What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 40 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




I did my chores and around ten I went outside in my pajamas still and I saw Lyndsey outside and she smiled at me. She walked over to me and we sat down in the swings in the back yard. “How did your date go?” I asked “Good, we’re going out again. Friday night to be exact.” Lyndsey said “That’s awesome.” I said “How did your date go?” Lyndsey asked me “Good. I’m sure we will go out again, we hit it off really well.” I said and she smiled at me, “did you kiss?” I asked “Yes we did. Did you guys?” Lyndsey asked “Yeah we did.” I said and she smiled at me, “Well I will see you at work?” Lyndsey asked “Yeah.” I said and she smiled.

After I ate lunch at twelve I went ahead and got dressed for work. Summer was being a drama queen acting all depressed, Autumn was acting sad, Landon was playing video games and I went outside to head on to work. My mom was sitting outside on the swing set with her knees brought up to her chest “How are you?” I asked “Good baby girl.” My mom said “Are you sure?” I asked “Yeah. I just feel bad for your dad. He was really close to your grandpa. I was close to him.” My mom said “I’m sorry mom.” I said hugging her “It’s okay Kels. When do you get off?” My mom asked me, “Seven.” I said “Let’s go out for dinner tonight. Just you and I.” My mom said “When?” I asked “Seven thirty at Hope’s?” My mom asked me “Sure.” I said “Alright, I get off at seven so I will head up over there then.” My mom said “Okay mom. I love you.” I said “I love you too.” I said.

I go to work and I clocked in and went to my station and began working. Around five Chance came in and went to my line. “You have any plans tonight?” He asked me “Yeah. Sorry, with my mom.” I said and he smiled at me “Maybe another night.” He said “Okay.” I said smiling at him. I got off at seven and clocked off. I smiled at Lyndsey and went to my car. I got home and changed into my ripped jeans, with my knee splint, and a cute tank top. I went to my car and drove to Hope’s. My mom was sitting outside waiting for me and smiled “I had time to change.” I said and she smiled at me “Let’s go in.” She said and I followed her in. “How many?” A waitress asked “Two.” My mom said “Right this way.” She said leading us to our table.

“Hello, I’m Lacey and I will your waitress this evening. What can I get you to drink?” A girl around Alyssa’s age asked. “Dr. Pepper.” We both said “Two Dr. Peppers coming right up.” Lacey said and walking to the back. My mom looked at me “What are you in the mood for?” She asked “A BLT. You?” I asked her “I’m thinking the Salmon burger.” My mom said “We’ll try the others?” I asked “You know it.” She said and Lacey came back with our drinks “What can I get you? Or do you need more time?” Lacey asked “I will have a BLT.” I said “I will have the salmon burger.” My mom said “Coming right up. Hey, are you Kelsey?” Lacey asked “Yeah I am.” I said “I go to school. I’m a senior though. I’m friends with Alyssa.” Lacey said and I smiled at her.

“How do you think your summer is going?” My mom asked me “So far good. I mean it’s still June but good.” I said “Are you looking forward to August?” My mom asked “For the Tampa trip yes. For school not really.” I said “Do you like working at Publix?” My mom asked me “Yes ma’am. I love it.” I said and she smiled at me. “Do you like Chance?” My mom asked me “Yeah, I do.” I said and she smiled at me. “This is good. Spending quality time with you.” She said “I know mom” I said and she smiled at me. Lacey came back with our food and we smiled at her, she refilled our drinks.

I gave my mom my BLT and she gave me hers and we ate a bite. We traded back and smiled and took a bite of our owns. “I prefer mine. “ I said I prefer my own.” My mom said and I smiled at her. We talked more about the summer, about our birthdays, and talked about my future. We went to go see a local movie playing and went home at eleven. We spent time with Landon, Summer, and Autumn and then I slipped outside. “Hey Kels.” Lyndsey and Jared said “Hey. Sorry I was spending time with my mom.” I said “Understandable. I’m thinking of a double date Friday? At the skating ring?” Lyndsey said “I will check with Chance.” I said “Cool.” They said.

I woke up at seven and went to Lucky’s Pizza and Subs at eleven and saw Chance sitting at the table. “Hey Kels.” He said “Hey.” I said “When do you go in?” Chance asked “three.” I said and he smiled. “Are you doing anything Friday night?” I asked “Nope, why?” Chance asked “A double date with Lyndsey Johnson and Jared Wiley?” I asked “Sure. Where” He asked me “Skating ring.” I said and Chance smiled “Sounds like a good idea.” Chance said and I smiled “Can I get you anything?” He asked “No, I’m actually going to eat at the food court with Lyndsey.” I said and he smiled at me. “I will see you around.” He said “Okay.” I said smiling at him and walking out.

After lunch we went shopping for a few and then went home to get ready for work. We didn’t buy anything since we didn’t get paid until Friday. We went to work at three and it was actually busier and when we got off at ten there was teens are around us. We go to work tomorrow two to nine and then we go to work Friday at twelve to pick up our checks. We spend the next hour at the park just talking about Jared and Chance and then about our summer plan “August 4th to the 6th.” Lyndsey said “Yup.” I said and she smiled at me.

I went home and saw my dad sitting on the porch “Hey daddy! Welcome home!” I said and I sat next to him and hugged him. “Hey Kelsey-boo.” Daddy said and I smiled at him. “How did it go?” I asked “It was decent.” He said “I’m so sorry.” I said “He understands Kels, I understand baby girl.” He said. “How are you doing?” I asked him “I’m hanging in there baby girl.” He said “You know I love you daddy, right?” I asked “Yeah. Thanks baby girl.” He said embracing me in a hug and kissed my forehead. “You are turning out to be a wonderful young woman, who raised you?” Daddy asked and I giggled “You did daddy. And momma.” I said and he played with my hair. “When do you work tomorrow baby girl?” Daddy asked me “two to nine.” I said “Okay baby girl. How’s your knee feeling?” He asked me “It’s feeling better.” I said and he smiled. “Want to go inside and watch a TV show daddy?” I asked him “Sure.” He said and we got up and walked inside. I just slipped my shoes off at the door and curled up next to him, laying my head on his stomach like I used to do when I was younger.

I ended up falling asleep to my dad playing with my hair. That was the last thing I remember, I woke up to my mom putting a blanket on me and my dad. “Lex, be quiet baby. You might wake her up.” He said “Honey, it’s two go to bed.” My mom said “Lexie, I don’t want to move her.” He said “Okay, well I need my husband.” My mom said “Curl up with us then.” He said “Okay.” She said snuggling up with him on his other side. “Good night. I love you.” She said “I love you too Lexie. We raised some pretty good kids, didn’t we?” He asked “Yes we did. Now fall asleep before you wake Kelsey up.” She said and I had to fight back a smile because I didn’t want them to know I was awake. This was so nice to me.

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