What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 52 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




It’s now Thanksgiving, where we are on a four day break from school. The day before I worked 7-7, today I’m off, tomorrow is 7-11, Saturday is 7-4, and Sunday is 4-11. My normal school week schedule is 4-11, or has been since last week since it was the first week after mid-terms. From the past almost five months I made $550.00 every two week so for a month that’s $1100. And after five months of saving that’s $5500, not counting the $500 I still had in there. I will now make $7.69 an hour so that might help me more.

Uncle Jake and his family is here, Uncle Connor and his family, Aunt Colleen and her family, and our family all together for Thanksgiving. I’m outside with the kids with Holly and Alyssa with me. We’re talking about the babies “What do you want?” Holly asked me “Two girls or a boy and a girl. I’m not sure yet. But either one is fine by me.” I said “You are a remarkable young woman. Brave. Strong. “ Holly said and I smiled at her “Thanks.” I said and my phone rang “hello?” I asked “Happy Thanksgiving sissy.” Bryce said his voice sounded so distant “Where are you?” I asked “Germany like I said.” He said “I miss you. I love you.” I said “I love you too. How are you?” He asked “Good, they are as well. Here’s mom” I said and she smiled talking for a few and handing my dad the phone, it made the way around to Autumn, Summer, and Landon before he had to go.

After an eventful day, I went to bed and woke up at six. Holly and Alyssa were in my room. I got dressed for work silently and walked into the kitchen. My mom and Uncle Jake was up talking they didn’t know I was up. “Lexie, he won’t be like me. He won’t get hurt. He will come home safe.” Uncle Jake said “It’s hard. Worrying about him, but being excited about Kelsey. This has been a crazy year. Daddy would have known what to tell me.” My mom said “Kelsey is doing a wonderful job. It was a tragic accident to her and she bounced back. She will do good.” Uncle Jake said “I know she will. She’s so much like me on that part.” My mom said “Lexie, she’s a mini-you. Exactly.” Uncle Jake said and my mom laughed. “She’s a hard worker, her hours will take away from the twins I know but I’m sure she won’t complain if Brad cuts them in half. He’s a good man. He was friends with Austin in college, so he understands.” My mom said and I decided it was time to come in. “Morning momma, morning Uncle Jake.” I said “Morning Kels.” He said and I smiled, my mom brought me a plate of breakfast and Uncle Jake sat down with a cup of coffee. “Go easy today at work, will you?” Uncle Jake asked “Yes sir.” I said and he smiled at me.

Today I worked 17 hours, yeah it’s against child labor laws but I won’t complain. I made $130.73 today and this is the first day of the new paycheck. The next day work went great, I worked nine hours making $69.21. I spent the remaining hours of Saturday with Holly and them since they were all leaving tomorrow since we all have school and work on Monday. Sunday I spent my day until afternoon went them and said my good-byes, they left at three. I worked 7 hours today making $53.83 and I got my schedule for next week: Monday-Friday: 5-11, Saturday: 7-1, Sunday: Off. I get pay this Saturday. School went by quick on Monday and work went by even quicker, working 6 hours making $46.16 making $230.70 that week. Saturday I got my check coming out to being $484.47 so I didn’t complain because that is still a good amount. I put the money in the account and went home. My fifth month appointment is on Friday and I’m excited about that hoping the week will go by quick for me. And that this part of the month goes by quick, we get out December 18th- January 3rd. Our finals is January 12th-14th.

It’s now Friday in English and we’re making plans “This Saturday, up until January 9th minus the weekend of Christmas and New Years we work on our project.” Jared said “Okay.” We all said in agreement because this project is a huge part of our final grade. We present it on January 11th. And take our written exam on the 12th, and the rest will perform it on the 15th. I smile at them and telling them I will tell them the sexes tomorrow when we work on our project. I smile the whole way to my appointment, and after I find out I’m healthy and both of my babies are healthy Dr. Wiley looked at me “Ready to know the sexes?” Dr. Wiley asked me “Yes ma’am.” I said “You are having girls.” She said showing me the sonogram screen better and I smiled.

I went to work at five and got off at nine. Lyndsey looked at me, “He only gave me until nine tonight.” I said and she nodded I went home and my parents were on the porch waiting. “Sex?” My mom asked “Or sexes.” My dad said “Girls.” I said and my mom smiled at me. “Picking out names is a huge step Kels. You can’t rush it honey.” My mom said and I nodded “I know mom. I’m going to my room, okay? Work and school was rough. And tomorrow we have to work on our project, it’s due January 11th when we present it and I want to be rested for tomorrow.” I said “Good night Kels. I love you.” My mom said “I love you too, I love you too daddy.” I said and he smiled at me.

I stayed up instead of falling asleep. I pulled out my Notebook for English 3 and tore out a piece of paper. I found my pen and started writing names:

  • Caitlin Nicole Blevins & Caylee Marie Blevins
  • Stephanie Lynn Blevins & Skylar Ann Blevins
  • Skylee Hope Blevins & Nicole Lynn Blevins

I fall asleep and the next day when Jared, Molly, Aubrey, and Lyndsey arrived I had the piece of paper on my binder still. “Uh-oh you’re having girls.” Molly said reading the names “Yes I am.” I said and they smiled at me. “I like Caitlin Nicole and Caylee Marie.” Lyndsey said “I agree.” Aubrey and Molly said “Those are nice names, but can we get to work? I have to work later.” Jared said and we rolled our eyes and began to work on it. “My mom said she will do the outfits, she doesn’t mind.” Molly said and I smiled “We will do good on this.” I said “Next weekend at my place so my mom can size us.” Molly said and I nodded.

The next day, Lyndsey, Aunt Colie, momma and I went shopping for baby stuff. We got two pink car seats, a pink diaper bag, girly color bottles, some baby clothes, and a double pink twin stroller. We have the bath tubs, the changing table, dresser, I got the baby first blanket, the automobile that hangs above the bed. “Will you breast feed or bottle?” Aunt Colie asked “Bottle. I will only take two weeks off.” I said and she nodded, Spring break is March 5th- 9th so I’m excited about that week long break. I’m excited about the Christmas break more because it’s something I could really use right now. We get out of school on June 8th, so I will be able to make up the time I will miss before then and it will be in new courses by then but I’m still confident that I can do better then. Two weeks will be enough time I hope. 

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