What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 43 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




At five I got dressed in my favorite pair of denim shorts and my pink tank top. I finally unbraided my hair and it was super curly now. I walked downstairs with Love and got to the porch where my mom was finishing up with her gardening. My dad was throwing the football with Landon I sat on the swing with Love in my lap. “When is he coming?” My mom asked me “He’s coming at six.” I said “Okay Kels. We are having fried chicken, potatoes salad, corn on the cob.” My mom said “Okay mom.” I said. My mom excused herself to go take a shower before he came and my dad continued to play football with Landon.

I’m still on the porch at six and Chance pulls up. He gets out and smiled at me he had flowers in his hands “These are for your mother.” Chance said “Okay this way.” I said picking up Love and taking him inside the house. “Mom?” I asked “Kitchen Kels.” She said and I lead him into the kitchen “these are for you ma’am.” Chance said “Why thank you.” She said and I smiled at them. “Let’s go in the living room.” I said “Okay.” Chance said and we went into the living room. I set Love down and she began attacking our feet “I love her.” Chance said “That’s why I named her Love. Because everybody loves her.” I said and he smiled.

Summer and Autumn came down to give him their form of asking questions. Throughout the night everybody asked him questions, we did one game of Monopoly. “Mom, can we go for a walk?” I asked “Take Love with you.” My mom said “okay.” I said and I got her stroller and put Love in it. Chance smiled at me as he held the door open for me. When we got farther away I looked at him “I’m so sorry about them.” I said “Kels, it’s okay. My family will be like that. They want to meet you.” Chance said “Whenever I don’t work late I guess.” I said and he smiled at me.

We got to a private area and sat down. Leaving Love in her stroller still who was asleep. He kissed my lips softly and I returned the kiss. We ended up making out and me on top of him, he took my shirt off leaving just my bra on. We’re still kissing and he’s rubbing my back, his hands goes to my boobs again and he’s playing with them. He kisses my stomach and then kisses my boobs softly. His hands leads to my hips and he tries to unbuckle my pants. I pull away “Leave it like this.” I said “Okay Kels.” He said kissing my lips softly again. I take his shirt off and my hand goes up and down his chest. He plays with my boobs some more and tries the pants thing again and I get up.

We made out for a few more minutes and then we head back to my place. We spend some time outside with my parents and then he leaves to go home. I smile at my parents “What is your opinion on him?” I asked “He’s decent.” My mom said and my dad nodded. “I’m going to go to bed.” I said and they nodded.

For the next two weeks my work hours was from 2-10 so I wasn’t able to meet his parents just yet. But it’s July 4th and I’m at a cook out at his house. He has four younger siblings beside his older brother Gavin. Chloe is fourteen, Maddie is twelve, Danielle is ten, and Julie is eight years old. Two older half-siblings. His parents were nice; his family is nice as well. “Let me show you my room.” Chance said “Okay.” I said and he led me up to his room. It was nice, he sat on his bed “Come here Kels.” He said and I nodded with him. I sat next to him and he kissed my lips. The door was shut and I didn’t like the vibe I was getting from him. I was starting to get a little worried about this.

“Let’s have some fun. It won’t be awhile until the fireworks.” Chance said “I don’t like the idea of it.” I said “Let me rephrase that. We will have fun.” Chance said “No, I don’t want to.” I said “You will.” He said and he pushed me on the bed and pinned me down. He raped me for the next couple hours and when he let me up I hauled off and slap him. He grabbed my arm and twisted it hard, I could feel the bone break. “Don’t you ever slap me.” Chance said and I stared at him. “Now let’s go. My parents will be wondering where we are.” Chance said “Okay.” I said trying to fight back the tears.

When he dropped me off my arm was swollen “Just say you slipped Kels.” He said and I nodded “You know I love you.” Chance said and I nodded. I went inside and my mom looked at me, “We were going up the hill to look at the fireworks and I slipped and fell down the hill.” I said “I think you might have broken your wrist.” She said and I looked at her “Now what?” I asked “Let’s say if it isn’t better by tomorrow we take you in.” She said “Okay mom.” I said walking up to my room and laying on my bed and crying.

It didn’t get better and by the 14th which was a day before my dad’s birthday he hit me hard in the knee that I sprained and I fell down in pain. I had a ton of bruises on my body, from him. He would rape me constantly whenever I was at his house. “I only do it because I love you.” He said and I nodded. I found out he was cheating on me and went off and that is why he hit me hard in the knee. “Okay.” I said and he looked at me “What are your plans for the night?” Chance asked “Hanging out with Lyndsey and Jared.” I said “You better be. I will be checking up on you.” Chance said “Okay.” I said.

That night Lyndsey spent the night and I had forgotten about my bruises when I changed in front of Lyndsey. She gasped “You can’t tell anybody. Promise me.” I said “I can’t.” Lyndsey said “Promise me.” I said “I promise.” Lyndsey said and we left it at that. We fell asleep and when I woke up Lyndsey was staring at me. We celebrated my dad’s birthday after we all got home from work.

It’s the 31st and my parents are in the house, Chance and I are outside on the swing. He’s pushing me and I make a comment about something that got him mad and he pushed me off when he pushed the swing. I landed on my broken arm and cried out in pain. Lyndsey was outside with Tori because she was babysitting her. “Kels! Kels!” Lyndsey said running up to me and glared at Chance. My parents came running out “What happened?” My dad asked rushing up to me “I um fell.” I said “No she didn’t fall.” Lyndsey said “You promised.” I said glaring at her “Chance go home. You are not to be around Kelsey.” My dad said and Chance just nodded going home. “Hospital now.” My mom said “Lynds, watch the girls and Landon? Or send them to their aunt.” My mom said “I will watch.” Lyndsey said.

While we were waiting in the waiting room my mom was brushing my hair, playing with it. “Is there anything else we need to know?” My mom asked me “Ever since the 4th he would rape me.” I said and I broke down into tears “I should have listened to you mom. I heard you say those things about Chance.” I said “Honey you would have never known.” She said and I broke down into tears. “Kelsey Blevins?” the nurse said. We all got up and I got my checkup done and they fixed the cast to go over the broken bones. They came back with the urine test results “Kelsey you are pregnant.” The doctor said and I broke down into tears. “I can’t be. I can’t have this baby. I can’t. I just can’t.” I said and we were allowed to go home. I was to report to the doctor’s in a week for my first month checkup.

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