What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 41 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




I woke up at six to my dad slowly moving me “Sorry Kels.” He said “It’s okay daddy.” I said “Morning sweetie.” My mom said and I smiled at her “Morning mom. I think I’m going to curl up here for another hour or two.” I said “Okay Kels.” She said and I curled up, facing the side of the couch drifting back off again or pretending to. “Is she asleep?” My dad asked in the kitchen “Yeah, she’s a fast sleeper. Always has been.” My mom said “You want to know who she reminds me of?” My dad asked “Yes Austin I do.” My mom said “She reminds me of you. Just like you. Her looks, her personality, how sweet she is, how smart she is, her love for her siblings, her dedication to work and school. She will make a man one day really happy.” He said “I know, I thought so.” She said. “I just hope she doesn’t regret dating Chance.” My mom said “Honey, Ashley raised him.” My dad said “She was a teen mom, left her baby’s dad with the two kids.” My mom said “Chance could not be like him.” My dad said “I want him over for dinner.” My mom said “tell her that today.” My dad said “I will. She should be up soon.” My mom said “Yeah. I have to head off to work though. I love you Lexie.” My dad said “I love you too Austin.” She said.

I couldn’t fall back asleep so after ten minutes I slowly got up. “Morning sweetie.” My mom said “Morning mom. Coffee?” I asked “Yeah, here.” She said handing me a cup. “I have something to ask you.” She said “Yeah?” I asked “When do you work Saturday?” She asked me “Seven to two.” I said “How about you invite Chance over for dinner? Your dad and I want to get to know him better.” She said “Okay mom, I will do that.” I said and she smiled. “Plans before work?” She asked me “Nope, hanging out with my sisters and Landon.” I said “I feel bad for Landon being the only boy.” I said and she smiled “I do too. I’m about to head off to work. Have a good day.” She said “I love you mom.” I said “I love you too dear.” She said and hugged me good-bye.

I walked to the cabinet and got a box of cereal, a bowl, and the milk. I made myself a bowl of cereal and walked to the living room and turned on the TV. Looney Tunes were on and I decided to leave the cartoons on. I heard a knock at the door after I finished my bowl “Come in.” I said and Jared walked in with Tori on his hip. “Hey Jared, Hey Tori!” I said and Tori smiled holding her arms up for me. I took her from Tori “Let’s go watch the Looney Tunes Tori-bug.” I said and she smiled. Jared followed “What brings you here?” I asked “I feel like we haven’t hung out in a while. Since everything with Lynds.” Jared said “Because we haven’t.” I said “Plus I want to go hang with Lyndsey without Tori. Can you baby sit?” He asked me “Sure.” I said feeling my heart break into a million of pieces. “Thanks Kels. You’re the best!” He said and I smiled at him. He stayed for a few minutes then left. “So it’s you and I kiddo.” I said and she giggled. “I need to get dressed but I won’t.” I said “Okay.” She said “Let’s go play outside.” I said “Okay!” Tori said smiling at me. I put her on the swing and started pushing her. “Higher!” She said Summer, Autumn, and Landon came out. “Tori!” Summer and Autumn said, they went to play with them and I threw the football with Landon.

After a while of playing with all of them Jared came out. “Time to go home kiddo.” He said “Kels!” Tori said “Kels has to get ready for work.” Jared said “I do?” I asked “It’s one.” He said “I guess I’m skipping lunch.” I said “Thanks Kels.” He said “No problem. I had help.” I said and he smiled at me. I went to go get ready, I had to shower which cut out my lunch time. By the time I left Lyndsey was already at work. I guess today is Jared’s day off so he was stuck babysitting Tori today.

When I got off at nine I looked at my phone, I had two missed calls from my dad and a text from my mom. I called my dad “Hello?” I asked “You want to meet us at Lucky’s?” He asked “Sure daddy.” I said and hung up. I smiled at Lyndsey “Thanks for watching Tori for Jared today.” She said “No problem. I’m heading to meet my family at Lucky’s. I will see you tomorrow.” I said and she nodded. I drove to Lucky’s and saw my family at a table. They had pizzas, cheesy bread, buffalo wings, and drinks all around the table. “Gimme a slice.” I said and Landon smiled at me giving me a plate with everything they had. “How was work Kels?” Daddy asked me “it was good. How was everybody’s day?” I asked “Good.” They all said “Do you have any plans tomorrow?” My mom asked “Other than picking my check up no plans.” I said “You have a dentist appointment at one.” My mom said “Alright. I will be there.” I said “Oh, I do have a double date tomorrow night.” I said “We all know about that.” She said and I smiled at him.

When we went home we all watched a couple TV shows together, before Autumn and Landon fell asleep. “Are you excited about the new school year?” I asked Summer “More nervous than anything.” Summer said “you will be a Freshmen, you will have a sister who’s a Junior. You will have the upper hand.” I said and Summer smiled at me, she will be fifteen in May, Autumn will be 11 in September. Autumn will be in the fifth grade this year, Landon will be in the seventh grade. Summer went to bed leaving my mom, dad, and I in the living room. “I’m going to go to bed.” I said “Quick question.” Mom said “Okay?” I asked “What do you think of Lyndsey and Jared dating?” She asked me “It’s fine. They make a cute couple.” I said “good night Kels. I love you.” My dad said “I love both of you.” I said smiling at them.

I went up to my room, changed into my Hello Kitty night shirt and my Hello Kitty pajamas shorts. I got on my laptop and got a Skype video call request from Chance. “Ugh.” I said rolling my eyes, I had my hair braided into two. I hit accept, Chance was wearing gym shorts and nothing else. “Somebody is looking really cute.” Chance said “Nice save. Although I know it’s a lie.” I said “I have two little sisters who are huge Hello Kitty fans.” Chance said and I smiled at him “Are you excited for tomorrow?” Chance asked “Yeah, I get to see you.” I said and he smiled at me. “What are you doing Saturday?” I asked “Work until five.” Chance said “Do you want to come over for dinner?” I asked “Sure.” He said and I smiled at him. “I love your smile Kels.” He said “Thanks Chance.” I said.

We stayed on Skype until one and then I went to bed. I curled up under my covers and heard a meow. I saw Mr. Prince jump up on my bed and rubbed up against me “Hey buddy.” I said and he meowed at me. “I want to get a kitten.” I said and he meowed at me. I rolled my eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep. I woke up at eight and made myself a bowl of cereal and did my chores. I got dressed in my favorite denim shorts from Hollister and my cute orange tank top from Hollister. I brushed my hair and braided it in one this time.

Around eleven forty I got in my car and made it to work around eleven fifty five. I saw Lyndsey in her denim shorts, and a pink tank top. “Hey Kels.” She said “Hey, plans after this?” I asked “Taking my siblings to the movies.” Lyndsey said “Dentist appointment.” I said and she rolled her eyes “That sounds like fun.” Lyndsey said “not really.” I said rolling my eyes at her. Brad came up to us and handed us our checks. “You two are hard workers. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.” Brad said and I smiled at him.

We went to the bank and deposited our checks into our saving accounts. We made $550.78 this payday and I’m excited about that. Afterwards we went our separate ways. I met my mom outside my Dentist’s office and she smiled. “Sorry, yearly checkup. Your physical will be schedule on your next day off.” She said and I nodded “Well let’s go in.” I said and we did. “Name?” The nurse asked “Kelsey Blevins.” My mom said “Doctor Lyons will be with you shortly.” We nodded and sat down. “What did you do with your check?” My mom asked “Put it in my bank account. Making my balance to $650.90.” I said “You’re getting there.” She said and I smiled.

After my appointment which went great we picked up Summer, Autumn, and Landon and went to downtown for lunch. “Can we window shop?” Summer asked “Please mom?” Autumn pleaded “Sure. You okay with it?” My mom asked Landon “Can I go to the library?” He asked “Music store?” My mom asked “Deal.” He said, he’s an easy kid to please. Landon ended up getting two CDs from window shopping. We passed by the pet store, and I saw a group of Ragdoll kittens in the display window. “Mom?” I asked stopping to stare at an all-white one. “Call your father.” She said not saying no or yes. “Daddy?” I asked when he answered “Yes Kels?” He asked “Can I ask you something?” I asked “What do you want?” He asked “A ragdoll kitten.” I said “We have Mr. Prince.” My dad said “But he’s old.” I said “Put your mother on.” He said and I went back to looking at them in the window. “Yes?” I asked when I got handed my phone “You buy it, you take care of it. Not us.” He said “Yes sir.” I said smiling.

“Well go on.” My mom said “We will be waiting in the car.” She said “Can I stay with Kels?” Summer asked “It won’t bother me.” I said so my mom nodded in agreement. We walked into the pet store and the man behind the counter smiled “I have been waiting for you to come in. I saw you looking from the glass out front.” He said and I smiled “Aubrey go help her.” He said and a girl who was in my English two class walked up to me. “Hi Kelsey.” She said “hi.” I said “Which pet are you interest in?” Aubrey asked me “The white ragdoll kitten.” I said “Perfect choice. I begged my dad to let me keep her.” Aubrey said and I smiled. “Do you need kitten food? Litter box? Toys?” She asked me “no we are fine.” I said “Okay right this way.” She said going to pick up the kitten and carrying her to me. “Here you go, if you follow me we will ring you up.” Aubrey said “Okay.” I said “Your total will be $200.” She said and I gave her my debit card. “Here are her papers. She is a purebred.” Aubrey said “Thanks.” I said “is it true that you’re dating Chance?” Aubrey asked “I guess you could call it dating. “ I said “you’re lucky others will say. But be careful Kels.” Aubrey said “Okay thanks.” I said and she smiled.

When we got home I got Summer and Autumn to go with me to Petsmart to go get her some stuff. We took her as well, so she could get use to me. “What are you going to name her?” Autumn asked me “I’m thinking about calling her Love.” I said “I LOVE that name.” Summer said and I smiled. When we got to Petsmart I gave them orders “Go get a collar for Love.” I told Autumn who nodded, “Go get some toys and a bed, and a scratching post.” I told Summer who nodded. I got the kitten food and put it in the buggy and met up with Autumn who showed me a cute collar, I got a carry bag and a stroller for Love. My total ended up being $69.50 because items were on sale so I made a good deal.

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