What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 45 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




When I got out and got dressed in my bra and thong set I looked at myself. My boobs were a size bigger already, and I did have a very small bump going. And I’m supposed to be able to hide the fact until my fourth or fifth month. I got dressed in my favorite summer dress and left my hair down and had it super curly. During the birthday dinner it went amazing, everybody was so nice. Lyndsey, Jared, Alyssa, and I excused ourselves from them and we went to a private place on the beach to talk. “I should have listened to you.” I said to Alyssa “No, you were fine.” Alyssa said and I nodded. She was gone all summer since then visiting Europe with Aunt Colleen. We did go to Tampa the weekend of the 4th to 6th.

The next day after work I went to my appointment with Charlie. Yesterday should have been my appointment but I didn’t want to see him on my birthday. “How are you feeling Kelsey?” Charlie asked me “I’m doing better actually.” I said and he smiled “I saw Chance the other day. First time since the last time he abused me.” I said “how did you feel?” He asked me “Bad. I was bitter toward him. I wanted to go off. He knows I’m pregnant. I can’t believe he is still acting so calm, like he hasn’t done anything.” I said “That’s natural, sad to say.” He said “My brother Bryce, the one in the Army was on Skype yesterday. He told my mom he wish he could beat up Chance’s butt and my mom agreed. That made me feels bad, even though I dislike him.” I said “Kelsey, that’s natural. I’m sorry to say.” He said “I guess I really did like him.’ I said “You did or do or you wouldn’t have put up with it.” Charlie said. “I begin school in two days. My junior year, and I’m really nervous. I know my classmates will talk about it. It will be a tough year.” I said “You are strong Kelsey.” Charlie said “Thanks. Love, my kitten is helping me through this. When I cry she head butts me.” I said “Cats and dogs can help. They sense when you feel down.” Charlie said.

The next day being the seventeenth we got our new work schedule from Brad Mondays: 5-11, Tuesday: 4-10, Wednesday: 5-11, Thursday: 4-10, Friday: 4-11, Saturday: 7-3, Sundays 1-7. We hung out with our friends at the mall and had a blast. “Are the rumors true?” Lacey asked “Yes.” I said “You will be a good mom.” Lacey said “Thanks.” I said “I’m a senior but I will make sure your safe.” Lacey said “Thanks.” I said and Aubrey smiled “How’s the kitten?” She asked me “Wonderful. Love is her name. Because everybody loves her.” I said and she smiled at me.

I went to bed at eleven and woke up at five. I went jogging to see if I could but my knee was hurting too bad. I walked home and got in the shower. I got dressed in my ripped jeans since they still fit and a cute T-shirt that doesn’t show my bump too much. I brushed my hair and straightened my hair. I walked downstairs to seeing everybody at the breakfast table. Autumn begin school at 7:30-2:30, Landon goes to school 8:30-3:30, Summer and I go to school 8-3. It’s six fifty and my dad walks out with Autumn “Have a good day!” We said and she smiled. He waits at the bus stop with him and the other elementary students.

At seven thirty I put my backpack on my back, “Come on Summer.” I said and she smiled at me, she had a gym bag with her backpack she was trying out for cheerleading this year. I put my backpack in the trunk and she does the same. We arrive at school around 7:45 giving us fifteen minutes to spare. When we made it to the front door “Want me to go in the same time? Or what?” I asked “Please?” Summer said “Yeah. I will walk you to your locker.” I said and she smiled at me.

After I show her where her locker is she smiles “Have a good first day. Good luck Summer.” I said “Good luck to you too.” She said and I smiled leaving the hallway and going to where my locker was. I made it to my homeroom and realized what class it was: Spanish 2. For this semester I have Spanish 2 8-10, Algebra 2 10-12, lunch is 12-12:30, then study hall until one. English 3 1-3. I see Lyndsey and she smile at me. Jared isn’t in our class, but Aubrey is and she smiles at me. I quickly befriend the girl beside me “I’m Molly Robertson.” She said “I’m Kelsey Blevins.” I said and we exchange schedules and realized we Spanish, lunch, and English 3 together.

During lunch I motion for Molly to sit with us and she smiled at me. “How many rumors have you heard?” I asked them forgetting about Molly for a minute “That you’re a whore, you raped him, you did it because you wanted to, you’re a whore.” They said and I rolled my eyes “Well I know the truth and so do you guys.” I said and Lyndsey nodded. “Where are you from Molly?” Jared asked “Raleigh, North Carolina.” She said “my mom went to Duke for a year.” I said “That’s my dream college.” Molly said and I smiled. Our group table is Molly, Jared, Lyndsey, Aubrey, Alyssa, and Lacey. Alyssa and Lacey ended up with our lunch period.

We saw Chance and his group of friends walks by and Chance glanced my way but I focused on looking at Molly. She has knee length brown hair and baby blue eyes, she’s pretty. “Is that him?” Molly asked me “Yeah. Don’t date him. Not only is he a major jerk, he’s a cheater, a player.” I said “Lesson warned. I don’t want to end up pregnant. No offense.” Molly said “None taken. I don’t want to be pregnant.” I said and she smiled at me. “Do you do cheerleading?” Lyndsey asked Molly “Yeah, I’m trying out this year.” Molly said “I am too.” Lacey, Aubrey, Alyssa, and Lyndsey said and I smiled. “Summer is trying out.” I said “Uh-oh, taking her sister’s spot.” Alyssa said “hey, I have work, school, this thing. I don’t have time and I’m not able to.” I said and she smiled. I also still have my knee splint on and my arm cast.

After study hall and English three I went to the gym to watch my friends and sister try out. There are eight new spots on the squad this year; the seniors if they make it will be on the senior squad that goes to every game. There was a ton of girls trying out so I was nervous about my friends but mainly nervous about Summer getting the spot. “Summer Blevins, you are up.” The captain said, the head cheerleader was me so that is up for opening as well. She got up and walked over “Are you related to Kelsey Blevins?” Coach Blair asked “Yes ma’am.” Summer said “Begin then.” She said and Summer did the cheer that she was working on all summer and did many of the tough cheerleading moves and nailed them all.

After tryouts which ended at four I had enough time to drop Summer off and get on my work clothes. I got to work at five and clocked in, I began my shift and Brad called me over “Yes sir?” I asked “Is there something you should tell me?” Brad asked me “I’m pregnant.” I said “Yes Kelsey that is the thing.” Brad said “Saturday, forget about your work schedule.” Brad said and I looked at him “You are being trained. You will be working the cash register, checking people out.” Brad said “Yes sir.” I said “Still come in at seven ma’am.” Brad said “Thank you sir.” I said “Go back to work Kelsey.” He said “Yes sir.” I said walking back to my station. I should not be showing this much so soon now I’m worried.

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