What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 44 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




When we got home I went into my room or more like limped and curled up under the covers. Love curled up against me, I broke down into tears. My mom came in with hot chocolate and cool whip on it. “Honey, it’s okay.” My mom said embracing me into a hug and I wiped my tears softly. “This baby needs you as much as you might need it. This baby deserves a chance at life Kels. Even if you want to put the baby up for an adoption.” My mom said “I’m sixteen. I will be seventeen.” I said “You will survive it Kels. You have your father, your siblings, your friends, and me to support you.” My mom said and I started crying again. “I love you Kels.” He said “I love you too mom.” I said.

I called out sick from work for the next day and curled up under my covers to cry my eyes out. Aunt Colie knocked at my door “Come in.” I said “How are you feeling?” She asked “Not so good.” I said “Honey, I was in your place.” Aunt Colie said “what do you mean?” I asked “I was raped in college by my ex-boyfriend and his group of friends. It’s hard but you will survive it.” She said “Thanks Aunt Colie.” I said and she smiled at me “Your welcome. Lyndsey wants to see you.” She said “Okay.” I said and Lyndsey came in. “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have told you not to tell anybody.” I said “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have listened to you.” Lyndsey said and I hugged her.

The next day I wanted to call out for work again but my mom refused to let me. This week my work schedule is 7-2. “Go Kels. If I have to drag you there myself.” She said “I’m dressed mom.” I said and going to my car and rolled my eyes. After work I got home to a note “Call me Kels.” From my mom I called her “You have an appointment at three. At the behavioral center. You need a psychiatrist.” She said “Okay mom.” I said and went to meet her there. “Good luck baby girl.” She said and I shot her a death glare.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Shaw. Or as you can call me Charlie.” He said “Okay.” I said “’Come sit Kelsey.” He said “Want to tell me a little about you?” He asked me “I’m Kelsey, I’m seventeen in fourteen day, I have a kitten named Love.” I said “Why are you here?” He asked me “I am a victim of abuse. Sexual and physical. By my first real boyfriend.” I said “How does that make you feel?” Charlie asked me “I was a cheerleader since sixth grade. I was somewhat popular, I have plenty of friends, two main ones Lyndsey and Jared. I had a good level of self-esteem, I wasn’t insecure about myself. But ever since he raped me, and started abusing me I feel very insecure and my self-esteem is now very low. I feel like I deserve it. I deserve him when he hit me like I did something wrong.” I said “Kelsey, you can never do anything to deserve being raped or being abused by anything. You are a beautiful young woman.” Charlie said “Due to being raped I got pregnant.” I said “what are you going to do?” Charlie asked me “Keep my baby. I can’t abortion it. I’m prolife and I don’t want anybody else raising my baby.” I said “I have a job, I work at Publix. I save all of my money mostly. I have family who will support me and friends. “ I said “I feel like I won’t be a good mom. I’m young.” I said “Kelsey, you can be whatever you want. You can be a good mom if you want.” Charlie said. “I feel like I let my parents down, they don’t tell me that but I feel like I did.” I said “I’m the second oldest in my family, I have two sisters and a younger brother that look up to me. What kind of example am I setting? Allowing a guy to abuse me, to rape me.” I said “You showed them that you are strong.” Charlie said “I’m in therapy for crying out loud.” I said “To get better.” He said “I feel like such a witch towards my family. When they’re only trying to be nice.” I said “Kelsey, tell them how you feel honey. You have to let them in.” Charlie said.

After my hour was up I went outside and saw my mom reading her nook. She looked up and smiled at me. I walked up to her and I hugged her “Thank you mom.” I said and she smiled “Your dad and I are taking you out tonight Kels.” She said and I nodded “I’m going to go home.” I said and she smiled. When I got home Lyndsey and Jarred were on my porch waiting. “Let me get Love.” I said and Summer came out “here.” She said and rolled her eyes “Troubles?” I asked “She is.” Summer said and I smile at her.

“Where were you?” Lyndsey asked me “A psychiatrist. I have weekly sessions until I don’t need it.” I said “I’m so sorry Kels.” Jared said “It’s okay. I shouldn’t have been so scared. I shouldn’t have made Lyndsey promise.” I said “It’s okay Kels. What are you going to do?” Lyndsey asked “Keep it. I don’t want to abortion it.” I said “I will support you.” Lyndsey said “I will too Kels.” Jared said and I smiled “When will you be due?” Jared asked “April fourth.” I said and he nodded “That’s most of the school year.” Jared said “I know.” I said “I’m not going to contact Chance.” I said “I wouldn’t.” He said and I nodded.

It’s August 14th and we are out at Wal*Mart going school shopping. We get new backpacks, binders, notebook paper, pens, and pencils, everything else we would need. Tomorrow my mom would be 39 and I would be seventeen. We went to Lucky’s Pizza and Subs. I haven’t been here since the incident. My first month’s appointment went great, and so did my second visit with Charlie. “Hey Kelsey. Haven’t seen you in a while.” Kyle, Chance’s dad said. “Chance and I are kind of no longer together.” I said “I’m sorry to hear that.” Kyle said and I nodded.

“What can I get you to drink?” He asked everybody but me got Dr. Pepper, I ordered water. After dinner we went home and spent time as a family playing board games. School begins on August 18th and ends June 8th this year. Lyndsey decided I should spend the night with her tonight and so I packed my work stuff and walked over to her house. We went up into her room and got on her bed, “This will be a tough year.” Lyndsey said “junior year is always the hardest.” Lyndsey said “Even harder when you’re pregnant.” I said and she smiled at me.

After work we met Jared at Lucky’s for lunch and to celebrate my birthday just us three. Chance was our waiter. “Water.” I said when he asked me “You’re pregnant?” He asked “Yes.” I said and he nodded going back to work. We ate our pizza and then walked out without giving him a tip. We went to the mall just Lyndsey and I. We went to the baby store and I smiled “I will be here a bit later.” I said and she smiled. “You look like your showing a little.” She said “Probably not.” I said and she smiled at me. We went back home around four and when I went in I saw Bryce on Skype. “I want to beat his butt.” He was telling my mom “We all do honey.” She said.

“I’m home.” I said “happy birthday Kels.” Bryce said “Thanks. How’s things?” I asked “good kiddo. How are you?” Bryce asked “good.” I said and he smiled at me. “I’m going to go get ready.” I said and my mom nodded. “She heard me didn’t she?” Bryce asked “Probably.” Summer said and I rolled my eyes at her. I went to my room where Love was on my bed curled up. “Mommy’s baby learned how to climb!” I said and she meowed at me. “You aren’t my only baby.” I said and she meowed at me again. I turned on my radio and got in my shower to get ready for tonight. The family/friend dinner I should say anyways. Since it’s my mom’s and my birthday we do something like this yearly.

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