What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 51 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




We stayed up until four in the morning with everything that we got, and watching some movies. I’m sure I got Lyndsey’s mind off of Jared, I feel like such a failure if I didn’t. We woke up at noon, Love was our alarm clock she let out a loud meow that woke us up and made me sit up and look around at the foot of my bed. She was circling Mr. Prince who looked like he was sleeping. I slowly got up and walked to the foot of my bed. “Mr. Prince?” I asked but no head tilt, no looking up, and no meow. “I think he’s gone Kels.” Lyndsey said and I slowly nodded. My mom came in to look “Oh my.” She said seeing us girls gathered around the foot of the bed.

We all sat in the kitchen, eating our lunch while my parents were in my room. Love was in her carrier because she wouldn’t leave my parents alone. “I’m so sorry Kels.” Molly said “It’s okay. We knew his time was near. He was eighteen.” I said and that was the end of the conversation. “Love is adorable.” Aubrey said “Thanks.” I said smiling at that.

The rest of the weekend went by in a blur and now it’s Monday. We presented our project and she nodded at us. We did the written part and after that we went to lunch and was to go back to the class to finish the exam. It was an all-day thing for the midterm in Spanish 2. After the bell rang at three I slowly made my way to my locker. I couldn’t hide that I’m pregnant and honestly I don’t care. The rumors still go around but many people don’t care. Chance has dated other people and that doesn’t bother me. I just focus on my education and my friends. I get my backpack on my back and walk to the car. Summer was waiting with her backpack on her back. “No practice?” I asked “Nope, we are to go study.” Summer said and I smiled.

I dropped Summer off and went to my monthly appointment with Charlie. “Hi Kels, how are you?” Charlie asked me “Stressed right now.” I said “Jared and Lyndsey are no longer a couple. So I have to be in the middle of it. Having to side with Lyndsey and be against Jared when I’m not. Having to comfort a broken hearted best friend. My cat Mr. Prince died over the weekend of old age, so I’m dealing with that grief. The grief of Bryce being overseas and not knowing if he’s in Germany or another place scares me.” I said “That’s natural Kelsey.” He said “This is the week for midterms. Spanish 2 was an all-day thing, we take our final January 12th January 14th. I’m looking forward to my next three classes.” I said “How are your grades this semester?” Charlie asked me “Straight A’s. It’s harder to maintain with everything that’s going on but I’m doing it.” I said “How are your work hours?” Charlie asked me “He doesn’t want to over work me. He doesn’t want to add to the stress. So my hours are basically cut in half.” I said “How does that make you feel?” He asked me “Kind of down, like I can’t be trusted. Like I’m a ticking time bomb. Everybody is so cautious over me. Like I’m going to explode in any minute.” I said “I still have nightmares of Chance. Those nightmares are back, they did go away for a little bit.” I said “It’s like he’s haunting me now. Not only is it like watching a movie of the past, he’s haunting me saying I won’t be a good mother.” I said “I know I will be seventeen, a teen mom to twins but I feel like I will do good. I have a lot of money in my saving account, I babysat babies since I was fourteen, I can take care of a baby. I’m not worried about if I will be a good mom or not because I know that will make it where I’m not.” I said and Charlie nodded. “I feel bad for my mom. It’s like she’s in a trance sometimes, she is here but then again she’s not.” I said “Kelsey, you need to worry about you and your babies.” Charlie said “It’s natural for you to say that but she’s my mom.” I said “She will be fine.” Charlie said.

I spent the time after my appointment with Charlie at the kitchen table with Summer helping her study for her Algebra 1 mid-term as I study for my Algebra 2 mid-term. My mom comes home and smiles at me. “How did your appointment with Charlie go?” My mom asked me “it went good mom. Thanks for asking.” I said “School went good as well. The mid-term was a little hard but I feel like I aced it.” I said and she smiled “We did really good on our project, I think we might get an A on that part as well.’ I said and my mom smiled. “Summer?” She asked her “Spanish 1 mid-term went good. I think I did decent on it. I’m kind of worried. No project.” Summer said and I smiled, she was doing Spanish 1 this year and Spanish 2 next year.

“Kelsey do you want to meet at Hope’s for dinner tomorrow?” My mom asked “Sure.” I said we haven’t done that since Grandpa died over the summer. After dinner, with Love on my lap curled up to my stomach I was on the couch, my mom was at my feet, daddy, Summer and Autumn on the love seat and Landon in the other chair. “I want something.” I said “What?” My dad asked preparing to go get it. “A chili cheese dog.” I said “I got it.” He said “And a Cookie & Crème milkshake?” I asked and he nodded “Make it two.” My mom said “Get the kids one.” My mom said “Strawberry, Butterfinger, and Chocolate.” The kids said “Kelsey do you want to go?” My dad asked me “I will.” I said and my mom smiled at me.

“How was your mid-term?” My dad asked on the way “It went good. I feel like I aced it and the project. Oh and my appointment went good.” I said “That’s good baby girl. I wanted to say that I’m proud of you. I know how hard and scary this has to be for you.” My dad said “Very hard and very scary.” I admitted to him “Your mother and I, and your sisters and brother are here to support you. Don’t you ever feel like you let your mother and I down. Because you didn’t know you would get pregnant, you got raped. You are making us proud, doing such a good job. You will be a great mom. Don’t listen to what anybody has to tell you.” My dad said and I smiled “Thanks daddy.” I said and he pulls up to the drive-thru of Dairy Queen. “Welcome to Dairy Queen what can I get you?” Was said over the speakers. “Yes a chili cheese dog.” He looked at me “Chili cheese fries?” I asked a need crave “Chili cheese fries, two Cookie & crème milkshakes, a strawberry, Butterfinger, chocolate, and a fudge brownie milkshake.” He said “Your total will be $22.50.” He said and my dad pulled up paid and we left.

“You are doing excellent in school, and I know this is a hard year education wise. But you have excellent grade.” My dad said and I smiled at him “Thanks daddy.” I said and he smiled at me. We talked about Love, and what to get mom for Christmas on the way home. I shared my chili cheese fries with everyone but didn’t share my chili cheese dog with anybody. We all went to bed at a decent hour. My nightmares were back again tonight, so I kept tossing and turning like I normally do. Love kept nudging me to make me feel better.

At five o’clock I gladly got up and got dressed in my sweatpants and the Army T-shirt, it wasn’t baggy like it will be in April but it still fits. I did my final review of Algebra two and gave Summer a quick review and then we went to school to take the mid-term. It was another all day test which wasn’t as easy for me as I thought it would be. Tomorrow is my last day off for a while and I’m glad. I need to work so I can afford to take care of my babies. 

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