What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 46 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




I clocked out at eleven and made it home at eleven ten. I had English three homework to do. I did my Spanish 2 and Algebra 2 homework during study hall. My mom came out at eleven thirty when I was just beginning my homework “Kels go to bed. You need your sleep honey.” My mom said “Homework.” I said “Honey, wake up early. You need your sleep.” My mom said and I smiled “Good night mom. I love you.” I said “I love you too Kels.” She said and followed me to my room to make sure I went to bed.

My alarm clock went off at five like always and I got dressed in my white leggings, my denim skirt, my brown cami, and my pink baby tee. I pulled my hair up into a sloppy ponytail and carried Love out and made the pot of coffee. I did my English three homework and finished at six when everybody walked out for breakfast. “If you made the squad I can’t take you home.” I told Summer “I understand, I can get a ride.” Summer said “I get off at ten at least.” I said “Honey, you need make sure you eat.” My mom said “I know mom. I’m eating breakfast.” I said putting a spoonful of eggs in my mouth.

My dad walked out with Autumn to the school bus and she told him to come back in so he did. “She’s growing up Lex.” Daddy said and I smiled “It’s natural dad. I remember that day for me, but it did no good because Summer and Landon.” I said and he smiled “I remember you were upset but didn’t complain.” He said and I smiled at him. “Come on Landon, let’s go to school.” Dad said “Okay dad.” Landon said and they left. “Bye girls. If you get it just call me or text me.” My mom said “Will do so.” Summer said and she smiled at us leaving to go to work.

We made it at the same time yesterday, and I walked to homeroom. Lyndsey, and Molly was already sitting down. I pulled out my binder and my folders, “I’m kind of nervous if I made it or not.” Lyndsey said “Brad will change your schedule, and I can cover for you today.” I said “What did you two talk about?” Lyndsey asked “I’m being a checkout person, I guess he wants me to have the easier job.” I said “You two work?” Molly asked “Yeah at Publix.” I said “That’s awesome. I need a job.” She said “I think they are hiring.” I said “I will go by there sometime then.” Molly said and I smiled. Jared walked in and sat in front of Lyndsey “How was work? Tryouts?” He asked “Work was good. It was good watching them tryout.” I said “Oh yeah.” He said and I smiled at him.

“Good Morning Daytona High, this is your principal Mr. Campbell. This is our second day back to school. Let me remind you of our no violent policy, we are a smoke free school ground. The announcement for today would be the list of who made the Cheerleading squad, Football team, soccer team, cross country team will be posted outside of the main office during the first lunch period. Let’s make today a successful day shall we?” He said and that was the end of it. Our Spanish teacher took out attendance and then collected our homework.

She told us we had a pop quiz she what we remembered from Spanish 1 and after that she went over the second chapter and gave us our homework assignment. We went to Algebra two and it was the same thing. After that we went to lunch “Ready girls?” I asked “Yeah.” Molly and Lyndsey said, we put our books in the lockers and went to the front office. “I can’t look.” Molly said “Me either.” Lyndsey said “Well I can.” I said “Summer made it!” I said and looked down “Lyndsey made it! Alyssa made it! Molly made! Aubrey made it! And Lacey made it. Lyndsey you’re the head captain!” I said and she smiled.

We sat at our normal lunch table for the school year with our group, Alyssa, Aubrey, Molly, and Lyndsey were all smiling about making the squad. “I will drop Summer off.” Lyndsey said “I can, you have to head to work.” Alyssa said and I smiled “Thanks.” I said taking a bite of my hamburger. Jared sat down with us “I need to spend some time with some more people off of the Football team.” Jared said “You made it?” I asked “Yes. So did jerk face.” Jared said “I love you.” I said and he smiled at me. “Summer made it, I’m so proud of her.” I said “I have to tell your dad today at work.” Jake said “Yeah you do. I can’t do it for you. I’m already covering for Lynds.” I said “How long have you guys been friends for?” Molly asked “well forever.” I said “Really?” Molly asked “Literally forever.” Alyssa said and I smiled.

During Study hall I was only able to do Spanish Two, because of my study hall people in my group wanting to carry on a conversation. We were assigned seats, but I still had Molly, Aubrey, a girl name Hannah, and a boy named Noah but he’s gay so we’re safe. “You will be a wonderful mom. I don’t believe those rumors.” Hannah said “Thanks Hannah.” I said “I agree with Hannah here. Chance is a jerk, he deserve to get revenge.” Noah said “His Karma will come you guys.” I said and they smiled at me. Molly and Aubrey started asking me questions and I smiled answering all of them.

After Study hall was over and we made the quick exchange to classrooms Lyndsey came up to me. “I hate the arrangements, although I’m with Jared I want to be with you.” Lyndsey said “I know. I was only able to do Spanish 2 today.” I said and she laughed “I didn’t do any.” She said and I smiled at her. English three felt like the longest class, she gave us our first project telling us we need to team up, we need a group of at least five people. “Make your group now.” She said Jared, Lyndsey, Molly, Aubrey, and I teamed up. She wrote down our names “Tomorrow and here out throughout the semester you will be sitting with your group. This is a project that is semester long.” She said and we nodded. “But each week you will turn in a piece of it. I don’t want you guys waiting until the last minute to do it.” She said and we nodded. When the bell rang she yelled out “Read Chapter two and four, answer the questions at the end.”

I walked to the gym with them and smiled at Summer “Congratulations sissy. Alyssa is taking you home. Good luck. Did you call mom?” I asked “Yeah, she said to see if Alyssa can bring me home.” And I smiled “Live up to the Blevins name.” I said “Already have to in my classes.” She said “Sorry, but I will see you later.” I said and she smiled at me. I made it home and got changed and walked to Aunt Colleen’s who was home. “Hey Landon and Autumn are here until your mom or dad gets home.” She said “I know, than you for that.” I said “How are you?” She asked me “I’m good.” I said “You want a snack?” She asked “No ma’am, I’m going to work early.” I said “I love you Kels.” She said “I love you too Aunt Colleen.”

I made it at work at 3:45, and I got a bag of chips and sat at the table in the work room. “Lyndsey is going to be an hour late.” I told Brad “I understand. I was in high school once. A football player. Did she make the squad?” Brad asked me “Yes sir.” I said “When she comes in I will change her schedule around.” He said and I nodded. I began work at four and Lyndsey came in and five and went over to him. She went to work soon after and smiled at me. We both clocked out at ten and she smiled “I work 5-11 every night on the week, not on different days.” Lyndsey said.

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