What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 48 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




School was the same thing as always. After school, I went to my appointment and did some homework in the car to kill my hour. I walked in at 3:45 and signed in and skimmed through my Facebook page with all of my friends. At 3:59 Charlie came out “Come on in Kelsey.” Charlie said and I smiled “Okay.” I said I had my work clothes on since I had to go to work after this appointment. “How have you been?” Charlie asked me “Stressed. School, work, family, and friends is getting to me.” I said “Quit your job then.” He said “I need the money. I’m going to be a single mom.” I said “How was your first day of school? And school days from then?” He asked me “Good actually. I made a new friend named Molly, Aubrey and I became friends. Chance and I don’t speak at all.” I said “Lyndsey, Summer, Aubrey, Molly, and Alyssa made the cheerleading squad. That makes me feel a little down because normally I would be with them. But with my splint, broken arm, and baby I can’t.” I said and he nodded. “Rumors are still going on, that I’m a whore, I had sex willingly, it’s not his baby, I paid him to do it.” I said “How does that make you feel Kelsey?” Charlie asked me “it hurts. I would cry at night, but by the time I do everything I have to I’m too exhausted.” I said “Let your emotions out Kelsey. It’s not good to bottle it up.” Charlie said “I know. It hurts to see Lyndsey and Jared so happy and I’m not. I am glad that they are happy. But I want to be happy as well.” I said “I feel like my teenage life is gone. Like for the next seven months I have to grow up. I have to be mature.” I said “Your dreams, and future is different now. I will admit that. Things won’t be easy but you’re strong.” Charlie said and I nodded. We spent the rest of the time discussing things like that. I brought up my upcoming road trip and about Bryce before I left.

The rest of the week went like normal. School, dealing with the rumors, stares, but on Thursday none of that bothered me. At ten we’re leaving to go to Orlando. During lunch they were discussing the project “I can’t go to the meeting this weekend.” I said “We understand. We’ll put your name on it.” Lyndsey said and I smiled. “Take pictures of Disney world.” I said and I smiled. Next week I have four appointment, my second month appointment is on Thursday at 3:30, my appointment about my knee is on Tuesday at 3:30, Friday at 3:30 for my arm, Wednesday at 3:30 with Charlie.

After work, I got home and packed my clothes for the weekend and rubbed Love. Lyndsey would check the mail, and check in on the cats over the weekend. We got in the car and took the trip to Orlando and got in our hotel room. We all work up at nine, getting a few hours of sleep. Got dressed in our clothes for the graduation and went to Ihop for breakfast. Lyndsey got mine and Summer’s assignment for today saying there was a family emergency and we had to leave town. We ate breakfast talking about our week and then went to the field.

After the graduation we went out to lunch with Bryce. He sat between me and Summer. “I get to stay at home until I get assigned to a unit and told where I’m going.” Bryce said and we smiled “That’s amazing news.” I said “I know it is Kels.” Bryce said and I smiled at him. He showed us around where he was staying this whole time and we met a bunch of interesting people.

Saturday was amazing! I couldn’t ride many rides due to all of my conditions but the day was amazing. We enjoyed the firework and parade. Sunday we had fun with the area and then we went  home. I had enough time to do all of my missed work on Friday and my homework from Thursday and still talked to Lyndsey about the project in English and she filled me in and came with my schedule.

Monday: 4-11, Tuesday: 5-11, Wednesday: 5-11, Thursday: 5-11, Friday: 5-11, Saturday: 1-9, Sunday: Off. I woke up at five and did my normal routine, getting showered and dressed. I have no appointment today after school just work. We turned in our part of the project and during lunch everybody caught me up on what I was missing over the weekend. “Bryce is home.” I told Alyssa, Jared, and Lyndsey. “for how long?” Alyssa asked “Until he’s assigned a unit.” I said and she smiled at me. “I’m glad. You guys missed him.” Alyssa said “yeah. He’s doing the right thing.” I said and she smiled at me.

English 3 was a weird class. We turned in our portion of the project. We began working on one piece for this chapter. Writing a two page essay about an article we read. “For this half of the semester you are to read a book from this list. Write a summary for each chapter and then write a ten page essay about it. Our project for the semester is about Shakespeare, we have to make up a skit about it, perform it one of the last days and that will count as part of our final. We have to write it up; we have to do research about each play he did, read some of his books.

I got home at three ten and got changed into my work uniform and sat at the kitchen table to do some homework. “Hey little sister.” Bryce said walking in “I was working out.” Bryce said and I smiled at him. “How are you and the little one?” Bryce asked me “good. I have the appointment on Thursday.” I said “That’s good. It feels weird talking to you about it.” Bryce said “I agree. I’m not used to it.” I said “I know. I’m not used to it either.” I said and he smiled at me. He gave me a peanut butter sandwich and I gladly accepted it.

I went to work and afterwards went home. I ate another peanut butter and jelly sandwich and finished my homework for the day. I went to bed and woke up at five to my alarm clock. I got dressed in a dress that fit me. I have a small baby bump going and I was worried about it. After school today I went to my appointment. “Your knee is better Kelsey. Just use your knee splint if it starts to hurt you again. But you’re good to go.” Doctor Lyons said and I nodded. I went home at four and did my homework for half an hour, got dressed, made a sandwich for the road and went to work. After work I finished my homework and went to bed.

During school today, in Spanish 2 we were paired up into partner for this assignment. “Chance Lynnwood and Kelsey Blevins.” My Spanish teacher said and I heard people whisper. Lyndsey shot me a look but I shook my head. “Hi Kels. Long time no talk.” He said “Let’s just do this assignment.” I said “When is the appointment?” Chance asked me “Tomorrow.” I said “You’re a little fat aren’t you? For being two months? Or did you cheat on me.” Chance said “I didn’t cheat.” I said “Doesn’t look like it.” Chance said. “Let’s do this assignment.” I said focusing on it. He wouldn’t help me do the assignment so I did it on my own.

We did the report on it in front of the class and since Chance refused he didn’t know anything about his part. The class laughed at him and he just sat down leaving me to do the report. I didn’t say anything during Algebra Two, just focusing on the test we took. We were given our homework assignment and the bell rang. During lunch they all discussed things and Lyndsey looked at me “Are you okay Kels?” Lyndsey asked me “Yeah, I’m fine.” I said “Making sure.” Lyndsey said and I smiled “Thanks. But I’m fine.” I said and she smiled at me. Study hall and English 3 felt like it went of forever.

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