What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 47 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




When I got home, my mom and dad was at the kitchen table helping Summer. “I will get you the leftovers.” My mom said “And my vitamins?” I asked “Yeah.” She said and I looked at Summer “Which class?” I asked “English 1, Algebra 1.” Summer said and I put my binder aside and helped her. It took until eleven and she hugged me and went to bed. I pulled out my homework and worked until midnight, leaving me with a chapter in English left.

I woke up at five to my alarm clock, got dressed in my ripped jeans and my Beatles shirt. I finished my English homework and ate breakfast. It’s August 20th, today and I work 5-11 today. It’s a Wednesday at least. Spanish two went by quick, we got our grade back, a pop quiz about the homework, and homework assignment to read chapter three and four and answer all the questions. The first unit was chapters 1-5 and we have a test for the first unit on Friday. After Spanish we went to Algebra 2 and did that work, and was given a work sheet and told to do the third chapter and do the problems.

During lunch, I ate my lunch as quick as I could and began on my Spanish homework. I read the third chapter and did the questions and was halfway down with the questions for the fourth chapter. I was able to finish all of my homework up to English in study hall. I had my Ipod on to tune out the people at my table. At the end I had a few minutes to spare “You haven’t been listening have you?” Molly asked “No, sorry. I work late tonight, and I don’t want to do more than I have to in the morning.” I said and she nodded.

After English I waited around for the hour doing my English homework and took Summer home at four, got dressed and worked more on my English. I checked over my Spanish and Algebra and helped Summer on some of hers. I went to work and did the six hours and went home and ate leftovers and went to bed. Love was curled up against me enjoying the time spent with me.

It’s now Friday and the last half hour of English class. “We need to work on this over the weekend.” Molly said “Tomorrow at four?” I asked “where?” Lyndsey asked me “My house?” I said “sure.” They said and I gave them my address. I didn’t wait around for Summer, I went home and changed into my work clothes. I had Algebra two homework that I didn’t get to. I began working on that and stopped midway to go to work. After work which ended at eleven I went to Lucky’s with Lyndsey and we went over the week. “I miss Bryce.” I said “When do you see Charlie?” He asked “I need to next week. After we get our schedule Sunday, I need to make an appointment.” I said and she nodded.

I stayed for half an hour and then went home. I finished my Algebra two homework which I finished at one. I drank some water and went to bed. Love and Mr. Prince curled up with me and I rubbed them both until I fell asleep. My alarm clock went off at six and I rolled my eyes. I got dressed and made myself a bowl of cereal. I made it at work, and during my work hours Brad trained me on how to do the cash register, how to check people out. “You will begin tomorrow.” He said and I nodded. He gave me a few tips on how to do it, told me what to say when a customer comes up. When I clocked out at three Lyndsey smiled at me. “See you at four.” Lyndsey said “Okay Lynds.” I said and I went home. I told my parents about my friends coming over at four and they nodded. I changed into my Daytona High t-shirt and my cheerleading shorts. I pulled my hair into a sloppy ponytail and did my chores.

Lyndsey and Jared arrived at 3:45, “Take your books up to my room.” I said I was still working on the kitchen. They came back and we sat on the porch with Love. Aubrey arrived a few minutes later “Hey you guys.” She said “hey” we said. Molly arrived a few minutes later “Alright let’s go in. Be warn, you will be stopped.” I said and they nodded. My mom was on the couch and my dad was on the loveseat reading the newspaper. “Mom and dad we’re going up to my room.” I said “Okay.” My dad said but my mom didn’t do that. “if you guys need anything let me know.” My mom said “Will do mom.” I said “Oh mom this is Molly and Aubrey.” I said “Nice to meet you girls.” My mom said “nice to meet you too Mrs. Blevins.” They said.

We worked on the project until seven since we have to turn in this piece on Monday. “We need a break.” I said “Agree.” Molly said “Let’s go get pizza.” I said “Where?” Molly asked “Lucky’s pizza and subs.” I said and they smiled. “Mom I’m going out.” I said “Okay, pizza?” She asked me “Yes mom.” I said “be careful.” She said and I nodded. Today is the 23rd. We stayed there until nine and then went our separate ways to go home. I rode with Lyndsey here so on the way back we talked about work and school.

I arrived to work at 12:30 to get my schedule for next week. Monday: 6-11, Tuesday: 6-11, Wednesday: 4-10, Thursday: 4-9, Friday: 4-11, Saturday: Off, Sunday: 1-10. The day was good actually, working as a cashier Lyndsey was my bagger. I clocked off at seven and went home. I spent time on the couch watching TV with my family. Autumn went to bed at 8:30, Landon at 9, Summer at ten. The house phone rings “Hello?” My dad asked “We will make a mental note for that. We are looking forward to that.” My dad said and he hung up. “Feel like a road trip this weekend?” My dad asked “Where?” My mom asked “Orlando. Bryce’s graduation, and Saturday the soldiers and their family is a free day at Disney land.” My dad said “Which means we have to leave on a Friday?” My mom asked “Thursday. Graduation is Friday.” He said and my mom smiled “Sounds like a plan.” My mom said.

The next day, during lunch I call Charlie’s office. “Hello this is Daytona Behavioral center. How may I help you?” The lady known as Sally asked “I would like to make an appointment with Doctor Shaw at four for tomorrow if he is available?” I asked “Yes he is available. Who is the appointment for?” Sally asked “Kelsey Blevins.” I said “He’s been asking for you.” Sally said “I’m sorry. Busy schedule.” I said “You are down for tomorrow. See you then.” She said “Thank you ma’am.” I said and we hung up.

We talked about over the weekend during lunch. “Your mom is amazing.” Molly said “Thanks.” I said and she smiled at me. During study hall I did my Spanish 2 homework, and wasn’t able to do Algebra two because Spanish 2 took so long. We turned in our assignment for English 3 and had very little homework tonight. Alyssa said after school she would bring Summer home so I went home right after school.

I did my homework until five and I was done with it. I got dressed and made a sandwich. Today is the 25th. My mom got home at 5:30 “No work today?” She asked “I begin at six.” I said “have a good day at work.” She said and I smiled. “I need to get off don’t I?” I asked “Yes.” She said and I smiled at her. I talked to Brad about the weekend and he understood and said he would switch things around and I could pick up my check Monday when I went to work. Lyndsey would give me my work schedule.

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