.” I said and he did so, Lyndsey gave me a pillow to prop up my right leg with. It was throbbing right now; I couldn’t move it, and all I could feel was pain. “You were running really fast.” Lyndsey said and I nodded “I’m spending the night. My parents and yours said I could.” Lyndsey said and I smiled. After Jared and them left my mom came in and sat next to me. “Are you feeling any better?” She asked “No ma’am, it still hurts like before. “ I said “You might not have broken it, but sprained it.” She said and I nodded. “I have to go to work tomorrow though.” I said “Not if you can’t move it. “ She said and I nodded. Knowing I would be there.

The leg didn’t improve over night, it was swollen instead. I could barely put any weight on my leg. But I acted like I could and went to work on it like it was; of course I let Lyndsey drive. At five after being on my hurt leg all day I was relieved to be going home. When I got home and changed into my comfortable shorts I looked at my leg, it was really swollen and hurt worse than it did. My mom came in to tell me we were going out to dinner but instead she called for my dad “Kels.” My dad mumbled picking me up and taking me to the car. Everybody was already in the car “We have a quick detour before dinner.” My mom said and they nodded in agreement.

We waited an hour to be seen and the doctor took X-rays of my leg. “It isn’t broken. You’re lucky on that. It’s sprained big time. I will prescribe antibiotics for the pain; give you a splint to put your knee in.” The doctor said and I nodded at him. He put the black splint on my knee where it was sprained at and told me to stay off of my feet for a while. I nodded saying I would until noon tomorrow and he nodded. We went to Wal*mart to get the prescription filled and went to Subway while we waited. “No more running for a while.” My dad said “I know daddy.” I said and he smiled at me “I love you cupcake.” He said “I love you too daddy.” I said enjoying my sub. We got my prescription and went home.

I had help to my bed, I propped my knee up like doctor ordered and started watching romantic movies, The Notebook, The Vow, The Last Song, stuff like that. I feel asleep at two when the medicine kicked in finally. I woke up at eight and knew I couldn’t move so I turned my TV on to my favorite channel. I slowly moved at eleven and got dressed in my work uniform and slowly made my way downstairs. It still hurt but not like it did yesterday. I sat down at the kitchen table where my family was discussing plans for the day. “When do you get off?” My mom asked me “Seven.” I said “Honey go easy on the knee.” Daddy said “I will daddy. I’m going to get Lyndsey to drive. “ I said “Smart girl.” My mom said and I smiled at her.

“Hey Lynds.” I said walking up to her car “Need a ride?” she asked “Yeah, they don’t want me driving.” I said “I don’t want you driving. Get in.” She said and I smiled “So what happened the other night?” Lyndsey asked me “Nothing. My uncle just brought up something embarrassing. Something from the past.” I said “Oh Kels, you can’t lie. “ She said “Uh-huh if I really wanted to.” I said “well you must not want to.” She said “Okay, he brought up asking if Jared is the guy I like and he will be in the tent.” I said “Do you?!” Lyndsey asked me “No! He’s my best friend! That is it!” I said and Lyndsey smiled “Uh-oh you like him! You really like him!” Lyndsey said and I rolled my eyes at her.

During work I got a text saying they were going out to eat so I could go hang with my friends for dinner. After work I looked at Lyndsey “Are you hungry?” I asked “Starving.” Lyndsey said “Pizza Parlor!” I said and Lyndsey smiled at me and droved the way. We met up with Jared who was sitting at our usual table since we told him to meet us there. “Cheers to us friends!” I said “Friends forever!” Jared said “Agree!” Lyndsey and I said “This will be an amazing summer!” Lyndsey said “Agree!” Jared and I said. “Best Pizza ever!” I said “I know. I prefer this pizza.” Lyndsey said “I could eat this every night if I could.” Jared said “Agree!” Lyndsey and I said. “When do you work tomorrow?” Jared asked “One to nine.” We said and he smiled “We get our schedule for this week as well.” I said “Awesome, I get mine from your dad tomorrow.” Jared said “That’s cool.” I said smiling at my two best friends. “I love y’all.” I said.

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