What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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Submitted: April 25, 2012




For the next ten days before school began on the 25th, I was either working, spending time with Nicole, Noah, or my family. I was avoiding Austin, I figured it was best to avoid him until I made up my mind about what to do. Rosie is eight weeks along on the 25th. We were at Wal*Mart shopping for school supplies, I’m a senior, Jake is a Junior, Connor is a freshman, Colleen is a seventh grader, Josh is a first grader, Alicia begins Pre-K leaving Katie to go to daycare. Alicia got all Tinkerbell stuff for Pre-K. While we were going grocery shopping as well we ran into Austin and his family. “Hey Lexie.” Austin said and I waved at him. We went to pay and then left, not once did I speak to him. They were all discussing the fun for tomorrow and I just rolled my eyes.  Jake’s birthday is December 18th, Connor’s birthday is January 3rd, Colleen’s birthday is October 8th, Josh’s birthday is September 11th, Alicia’s birthday is November 15th, and Katie’s birthday is April 15th.

I told my mom when we got home I was going to the mall and she nodded. I told Noah the night before I was going to cut my hair and he said I would look good with a haircut. I went to the hair salon in the mall and cut my hair to shoulder length. My hair was short compared to how it was before. I made it to Noah’s and he smiled at me “You look beautiful Lexie.” He said “Thanks.” I said and got a phone call “One sec?” I asked and he nodded “He cheated on me Lex.” Nicole sobbed “I’m on my way.” I said and hung up. I kissed Noah lips softly. “Nicole needs me. I’m sorry.” I said and he smiled “no problem baby.” Noah said and I kissed his lips softly and drove to Nicole’s.

I stayed until ten comforting Nicole and hugged her good-bye. “You look good with short hair Lex.” Nicole said when I was leaving “Thanks.” I said and made it home. My mom was mad when she saw the hair cut “Alexis bed.” My mom said and I nodded and went to my bedroom but didn’t go to bed. Instead I got online and Austin sent me an IM but I blew it off and logged off and laid in my bed.

I woke up at five and took a shower. I got dressed at six wearing my new dark blue jeans, a cute baby blue t-shirt, and my rainbow flip-flops and packed my cheerleading bag in my cheerleading workout clothes and pumas. Tryouts are today, tomorrow, and Wednesday. I got my backpack, purse, and cheerleading bag at the door. We all sat the breakfast table, wearing the new first day of school clothes. Aaron and my mom both took Alicia, Katie, and Josh to school. Alicia and Josh go to the Elementary school and Katie goes to day care. Elementary is 7:30-2:30, Middle school is 7:30-2:30, high school is 8:00-3:00. Colleen’s bus came and she waved good-bye. “Come on.” I said opening my trunk and putting my backpack and gym bag in and they put their backpacks in.

We pull up in a parking space and I smiled at Connor “Have a good first day.” I said and they both nodded. Nicole came up to me and smile, Austin even joined the group “Hey girls. Ready to begin senior year?” Austin asked “Yeah.” We said “love your hair cut Lex.” Austin said “Thanks.” I said and he smiled “How busy have you been?” Austin asked me “Super busy. Sorry I haven’t talked to you.” I said “It’s okay.” Austin said and I smiled at him and went to my locker, I put my gym bag in my locker and went to homeroom.

For the first Semester I had Chemistry, American Government, Yoga, Calculus. After lunch was Yoga. Nicole was in all of my classes, Austin was in all my classes but Yoga. But I didn’t pay much attention to him. During lunch I sat with Noah at a small table, not even sitting with the group. “I missed you at lunch Lexie.” Nicole said and I looked at her “Sorry , wanted to spend it with Noah.” I said “Austin told me how you have been avoiding him.” She said and I rolled my eyes “I just didn’t want to see him until I made up my mind.” I said “Well you need to still be his friend. He needs you Lex.” Nicole said and I rolled my eyes “You’re right. Now let the fun of Yoga begin.” I said and she smiled at me.

Okay, now is when I should say that I had forgiven my sudden interest in admitting my feelings towards Austin and we’re friends again. But I haven’t done that, it’s now September 11th which is a Saturday and I’m off and we’re having Josh’s birthday party. Since Austin’s little brother Colby is friends with Josh and a friend of the family they all came over. Josh has a ton of little kids here today so I’m trying to avoid them. Austin came up to me, I was on the swing and he sat down. “We need to talk Lexie.” He said “Okay.” I said “You have avoided me since your birthday.” He said “I have not.” I said hoping I’m doing a good job at lying. “Lexie I have known you since day care. I know you can’t lie.” Austin said so I rolled my eyes “You want to know what’s up?” I asked “Yes.” He said “I like you. Okay?” I asked and before he could answer I stormed off leaving the yard and going off into a jog. I had on flip flops so it wasn’t good. I ended up going barefooted and running to the meadow it wasn’t far from the house.

I didn’t care about being tough. I just let the tears fall. I brought my knees up to my chest and laid my head on my knees. My hair was growing back quickly, it was an inch longer now. I heard footsteps and didn’t bother to look up. “Lexie we need to talk.” Austin said “Why?” I asked “You can’t just admit to a guy you have feelings for him and then run off.” Austin said “What does it matter? You’re with Rosie, having a baby. I’m with Noah. We’re best friends.” I said “Okay fine you’re right. But we’re still going to be friends Lex. Like we always have been and always will be.” Austin said “Okay. You sure?” I asked “Yeah, you’re with Noah anyways.” Austin said smiling at me “Ready to head back?” I asked “Yeah. Did you know that pregnancy is tough?” Austin asked “I heard.” I said smiling “Morning sickness for her?” I asked and he nodded “Poor Austin having to take care of her.” I said and he rolled his eyes. “I’m tired can you give me a piggy back ride?” I asked Austin who only smiled and nodded.

It’s now October 8th and I’m working 8-2. Colleen’s birthday dinner is at five so I have just enough time to pick up Amber and Jason and get a last minute gift. Colleen is now a teenager, I can’t believe that. Austin and I are still best friends, besides me telling him I like him in a more than friends zone. Nicole and I are still really close; she’s dating a guy name Mark now who’s on the football team. We’re on the cheerleading squad, we have been since ninth grade. Noah and I are still dating, Caylee is now ten months old. Caylee’s birthday is December 5th, Brent’s is May 14th.

October flew by quickly after her birthday party and it’s now November 15th which is a Sunday, I’m off today. Alicia is five years old today and we’re having a huge party for her. School is doing really good for me, I have all A’s in my four classes, then I have cheerleading practice after school, then work, and then family time, then homework. My weekends are booked with cheerleading practice, work, family, friends, and Noah. This year is flying by quicker than I thought it would. Rosie is almost four months along, and Austin is being really supportive of her. He’s right though, nothing has changed between us we’re still really good friends.

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