What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 53 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




It’s now Christmas Eve, the past couple Saturdays like we planned was spent at different houses to work on the project. I got Lyndsey, Aubrey, Molly, and Jared something for Christmas and I’m going to their houses to exchange gifts with them before the family thing tonight. “Merry Christmas Mrs. Wiles is Molly home?” I asked and she smiled “Yes one second.” She said and I nodded, it’s weird. She’s my doctor but at home she’s my best friend’s mom. “Merry Christmas Molly.” I said smiling at her “Merry Christmas. I have your gift right here.” Molly said and I smiled. We exchanged gifts and opened it. She gave me a new pair of rainbow flip-flops and I gave her a gift card to A&F. “See you when school starts or before.” I said and she smiled.

Aubrey was outside with my gift when I arrived “Merry Christmas.” I said “Merry Christmas Kels.” She said and I handed her my gift and she handed me hers “What to expect your first year.” I said smiling “I thought you might want that.” She said and I smiled “Thanks, it’s perfect.” I said and she smiled at me. “I love the gift card to Hollister.” She said and I smiled at her. “See you when school starts or before. “I said “Okay.” Aubrey said smiling at me. “Have a good Christmas.” I said “You too Kels.” She said and we smiled at each other.

I gave Jared a signed Football that I got off of E-bay and he gave me a gift card to Barnes & Nobles. He gave me another gift a kiss on the lips. “Stop. We’re friends.” I said and he nodded, any feelings I did have for him changed when he dumped Lyndsey. “Merry Christmas, have a good Christmas.” I said driving home and then walked to Lyndsey’s. “Merry Christmas Lynds.” I said “Merry Christmas Kels.” She said and I gave her my gift a silver bracelet with the words “Best Friends Forever.” She gave me a bracelet with the same thing and we smiled at each other. “Jarred kissed me.” I said “He’s a jerk.” Lyndsey said and I nodded.

Christmas went by good and so did New Years, now it’s the 2nd and we’re working on our class project. Afterwards Jared left and us girls went to Lucky’s for Pizza and subs. I ordered a sub this time because that was something I was craving, and enjoyed the times with my friends. I see Chance working and I rolled my eyes at him. “Now that’s a real jerk.” I said and the girls giggled at me.

We did get an A on our project we did great on our written exam. Spanish 2 was a 94 all around, Algebra 2 was a 95 all around, and English 3 was a 100 all around for my semester. American Government is my first period for the second semester, Physical Science for my second, Creative Writing for my third period.

January ended and February came, my seventh month appointment went good. The girls and I are both very healthy, school work is going good. It’s now March 4th and my eight month appointment went great, the girl and I are very healthy and we went over what to expect during labor and to come back on the 18th for my last appointment before I go into labor. During my spring break other than preparing for the birth, I worked every day that week. And spent time with Lyndsey, Molly, and Aubrey. Although they went to the beach a lot and I had to stay home when they did. I will go back to school April 18th, and mid-terms are April 23rd-April 25th. So I won’t really miss much for the two weeks, and Aunt Colleen since she doesn’t work will watch the girls while I’m in school and until my mom gets home. I will be working but not many hours like I work now or did work until they are older.

It’s April 4th and I feel the first sign of labor at midnight when I’m woken up to a sharp pain. By four I was up to more contractions waking me up. I got up and walked around and sat on the couch watching TV the best I could. My water broke at six and I screamed. My mom and dad rushed to the hospital and I got a hospital room. After six hours of labors I was giving birth at noon to my daughters. One was born at 12:00 PM on April 4th weighing 5. 2 pounds and the other weighing 5.2 pounds as well, both being nineteen inches long.

I’m holding Caitlin and Caylee in my arms. They have my icy blue eyes, my strawberry blonde hair, my nose, my cheek, my eye shape, my lips, everything about me and nothing about Chance. I can’t deny them but Chance can. Around four Lyndsey, Molly, Aubrey, and Summer comes by. “Caitlin and Caylee are beautiful.” Lyndsey said and I smiled “Thanks Lynds.” I said “How does it feel to be a mom?” Molly asked “good. “ I said “Summer has your assignments for the next two weeks.” Lyndsey said and I nodded “Thanks Lynds.” I said and she smiled at me.

Since I gave natural birth without any medicine I was able to go home the next day with Caitlin and Caylee. When I arrive at home the next morning I put Caitlin and Caylee in the playpen we had in the living room and began my assignment. And I was done by two for the next two weeks. Love was curled up on the couch and Caylee started crying. They have been such good babies, and they are very healthy. I pick up Caylee and I make her a bottle of formula and I sit down and I fed her. I burp her and check to see if she needs changed. Caitlin wakes up and does her soft cries and I feed her and change her and held both of them.

My mom got home at five and smiled, dinner was cooking the house was clean and both of my daughters were asleep. “I will take over Kels. Go back to your girls.” She said and I smiled “Mom, come look.” I said and she rushed in to see Love curled up at the foot of Caitlin and Caylee and my mom smiled. I took a picture of that with my phone and updated the picture on Facebook “Love, just loves Caitlin and Caylee.” I had pictures of me and the girls and of the girls on my Facebook.

For the next two weeks I was learning the roll of motherhood and I was getting the hang of it. Learning their every cry “I’m hungry, I need to be changed, I want attention, and many more.” It’s the Sunday before I begin school after being off for two weeks. My work schedule is 3:30-7:30 Monday-Friday so I had four hours of work being nine hours this week not counting Saturday and Sunday 7-3. Autumn went over to Aunt Colie’s for her friend, Summer went to the mall with Cayla and Jessie, Landon and Logan went to a baseball game. My dad was reading the Newspaper where my mom wrote her article. My mom and I are giving the girls a bath and then turned on the TV; I lifted Caylee up and kissed her cheek.

I carried Caylee into her room and put her in her crib and made sure she was laying right. I came into the living room and picked up Caitlin from my mom and tucked her in bed, it was nine so I knew it was ready for them to go to bed. I went to bed at ten and was up at two due to hearing a baby cry from my baby monitor. I pick up Caylee from the crib and smell the nasty smell, I changed her diaper and she was sucking on her pacifier and fell back asleep. I went to my room and got my blanket and curled up in my rocking chair.

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