What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 50 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




We woke up at two and went to the airport. He was in his uniform; he was to be in Tampa with the rest of his squad soon when he lands actually. “You be safe. I love you. Happy early birthday.” He told Autumn, he hugged her and put her down. “I love you too Bryce.” Autumn said going back to my mom. “You’re the man of the house now. Keep a close eye on Autumn. Listen to mom and dad. I love you.” He told Landon “I love you too.” Landon said going to Autumn. “You be safe Summer. Don’t date. You are too young. I love you.” He said “I love you too.” Summer said going to Landon and Autumn. “Kels, you stay safe and healthy. I will be expecting updates about how you and my niece or nephew is doing.” Bryce said “I will Bryce. I love you.” I said “I love you too Kels.” He said “I love you dad.” Bryce said “I love you too son.” My dad said “You be safe, do your job, make friends, come home. I love you.” My mom said “I love you too mom and I will.” Bryce said giving us one final hug before leaving.

We didn’t go back to bed when we got home; we just started our day earlier than most people. “I’m going to head into work early so I can get off early.” My mom said “Okay.” My dad said looking at her “have a good day at school.” My mom said to everybody and left. “Is she okay?” Autumn asked my dad “Yes she is. Why don’t you go say good-bye to the cats?” My dad said and Autumn nodded. “She’s taking it hard dad.” I said “Uncle Jake was in the Army. He got hurt. She doesn’t want that to happen.” My dad said and I nodded hugging him.

He left earlier than usual as well, I guess it’s hard for him as well. Logan, Caleb, and Landon are at the bus stop for middle school. Lyndsey and Jessie were leaving for school, Jared and Cayla were leaving for school, so Summer and I got in the car. “Hello, Daytona Behavioral. How may I help you?” Sally asked, I was calling on my way to school. “I’m calling to make an appointment tomorrow with Charlie.” I said “Kelsey Blevins, 3:30?” She asked “Sounds perfect.” I said “He will see you then.” Sally said and we hung up. “Are you doing better?” Summer asked me “Yeah a little bit. Charlie really helps.” I said “I can listen to your problem for free.” Summer said “it’s much more difficult but thanks Sum.” I said and she smiled. She heads off to be with Cayla and Jessie in their homeroom.

I get out my Spanish 2 homework from over the weekend and my binder. My arm cast went from the elbow to my hand to a shorter length. And a splint instead of a cast. Molly, Aubrey, and Lyndsey came in and smiled at me. “Morning girls.” I said “Morning.” They said smiling at me. “My birthday is this weekend.” Molly said “Oh that’s great news!” I said “Friday night, I’m having a sleepover I want all of you to come.” Molly said “I will check with my parents tonight.” I said “Saturday we need to make plan for the project.” Aubrey said “1?” I asked “Sounds good.” Aubrey said and Molly nodded.

Spanish 2 today was a long class it felt like; we watched a movie and had to do an essay on it in Spanish. “You will have a project. Up until midterms.” The teacher said, midterms is November 12th- November 14th and it’s September 8th now. “You will research about a country that Spanish is the number one language. You will do a presentation about it. And on top of that I want a three page report about this country in Spanish.” She said and we all nodded. “I know it’s a lot of stress, so I will pair you into groups of four. No you guys can’t pick.” She said and we all exchanged glances “Kelsey Blevins, Lyndsey Johnson, Joe Daniels, Aubrey Jackson.” She said “Molly Wiley, Jared Jacobs, Chance Lynnwood, Kelly Thompson.” She said and so on. Jared shot me a look and I shook my head.

Algebra 2 was a bit easier than Spanish 2. We took a pop quiz on what we learned Friday, and then she went over two chapters in that short time telling us the homework and telling us there might be a pop quiz tomorrow about it. I walked to my locker after class and put my books in my locker and went to lunch. I got a slice of pizza, the fruit bowl, and a bottle of water. I sat down with the normal people and began eating. “I can’t believe Spanish 2.” Molly said “I feel bad for you Molly. But Jared be nice.” I said “I have to work with him. Hopefully we can finish before November 13th.” Jared said “I hope so for you guys.” I said and he smiled at me.

It’s now October 4th, and I’m at my third month appointment. School and work has been going great, I’m now to a monthly visit with Charlie unless something happens and I need to see him. “You and your babies are healthy.” Doctor Wiley said and I smiled at her. When I left there I went to work and after work I did my homework and went to bed.

It’s November 4th and my work schedule is I’m off all week so I can study for my midterms. My forth month appointment went by great. Joe is hitting on Aubrey when we work together and they are going out. Lyndsey and Jared are still going out. I’m at Lyndsey’s house and she gets a text to meet Jared at his house. “I will be at home.” I said and I walked home and reviewed my Algebra two notes. I helped Summer with her Algebra one review and then went to spend time with Love. It was a Monday night, Love has gotten so much bigger.

“Kels, can you come here?” My mom asked me “Yes ma’am.” I said and I walked to my left to find her and she was in the spare bedroom. It was empty now; it had some boxes in it. “This is your babies’ room. The color will be a light green since it’s a neutral color. We have a rocking chair as you can see.” She said and I nodded “Allie is giving us her crib that she had with Tori, and we have one that we used when you guys were a baby. We have two dressers in the attic, a changing table that Allie is letting us have. You will need to buy diapers, bottles, clothes, blankets, car seats, and a stroller.” My mom said and I hugged her “Thanks mom.” I said and she smiled at me.

I was back to studying for my English 3 midterm and I hear a knock at the door “She’s in her room Lynds.” My dad said and I heard footsteps and not even a knock on my door. She had tears running down her face “What happened?” I asked “He broke up with me. He likes another girl who isn’t his friend.” Lyndsey said “Oh Lynds.” I said hugging her and she was crying. I comforted her and she went home.

The rest of the week was hard. On Friday night, Aubrey, Molly, Lyndsey, and I are at Lucky’s pizza and subs. They were all spending the night at my house tonight. Sunday since our midterm for Spanish is two is our last day to work on our project. After we spent some time eating pizza and talking about girl stuff we went to watch The Lucky One in theaters and then we went to Publix. We work Thursday and Friday 4-11. Saturday: 7-7, Sunday: 7-4. We bought enough magazines, more makeup, finger nail polish, sodas, and junk food. We paid and decided to head on back to my house. “Need anything else?” I asked “Milkshakes from McDonald’s?” Lyndsey asked “Yeah.” I said and I went the direction to McDonald’s and we ordered the milkshakes we needed to complete the night.

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