What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 49 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




I had my work clothes in my backpack and I went straight to my appointment. Charlie smiled at me. “It’s weird having Bryce back, I mean so long of him either being in college or away with the army training and now he’s back.” I said “That’s natural.” Charlie said. “School work is actually becoming easier for me, my work schedule is later so I have time to do it before work and I tend to tune people out in the study hall.” I said and he smiled “today in Spanish 2 we were paired up for an assignment. I got paired with Chance. It wasn’t a pretty sight. He went off on me about being larger than I should be. Saying I cheated on him. It makes me feel bad. Because I’m carrying his child.” I said Charlie nodded “I work constantly, I go to school, I barely spend any time with my family. I feel left out of the loop when it deals with things.” I said and Charlie nodded at me.

After the hour with Charlie I went straight to work and changed and clocked in. I was feeling better after my appointment. I was more than happy to get off at eleven and went straight to bed. I woke up at 4:30 and did my homework. I felt sick to my stomach after I did my homework. I ran to the bathroom downstairs and threw up. I puked my guts out and my mom came down. “You okay baby girl?” My mom asked “I’m in the bathroom, puking my guts out. Of course not.” I said “Beauty of morning sickness.” She said “How long does this last?” I asked “It could last for the next month or longer.” My mom said and I rolled my eyes.

I got us to school early as usual and I just walked to Spanish, pulling out my binder and laying my head down on the desk. My stomach was hurting, I felt sick to my stomach. Molly and Lyndsey both tried cheering me up to make me feel better. I lasted for Spanish 2 and barely for Algebra 2. At lunch just the smell of all of the food I ran to the bathroom. After I got done I called my mom “Can you call to check me out? I feel like crap.” I said “Yes Kels. Give me a minute.” She said and I walked to the cafeteria and laid my head down on the table. I got a text saying I was good to go. “I’m going home.” I said “Okay Kels. Hope you feel better.” Lyndsey said and I nodded.

I made it home at 12:30 after getting my assignment for English 3 and turning in my homework. I went to bed wearing my school clothes and sleeping until three. Bryce came in and woke me up “You have a doctor appointment and then work.” He said “I know thanks for reminding me.” I said and he smiled. “I’m taking you.” Bryce said “Okay.” I said and we went to my appointment. He waited in the waiting room when I went back. The nurse took my temperature, blood pressure, checked my heart weight, and made me get on the scale. “When you started out you weighed 110.” The nurse said “Yes ma’am.” I said because that was after my first month. “You now weigh 118.” She said and I nodded, I gained eight pounds in a month.

“Your second appointment, but first sonogram.” Doctor Wiley said and I nodded. “Are you taking your vitamins?” She asked me “Yes ma’am I am.” I said “You seem healthy. Let’s check on your baby.” She said and she put the blue liquid gel and took the technology item and the image showed up on screen. “Listen to the heart beat.” She said turning on the volume and I heard the beating heart. “That’s strange.” She said zooming in “Miss Blevins, you are having twins.” She said and I nodded. “Are you dealing with morning sickness?” Doctor Wiley asked “First time today.” I said and she told me what I could do about it so I could stay in school all day and not miss any more school right now.

I walked out into the waiting room and Bryce was waiting for me. We went to the car and he looked at me. “How did it go?” Bryce asked me “Good. I’m healthy. My babies are healthy.” I said “babies?” Bryce asked me “I’m carrying twins.” I said and Bryce nodded. “It’s four o’clock.” Bryce said “I have an hour.” I said and Bryce smiled at me. He took me somewhere and showed me a baby shirt “My uncle is cooler than yours. He’s in the army.” It said and I smiled “Get two.” I said and Bryce paid for two.

After work I went to bed and woke up at five, the smell of breakfast made me want to puke but I didn’t. I went to school and lasted the whole day. During English Molly looked at us “We need to work on this over the weekend.” Molly said “My house Sunday at noon?” I asked “Sure.” They all said and I nodded. After school and work I laid on the couch with Bryce, my mom and dad was on the loveseat. “Twins, huh?” My mom asked “Yeah. We can handle it right?” I asked “Yeah. We’re a tough family.” My mom said and I smiled at her.

Saturday morning we went out to breakfast as a family, we did our chores when we got home. Bryce went to the gym at noon, Summer went to cheerleading practice at noon, Landon and my dad went to a football game. Autumn was at Aunt Colleen’s and it’s just my mom here since I have work. “Will you be okay alone?” I asked “Honey yes. It’s going to be relaxing. Aunt Colie and I are actually going shopping.” She said and I smiled at her. We had an extra room, next to my bedroom I knew that would turn into the babies’ room.

I clocked in at one and got to my register; Lyndsey came in at two and smiled at me. “How was practice?” I asked “good.” She said and I smiled at her. After I clocked off at nine I went home. Bryce was on the phone outside so I walked past him. “Business.” My mom said “uh-oh. Not good.” I said “no it isn’t.” My mom said and I nodded. Bryce came in and hugged me. “I leave Monday morning at 3 in the morning. I’m going on a yearlong tour in Germany to start with. Elsewhere if needed.” Bryce said and we all nodded. “Sunday night will be a going away party. Kelsey has friends coming over at noon for an English project.” My mom said and we nodded.

I woke up at eight and got dressed in my cheerleading shorts and an Army shirt Bryce got me. I went to Publix and got my work schedule for the week: Monday: 5-9, Tuesday: 5-10, Wednesday: 4-9, Thursday: Off, Friday: Off, Saturday: off, Sunday: 1-7. “It’s cut in half.” I said “I feel like you could use a week of easy schedule.” Brad said “Thank you.” I said although knowing I don’t need an easy work schedule.

I got home and got my room cleaned and went outside with Love and sat on the porch. “What is your work schedule Lynds?” I asked when she walked up with her backpack on. “Monday-Friday 5-11, Saturday: off, Sunday: 1-7. You?” Lyndsey asked “5-9, 5-10, 4-9, off, off, off, 1-7.” I said “Such an easy work week.” Lyndsey said “I know but I need the money.” I said and she nodded. Molly, Jared, and Aubrey came and we worked until three and everybody went their separate ways. We went out to dinner tonight with Aunt Colleen and them since tonight is Bryce’s last night. We went home early and all went to bed since we were all going to see him off tomorrow morning.

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