What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 42 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




When we got home it was around four o’clock and my date was six o’clock. I carried Love into my room and set her on my bed. Mr. Prince was up there and he smelt her and started licking her. I found my favorite pair of ripped jeans, my cute Beatles shirt; I wore my Sperry’s topsider shoes and unbraided my hair, then braiding it into a fishtail on the side. I got on my bed and rubbed Mr. Prince, Love was playing with a toy mouse Summer picked up for her. I heard a knock downstairs and then a “She’s in her room.” A few minutes later I had a knock on my door “Come in.” I said “Hey Kels. Your mom let me in.” Lyndsey said and smiled at Love “Is this what you got?” Lyndsey asked “Yeah, but from here on out. I’m only buying what I have to in order to go on the trip.” I said “This is why our parents agreed they knew we couldn’t keep our money.” Lyndsey said and I smiled.

I helped her with her hair and makeup and then I set Love on the floor in her bed. “I’m going to go out tonight. I will be back my lovely.” I said and Love meowed. I left my door open tonight and we walked to my car. “I’m driving tonight. My knee is feeling better.” I said “Okay Kels.” Lyndsey said and I smiled. We made it to the skating rink and saw Chance and Jared waiting for us. “Hi.” Chance said smiling at me “Hey.” I said “Okay, let’s begin.” Lyndsey said and I smiled. We got our rental skates and began skating around. “Can I do one lap without you?” Chance and Jared asked us girls “sure.” We said and they took off. “I’m doing my best acting like I’m not a good skater.” I said “if they get cocky before the end, I say let’s show them.” Lyndsey said “Agree.” I said.

We ended up doing a couple laps with our dates holding our hands. “I say one more round and then we go out for dinner?” Chance asked “Yeah.” We all agree “So let’s have a race.” I said “Did you girls get your memory back?” Jared asked, we were saying we haven’t skated in a while so we forgot how to skate. “Yeah.” We said “Let’s go.” I said and we skated past the guys and did a lap, I did a little spin at the end. “You girls played us.” Chance said “Sure did.” I said and we each got in one car which happened to be Chance’s. We arrived at Lucky’s Pizzas and Subs and ordered a supreme pizza and hot wings with a round of sodas.

We spent an hour eating dinner, drinking our sodas and talking. “It’s nine o’clock we have two hours before our curfew.” I said “Let’s go to the beach?” Jared asked “Fine.” We all said and we loaded back up after leaving a tip. We found a good spot to sit on the beach and started talking about our summer plans, talking about other things. We went back to the skating rink at ten thirty and went our separate ways. “See you tomorrow Chance.” I said “Yeah, bye.” He said “Bye.” I said kissing his lips softly.

I made it home at ten fifty and sat on the grass in the backyard. I wanted to savor my night before I got bugged. I know my mom and dad saw me pull up and I know I would be bugged about my night. It was a great night, Chance is a great kisser; he’s a great guy and I don’t care about what my parent opinion on him is. I took a deep breath and walked inside my house and my parents smiled at me. “How did it go?” My dad asked “It went good.” I said and they nodded. “I love your kitten.” Daddy said “Where is Love?” I asked “Right here.” My mom said pointing to a bundle under the blanket she had. “I’m going to go to bed, I have a busy day tomorrow.” I said and she smiled at me. “Good-night.”

Tomorrow work schedule is from 7 to 2 and then Sunday’s work schedule is from two to ten. I picked up Love and she gave me a soft meow. I went up to my room and set her on my bed and she curled up next to Mr. Prince. I got changed into my baggy t-shirt and short shorts with my hair into a sloppy ponytail. I curled up under the covers and felt a paw at the blanket. I lifted it up and Love curled up to me at my stomach and fell asleep. I got woken up at two to her attacking my hair. “Love, it’s bedtime.” I said and she meowed at me, I gave her a toy and she was content with that. She woke me up again at four attacking my feet. “Love.” I said and she meowed at me. Mr. Prince looked at me like shut her up. She did her meow crying and I rubbed her and she attacked my hand, “Baby girl, go to bed.” I said and she attacked my hand some more.

She finally fell asleep at five and I was finally able to go to sleep. My alarm clock went off at six and Love jumped out of skin making me jump. She meowed and I rolled my eyes. “You are like a newborn baby.” I said and she meowed. I comforted her for a few minutes and then got her on her bed at the foot of my bed. I got my favorite pair of underwear on, and then my favorite bra that matches. I put my khaki pants on, and my green Publix shirt on, with my Sperry’s shoes. I brush my hair and put it back in a braid on my back. I rubbed Love and rubbed Mr. Prince and walked out to the kitchen. It was so silent in the house. I had my knee splint on still since it still hurts and needs to heal. I made myself a single cup of coffee, drank it and went to work.

I work at my regular line and I barely pay attention to anybody. The person that works as the cashier smiled at me. I clocked out at two and so did Lyndsey “I’m going over to Jared’s tonight for dinner with his family. At Six.” Lyndsey said “Chance is coming over for dinner at six.” I said “Uh-oh. That’s never good.” Lyndsey said “I know Lynds.” I said “I’m going home now.” I said and she nodded. Lyndsey and I didn’t have a fight I just don’t have much to say to her anymore. I walked to my car and got in, turning my station to the local mixed station.

I got home and my dad was cutting the grass, my mom was doing gardening. “How was work?” My dad asked “It was good.” I said “That’s good.” My mom said “What is everybody doing?” I asked “Their chores.” She said “I’m on it.” I said and she nodded. I went up to my room and Love was in her litter box. “Mommy is home.” I said and she meowed at me. I changed into my cheerleading work out shorts and the cheerleading work out tank top and cleaned my room. Love hid under the bed when I vacuumed but other than that she was fine. She helped me clean my bathroom when I needed it. I vacuumed the hallway and the living room. I swept the kitchen and mopped the kitchen.

After I got done with my chores which took me until three thirty I picked up Love and played with her. “Lynds is here.” Summer said “Send her up.” I said “Okay. Lynds!” Summer said and I heard footsteps. “Hey Kels.” Lyndsey said “Hey Lynds.” I said “Can we talk?” Lyndsey asked “Sure.” I said “Are things fine between you and I?” Lyndsey asked “Yeah, why do you ask?” I asked “We barely hang out since I started dating Jared.” Lyndsey said “Because I have been dating Chance.” I said “it’s like we never talk.” Lyndsey said “I agree.. We need to change that.” I said “Yeah. What are you doing tomorrow night?” Lyndsey asked “Nothing, you want to spend the night?” I asked “Sure.” She said and I smiled. “I love your kitten.” Lyndsey said “Thanks Lynds. I do too.” I said and she smiled at me.

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