Chapter 4:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I went upstairs and knocked on his door “Come in. I have shorts on Lex.” He said and I smiled and sat on his bed with a towel. He was shirtless, his muscular and dark tan showing. He has dirty blond hair and baby blue eyes. He sat next to me and rolled his eyes “You’re wet on my bed.” Austin said “I know. But I don’t care.” I said “I do!” Austin said and I rolled my eyes. “Lexie, do you want to stay for lunch?” Mrs. Blevins asked me “Sure.” I said and Austin smiled at me. We were called for lunch and I realized it was two in the afternoon. We ate as a huge group, Mr. Blevins was telling me how much he missed seeing me around here.

For the next two hours I spent time with all of them, Austin walked me to the car. “Tell Nicole I hope her dad gets better.” Austin said “I will. Thanks for today. I needed it.” I said and Austin smiled at me “No problem. I needed it too.” Austin said and I rolled my eyes “See you around.” I said getting in my car and driving home. I was being picked up at six tonight, so I had two hours to get ready. But my mom made me spend an hour with all of them and I rolled my eyes. “I need to get ready mom.” I said at five and excused myself to get dress. I found my cute pair of denim shorts and my Yankee T-shirt and my Yankee baseball hat on.

Noah arrived at six and I waved good-bye to my family and walked to the car. He was wearing blue jeans and a Yankee T-shirt with a Yankee baseball hat on. I ended up leaving my hat at home, and I looked back to see Brent and Caylee in a Yankee outfit as well. “Too cute.” I said and he smiled at me. “Thanks. You look beautiful.” Noah said and I smiled at him “Thanks.” I said and we talked about our week and weekend on the way to the game. When we arrived I volunteer to get Caylee. I placed her on my hip and we walked to the stadium. He had Brent on his lap and I had Caylee on mine. I stole Noah’s hat and placed it on my head and he smiled at me.

We won the game and after the game we went to McDonald’s. Brent got his happy meal and he was happy. I placed Caylee in the booster seat and Noah smiled “You’re really good with her.” He said “Thanks, my sisters are young.” I said and Noah smiled at me. “I know.” Noah said and I smiled at him when we got done with dinner Brent went on the playground so we were sitting in the playground room talking about the game and our plans for tomorrow. He was working, and Ashley was getting the kids for a week. I told him I had to go into work to get my schedule for the week. “We should plan a date this week if you would like.” Noah said “Sure thing.” I said “Maybe we could get a group of couples and go to the skating ring.” Noah said “Sure. I know two people who are dating someone who would want to come.” I said and he smiled “I know a couple as well.” Noah said and I smiled.

When I went home I went straight to bed not worrying about anybody else. It was eleven when I went to bed and I woke up at seven. I got dressed in my denim shorts and a blue t-shirt. I made my way to work and got my schedule for the week Monday: 8-2, Tuesday: 4-closing, Wednesday: 7-closing, Thursday 12-8, Friday: Off, Saturday: Off, Sunday 7-4. I made it home and everybody was waiting “Get ready for the beach.” My mom said and I nodded, I got dressed in my bathing suit and a t-shirt over my body.

After we spent all afternoon at the beach, we went to a seafood shack near the beach and ate dinner. “How was your week?” My mom asked us “good.” We all said and that was pretty much the end of it “In two weeks can you two take off of work?” Aaron asked us and we looked at him “Family vacation to New York for a week.” Aaron said “Okay.” I said and Jake nodded in agreement. We were finally going to do something this summer.

When we made it home it was eight, so Alicia and Amber got tucked in. Josh wasn’t too long after that from having a hard day at the beach. So Connor, Jake, and I spent until ten playing video games. I then did Colleen’s hair until eleven and made it in time to my room for my phone to be ringing. “Hello?” I asked “One sec. Let me get Nikki on the line.” Austin said “Okay.” I said and heard him dial somebody “Hello?” Nicole asked “Hey Colie.” I said “Lexie and Austin. What’s up?” Nicole asked “What are you guys doing?” Austin asked us “Just sitting in my room.” I said “Same here. Getting things ready for daddy to come home.” Nicole said “Oh yeah, he comes home tomorrow.” I said “Yup. My work schedule this week is going to be busy.” Nicole said “I bet. Are you off Friday?” I asked “Yes I am.” Nicole said “Austin, you and Rosie good?” I asked “Yes we are.” Austin said and I smiled “Do you guys want to do a group date?” I asked “Sure.” They said together and I smiled “Friday, skating ring.” I said “Sounds like fun. I will run the idea with Rosie.” Austin said “I will run the idea with Chad.” Nicole said “Alright.” I said and we talked about nonsense stuff until one.

I woke up at six, went jogging for an hour and then got dressed for work. “When do you get off?” My mom asked me “two.” I said “Sounds like fun Lexie.” My mom said and I smiled at her “Then going to see Mr. Wakefield for a bit at Nicole’s.” I said and my mom nodded “Sounds like fun sweetie.” My mom said and I smiled. I made it to work and saw Nicole there already “I work 7-7 today, 7-closing tomorrow, 7-8 Wednesday, 8-8 Thursday, off Friday and Saturday then 4-closing Sunday.” Nicole said “Sounds like a pretty pay check.” I said “Pay day is Friday!” Nicole said and I smiled at her.

I got off at two and waved good-bye to Nicole. I skipped going to see Mr. Wakefield since Nicole wasn’t home and went to Noah’s work place. He smiled at me “hey Lexie.” He said “hey Noah. When is your break?” I asked “Now actually. I have half an hour.” He said and I smiled “Want to take a walk?” I asked “Sure.” He said and he grabbed my hand and we went for a walk. “You just getting off?” Noah asked me “Yeah, when do you?” I asked “Four.” Noah said “Sounds like fun. Doing anything afterwards?” I asked “Nope. Why?” Noah asked me “Want to have dinner at my place?” I asked “Sure.” Noah said “See you at five?” I asked “Okay.” Noah said and I kissed his lips softly.

I went to Publix again and got things for dinner and while I was doing that I called to let my mom know that I invited Noah to dinner. She said that was fine so I didn’t argue with her. I got home and got the things for dinner on the counter. Noah came by early and hugged me “hey.” I said “Hey.” Noah said smiling at me. I started cutting the onions and he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “This is nice.” I said and he smiled at me, I started boiling water and got things ready. I started cooking the meatballs and then made the garlic bread. When the food was done we all sat down at the table. My mom and Aaron was asking Noah all kind of questions over dinner, after dinner it was Colleen’s turn to do the dishes. We set up a family game of twister after dinner and had fun doing that.

Noah and I escaped to the back yard where there was a playground area. I sat on the swing and he pushed me. “I’m enjoying my time getting to know you Lexie.” Noah said “I am too. I love Brent and Caylee.” I said “I can tell. Brent talks about you all the time.” Noah said and I smiled at him.

The week went by quick and it’s now Friday. Nicole and I are getting ready at my place. My mom and Aaron are going out on a date tonight as well, so Jake is watching the kids. I’m not sure how my mom is liking me dating. I’m either with Nicole or Austin or Noah or I’m working I’m never spending much time at home but I know on the New York trip I will be spending enough time with them to make up for it. I wore a pair of denim shorts, and a cute tank top. I braided my hair in one and found my pumas and put them on with socks.

We arrived at the skating ring at the time we said we would be there. I notice Noah, Chad, Austin and a girl, then two more sets of couple. “Hey Lexie, hey Nicole.” Noah said and we smiled, I recognized the other two couples Stacy and Sam, Jack and Grace. We all had fun skating and then went to Pizza Hut and all pigged out on pizza. Laughing and cutting up, Noah had his arm around me. Rosie had brown hair and brown eyes, she was pretty.

June quickly ended and it was July 15th. The New York trip went good, we all had fun. For the past month I have been dating Noah, hanging out with Nicole and Austin and working. But this month I have spent more time with my siblings including Amber and Jason. Noah and I are getting closer and closer as the days go on. I’m made a picnic basket and drove to Noah’s, he got in my car and I drove him to the meadow. I haven’t taken him to the meadow yet, and it’s a special place to me. I went down to memory lane and remembered the first time at the meadow. I was four years old and it was my daddy and I time together. We had just left a Yankee baseball game where we won, and he drove to the meadow and we got out. “Lexie isn’t this beautiful?” He asked me “Yes daddy.” I answered “It’s my special place. But since you’re my special girl I wanted to share it with you.” He said “Thank you daddy.” I said and he smiled at me he led me through the flowers to the middle, there was a beautiful creek ten feet away. It was a beautiful site “I love this place daddy.” I said “I know you do Lexie-boo. I love it too.” Daddy had said.

I came back to reality and smiled at Noah he was amazed by this place. “How long have you been coming here?” Noah asked me “For fourteen years almost. My dad took me here when I was four.” I said “It’s amazing Lexie.” Noah said and I smiled I grabbed his hand and led him to the middle and he was amazed at the creek. I laid down the blanket and we sat down, I set out the container of food and we enjoyed the meal. I curled up into his arms and laid my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. “This is nice Noah.” I said “I know it is. I really like you Lexie.” He said “I really like you too Noah.” I said and he smiled at me. I kissed his lips softly, not pulling away at first.

It’s August 14th now, a Friday. I’m at work 7-closing. Tomorrow is my birthday and my birthday party. Noah and I are a couple, we officially decided that two weeks ago since we have spent all weekend together. I’m going to a party after work for a little bit and then I’m going home. Nicole worked 8-3 today and waved good-bye to me. We are both off tomorrow and I’m excited about that. When I got off of work, I went to the bathroom and changed into my summery dress and drove to the beach where the party was. “Lexie!” Austin said when he saw me “Hey Austin.” I said smiling at him “Can we go for a walk?” Austin asked me “Sure.” I said “Happy Birthday Lexie.” Austin said and I smiled “Thanks.” I said and he smiled at me. “I screwed up my life Lex.” Austin said when we were far away from the crowd. “What happened?” I asked him “Rosie is pregnant.” Austin said “What?!” I asked “We lost our virginity together six weeks ago. She’s pregnant with my child.” Austin said “No way!” I said and saw that Austin wasn’t joking. “Oh Austin.” I said hugging him “My dad is going to be upset.” Austin said “I know.” I said and I looked at him “What is Rosie going to do?” I asked “Keep the baby. She’s eighteen so she’s moving down here where her aunt lives.” Austin said “I’m here for you Austin. I love you.” I said we always say that in a joking way but he looked at me weird “I love you too.” He said and we went back to the group now instead of walking more.

When I went home I couldn’t sleep, it was three am when I got home. I told my mom I would be out late, there was a beach party and she said that was okay. I fell asleep at four not able to sleep due to what Austin told me and woke up at six. “Great on my birthday too.” I mumbled getting up and finding my cheerleading shorts, and cheerleading shirt. I put my pumas on and pulled my hair up into a ponytail and wrote my mom a note. I went jogging around the neighborhood and then went jogging on the beach. I saw a coffee place and went in and ordered a coffee. Nicole passed by the shop and came in and sat next to me. “What are you doing?” I asked “Last minute shopping. My mom forgot to get you something.” Nicole said and I smiled “How sweet.” I said and she looked at me “What happened? Are you and Noah together still?” Nicole asked me getting worried “It’s dealing with Austin.” I said and she looked at me “Oh god.” She said and I looked at her “Did you finally realize your feelings for him?” She asked me and I realized last night that I did. “Yes I did. But it’s too late.” I said “It’s never too late. I knew you loved him, you have for so many years.” Nicole said “It is.” I said “Why?” She asked me “Rosie is pregnant.” I said “Oh my.” Nicole said “I know.” I said and she hugged me.

I made it home around nine and went straight to shower. I found my favorite summer outfit, my denim shorts, and a flower print strapless shirt. My outfit is showing off my dark tan that I got over the summer. I brushed my knee length hair and left it down, I was thinking about getting a haircut. I applied my makeup and went downstairs. “Lexie!” Katie said and I picked her up and spun her around “Happy birthday sissy.” Katie said “Thank you.” I said “Happy Birthday.” Alicia said “Thank you sissy.” I said “Happy birthday.” Jason said and then Colleen, Connor, and Jake said it. My mom smiled at me “You ready to get everything set up?” My mom asked me and I nodded, my birthday party is a pool party theme.

It begins at five but Nicole’s family and Austin’s family arrived. Nicole hugged me “Happy Birthday girlie.” Nicole said and I smiled at her. They placed the gifts on the table. Abby was hanging with Colleen, Adam was hanging with Connor, Austin’s little brother who’s six Colby was playing with Josh, Nicole’s brother who is sixteen was hanging with Jake. Austin, Nicole, and I were sitting on the grass we could feel the tension. “Colie knows.” I said “I figured. My parents found out today.” Austin said “How did they take it?” I asked “My mom is crushed, dad is mad. But they will be supportive.” Austin said “Good.” I said and I saw that all of our parents were talking.

Noah came with Brent and Caylee, Caylee is now eight months old. Aaron saw that and frowned but my mom smiled. I talk about the kids all the time and it was her first time meeting them. Brent ran up to me and hugged me “Happy birthday Lexie.” He said “Thank you.” I said smiling at Brent returning the hug. Nicole smiled at Brent, Noah made his way to me and Caylee held out her arms for me to take her. “Hey Caylee. I missed you.” I said and she giggled at me. “Happy birthday Lexie.” Noah said “Thank you.” I said he sat down on the ground next to me, Brent went off to go play with Alicia and Katie. “She’s adorable.” Nicole said “Thanks Nicole.” Noah said and I smiled “Can I hold her?” Austin asked “Sure.” Noah said and I smiled Austin and Noah were becoming decent friends since I’m friends with Austin.

Amy, Amber, and Jason arrived not long after. Amber and Jason ran up to me and hugged me “Happy birthday sissy.” They said “Thanks.” I said and they smiled at me. “This is Amber and Jason.” I told Noah and he smiled. Jason went to play with Josh, and Amber went to Colleen. My mom and Amy became friends over the years so it wasn’t awkward of anything. My other friends started coming now Casey from work, Kyle from work, Lindsey from work, Henry from work, Holly from school, Haley from school, Harry from school, Ashley, and Taylor from school. “Happy birthday Lexie!” They said and I smiled at them “Thanks.” I said they all set their gifts on the table and joined us over in the grass.

I saw that my mom served the little kids dinner first and then yelled “Dinner is served.” We all slowly got up, I was holding Caylee again. Ashley was smiling at me “You are really good with them.” She said as we were in line “Thanks.” I said and made my plate while holding her and sat down at the long table. I had Caylee in my lap when my mom came out with the highchair for her. “Thanks.” I said and she smiled “No problem.” She said and I smiled. Noah was beside me and he was helping Brent cut up his food.

After dinner we all sat around talking for half an hour. “Pool time!” I said we all went into rooms to change. We spent a couple hours in the pool, all of us. At around nine I opened my gifts and then my mom appeared with a huge cake. They sang happy birthday to me and I blew out the candles. After cake and around nine thirty Amy came up to me. “Happy Birthday Lexie. Come by tomorrow?” She asked me “Yes. You guys leaving?” I asked and she nodded “Goodnight Amber and Jason.” I said and they smiled at me.

After all of the friends left leaving it to just Noah, Austin, and Nicole here with me. Noah hugged me goodnight. I walked him or should I say them. I kissed him good-bye and went back to Nicole and Austin. “My family is leaving. “ Austin sad “Bye Austin.” I said and he smiled “Happy birthday Lexie.” He said kissing my cheek good-bye. “Can I spend the night?” Nicole asked “Let me ask my mom.’ I said “Mom can she spend the night?” I asked “Yeah, we already assumed that. Actually her parents already left.” My mom said and we smiled at her.

We spent the night watching romance movies, talking about how quick this summer has gone by. She brought up the Austin situation around two and I rolled my eyes. “I love Austin, but I have strong feelings for Noah. I’m starting to fall for Noah.” I said “But you have already fallen head over heels for Austin years ago.” Nicole said “Yes. But we have a strong friendship. I don’t want to ruin that because I like him. I don’t want to hurt Noah either Nikki.” I said and she smiled “I know Lexie. You will do the right thing girlie.” She said “I sure hope so.” I said and she smiled at me. “How are things with you and Chad?” I asked “Not so good. I don’t think we will be together for much longer.” She said and I looked at her “I think he’s cheating on me.” Nicole said “Oh Colie.” I said “It’s okay. I’m fine. I want to prove it first.”

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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